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Hodges on June 26,that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, Governor Padilla signed an executive order requiring government agencies to comply with the ruling within 15 days, [13] and all parties to the Conde-Vidal lawsuit asked the First Circuit to overrule the district court as soon as possible.

In Junea bill removing the heterosexual definition of marriage in Puerto Rican law and instead substituting a gender-neutral definition was introduced to the Puerto Rican Legislative Assembly. The bill would also raise the age of marriage from 14 to Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. HodgesPuerto Rico's Department of Family ordered agency workers to consider only the "best interests of the child without prejudice" in future adoption and foster home placements.

Families headed by same-sex couples are also entitled to apply for benefits such as those offered to opposite-sex families. These policies were announced on July 13, In Februarythe Supreme Court of Puerto Ricoin a decision, affirmed the practised ban on same-sex adoption in Puerto Rico. The court's majority opinion held that Puerto Rico's Constitution "does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation" and accepted arguments presented by the Legislature that the "traditional family, composed of a father, a mother, and their children best protected the well-being of minors.

The law now explicitly allows all couples, same-sex or opposite-sex, married or unmarried, to apply to adopt.

LGBT rights in Puerto Rico - Wikipedia

The legislation addressed sexual orientation only, not gender identity. The bill was referred to Puerto Rico's Senate and first discussed on December 18, However, the President of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatza vocal opponent of the legislation, stated in early April on the Senate floor that the legislation would not be approved by the Senate. The Senate held no hearings and took no action.

In addition to these developments, there were portions of a proposed revised Civil Code for Puerto Rico that had been reviewed by both chambers of the Legislature that would have impacted LGBT residents. This included a proposal to insert into the Civil Code a provision to allow post-operative transsexuals to change the gender noted on their birth certificates.

On the other hand, there was concern that some proposed clauses that would have invalidated common-law marriages may actually have resulted in the reduction of rights for example hospital visitations for same-sex couples. It was significant that Puerto Rico's Roman Catholic Archbishop had proposed a concept called "shared residency" residencia compartida that would have allowed same-sex couples hospital visitation rights and inheritance and insurance rights as well.

However, the discussions surrounding these proposals included demands by some conservatives that the Constitution be amended to forbid same-sex marriages or civil unions. It acquired 14 co-sponsors, assuring its passage.

By the time it passed by the House on a vote of 29 to 22 on 24 May, it had been amended to apply only to employment discrimination. There had been unsuccessful legislative proposals to repeal this law.

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alianza tripartita yahoo dating

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