Do teachers actually care about students yahoo dating

do teachers actually care about their students? | Yahoo Answers

do teachers actually care about students yahoo dating

You're welcome— these are some of the most funny Yahoo Answers out there. "Can you actually lose weight by rubbing your stomach?" yahoo "What is the right age to start teaching my dog about sex?" "How do I take care of my pet potato?" "Girlfriend ain't had period since getting pregnant?". I have an opinion also about whether teachers really care about their students. When I think back to my 'career' as a stage singer and performer. The other people that teachers meet are students-- and that also . I thought it was because he truly cared for me, but the guys that do this.

He was much older and should have known better. I should have known better as well, yes.

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These guys, that prey on 16 yr olds, know that. That's exactly why it is so easy for them to do what they do.

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If they are 22 or 47, you are still a kid. Your mind is not developed enough to understand they are preying on your innocence and that is why it is illegal. I wish I could have realized all these life lessons without anyone knowing about my relationship with him, but my best friend who knew the entire time decided to tell the police.

do teachers actually care about students yahoo dating

My reltionship with him went on until the day before I was 18, and after he was being charged with a felony he continued to play mind games and manipulate me for his own benefit. After he was all over the news, social media, the papers, he continued to manipulate me.

Do teachers care about their students personal lives?

I thought it was because he truly cared for me, but the guys that do this, never actually care about you. That's something that you will have to learn on your own, not I or anyone else can tell you that.

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The process of understanding all of these feelings is something you will have to go through, in your own way. However If I can help, in any way of helping you understand them.

do teachers actually care about students yahoo dating

I apologize for the misspelling, and bad writing. This not a 'job', 'career' or profession to me. It is a service.

do teachers actually care about students yahoo dating

I serve students and their parents with as much as I know how and I give up so many other things in order to ensure my students have what they need. I have purchased clothing, food, bus fare, groceries for a family; I have stayed up all night in the hospital with a student whose mother was on her death bed, I have carpooled students to games, I have stood in line for free turkey dinners for students who would otherwise not have a Thanksgiving, I have kept students in my wing in a classroom where they would be safe from bullying students.

do teachers actually care about students yahoo dating

I have given up my 15 minute lunch to take the time to talk with a student who had been cutting herself. I've gone home with a student and waited for the Social Worker to come and put her in another foster home while the police handcuffed her abusive parent.

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I have missed my weekly church service where I was the musician, in order to spend additional time with a group of students who were not progressing in Language skills and needed my help. I'll tell you, if teachers did not care about students, I know my list would be short. This is not a job to me. I love what I do and every morning I am up at 5: I make sure that my 'food supply box" healthy foods, juices, etc is full because there are sure to be students coming who didn't or don't ever get breakfast.