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Vanguard Wellesley Income Admiral (VWIAX) VWIAX. Basic materials. %. Consumer cyclical. %. Financial services Inception date13 May Join Date: Aug . date, VWIAX dividend I was looking at VWINX yesterday on yahoo and they show a 6/25 dividend of Year-to-Date Return%. 5-Year Average Return%. Number of Years Up Number of Years Down1. Best 1 Yr Total Return (Nov 29, )%.

You would have survived one of the worst periods for investing! If you want to live on your investment earnings, I'd avoid using CDs or cash equivalents -- interest rates are just too low right now to offer much income.

And even if interest rates rise in the future, I'd be very concerned about a future repeat of the past few years. On the other hand, I wouldn't seek the highest-yielding stocks or bonds either, as these assets often have underlying risks and the high yields can evaporate. You can use Morningsta r to help you evaluate and shop for the types of mutual funds mentioned here.

The advantage of this investing strategy combined with this RIG is that you keep your principal intact, and you don't need to sell investments to generate retirement income. You don't need to panic and sell when the market drops. The disadvantage is that this method usually generates the lowest amount of retirement income. Use systematic withdrawals in which you invest your retirement savings and withdraw principal cautiously.

If this is the method you've decided to select for generating retirement income, then the same kinds of investments I mentioned above work well here, too -- with a caveat. Here's one scenario you want to avoid: To protect against this possibility, either invest conservatively with under 50 percent of your assets in stocks or withdraw conservatively take out just 3.

Frankly, I'd rather see you hold back on withdrawals in your early years of retirement and only increase your withdrawals if you experience positive returns for 10 years or more to make sure you don't outlive your money. Rowe Price has a good online calculator to help estimate failure rates of different combinations of asset allocations and withdrawal rates. You should use it to help you figure out an asset allocation and withdrawal plan that works best for you.

Be sure not to overlook your k plan at work for investments that can generate income in retirement. This seems like a good approach.

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Also, Betterment has some pretty nice tools for helping with drawdown on a portfolio which are nice once you hit retirement. Jorge April 19,8: But yes, the rest of my taxable and tax-advantaged accounts will remain with Vanguard, Lending Club, and Prosper. Pretty impressive returns given the stability and low risk. Reply Josh G August 24,7: Betterment has lower fees. Wondering if direct indexing will make up for, or exceed, the. Reply Andrew February 15,8: Just found MMM and am intrigued.

Is this what you did with Betterment? Ariel August 10, Or is the total fee. Reply Abel September 16,8: VTI as an example is: So the true cost is at a minimum for VTI 0. Reply Brian January 13,9: Money Mustache January 17,7: Like many companies these days, they also have referral programs where you get discounts if you refer friends.

Reply Chris February 29,8: Lowest fees available, with a very small amount of money required. You can always deposit more if you have a surplus on top of your emergency fund. Reply Peter January 13,9: It is surprisingly low in badassity, however.

For those planning to live off their savings for the rest of their life, these are substandard returns, and doing better is the most important investment you can make over the long haul. A dedicated independent investor with time and motivation CAN do much better on their own.

Vanguard Wellesley Income Admiral (VWIAX)

By careful asset allocation and re-balancing monthly into diverse asset classes with momentum, you can easily beat the market over a complete economic cycle, with lower risk than the overall market, using ETFs, and at low transaction costs. You have have discipline and be willing to experience returns that go against the market at times, but it pays off in the long run. Reply Chris May 3,2: As MMM himself points out they are some combination of math whiz and ultra-dedicated to watching the market and reading financial statements all day every day.

For those VERY few people, your advice probably holds. For everyone else July 29,7: I agree that over a short time frame, maybe a year, maybe up to 5 years, a motivated and lucky individual investor can beat the market. But over 30 years?

IIRC, the market made approx. The average individual made 1. Reply Jumbo millions March 19,6: You realy should keep track I think it might be eye opening for you Paloma January 13,9: I make 36k a year pay my own health insurance on the marketplace … Currently have 5k in a few stocks, and I have around 5k in a savings account.

Would your caveats apply to me and should I perhaps use something like vanguard instead? Money Mustache January 16,6: Even with harvesting disabled, it is still a worthwhile service. Paloma would be in their 0. Reply Dodge January 20,7: In her tax bracket, the most she could possibly gain from Tax Loss Harvesting her first year is: Reply Dodge January 21,9: Reply Chad April 28,3: Whether you keep it all in a CD earning a straight interest that you never ever sell, or day trade with options, in the end it only matters if the IRA is of the traditional or ROTH variety.

If it is traditional, you are taxed on ALL money withdrawn after you are Remember, you dodged taxes on the income contributed going in. You also have required minimum distributions RMD once you are You can make limited withdrawals in very specific situations before you are 65, otherwise there are hefty penalties. These, again, are independent of gains or losses.

You paid taxes going in. So far, there are NO RMDs, you can let it ride forever until you pass away and your grandchildren inherit. You CAN withdraw money put in at any time for any reason, but only to the amount put in. Just make sure you make money!

Reply Karen April 18,7: It all has been really useful to me. This is the first time ever that I comment a blog, so I hope it works, I live in Australia and would like to know if there is a similar company to Betterment here or can I still invest with them? I am thinking to invest Thank you so much. Nice joy September 7, One advantage of retirement account is that no body can touch that money if some thing bad happen to your financial situation like bankruptcy. Eric October 10,5: Reply threewolfmoon April 18,8: Reply Paul April 18, This includes ks and IRAs.

Under this federal law, states are not allowed to opt out.

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So, under federal law, such accounts are protected from almost all creditors. Reply Awaywego January 13,5: Bradley Curran January 13,6: This is a perfect way for me to get started in investing.

Reply Evan January 13, Question for you, have you ever written an article about purchasing stock options from an employer? Some friends I know working at other companies have similar setups. Where does an option like this fit in to the investing continuum? Reply Alex January 16,8: Reply Evan January 16,3: I heard it used to be the way you describe, but alas, no more. Reply Mackenzie April 10,3: You might want to double check.

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