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In a confessional interview in the Dec. It could be a propagation time thing. Of course you could sermon on godly relationships dating more or less depending on how much you work. In this path, is very common that across time the symptoms vanish and the person continues with the regular vital course, leading to a natural recovery process and not developing any disorder.

In the resilience path, the individual facing a potential traumatic event does not experience high negative emotionality at any time. In stark contrast to those who recovered gradually after a period of dysfunction, resilient individuals do not go through this period and its subsequent gradual recovery, but remain at suitable levels of functionality despite the traumatic experience. Resilience is a widely observed phenomenon e.

Moreover, this research has been, in many cases, methodologically and conceptually inadequate Held, ; Lazarus, ; Masten, Finally, if the result is maladjustment, we will observe the case of an individual who has not been able to cope with the demands that the stressor has imposed. This situation will imply a high and persistent negative emotionality that would have a strong impact on their functionality, and which is plausible to endure even when the stressor is not present.

This will prevent, in turn, the gradual recovery of its previous performance levels e. The possibility of perceiving certain benefits benefit finding after cancer experience has been described. Individuals recovering gradually and those following a resilient trajectory can show benefits. In this sense, that would be a concrete type of PTG.

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In the last years, there is a growing body of empirical evidence in this field, as a result of an increasing number of studies on BF and PTG. However, results are not conclusive yet. In this model, BF and PTG have been considered as promoting factors for quality of life and adjustment after the oncological experience. Similarly, it is also proposed that keeping healthy lifestyles, in particular, regular physical exercise such as personal protective factor in survival can counteract the possible side effects of cancer and its treatments personal risk factor in survivorshipwhich, consequently, will promote health-related quality of life Castellano et al.

Furthermore, because relevant scientific literature in this field documents a persistence of parental distress even when their children are in survivorship Bruce,the model has also considered these variables as a socio-familiar risk factor. Discussion Currently, several theoretical models to the study of resilience exist.

However, most of these models do not have enough empirical evidence to support them. Consequently, it is not possible to establish which model or approach is presumably more valid.

Additionally, some of them overlap or merge with other alternative models of traumatic experiences such as the PTG approach and the perceived benefits. This little consensus among the different theoretical approaches regarding what are the core features of resilience and what are the processes operating to its existence, hinders its operationalization and assessment.

Thus, it makes difficult to design research to explore the applicability of the term in different areas. However, for most of the researchers, the trend is to conceptualize resilience as the sum and synergy of individual, family and social protective and risk factors internal, external and interpersonal resources ; Luthar et al. From this perspective, it could be argued that, to effectively study resilience, it is essential to begin from operating, systematic and replicable models.

To date, we have no knowledge of childhood cancer survivors' resilience models developed that take into account all these considerations or that have been applied consistently and given sufficient empirical validation.

The present research has provided a proposed integrative model of the concept of resilience in child and adolescent cancer, suggesting its heuristic potential to the rest of the scientific community. This model has already been subjected to various empirical analyses Castellano et al. Thus, several roles have been demonstrated. Firstly, coping strategies both personal and socio-family; secondly, social support; thirdly, healthy lifestyles, specifically physical exercise; and finally, BF after cancer experience with more resilient paths and better health-related quality of life in adolescent survivors of childhood cancer.

It remains unclear whether or not more dispositional factors such as optimism personal or familypost-traumatic growth PTGor the intensity of negative emotionality personal and family determine in some degree these trajectories. So there are still some aspects of the model that should be studied more thoroughly and subjected to empirical testing.

Consequently, more research is needed with larger samples, in order to clarify the role of each of the variables included in the model, and their relationship to health-related quality of life and subsequent adaptation of the adolescent in survivorship. Therefore a synergy is required among all researchers in the field, in order to establish what are the core elements of resilience in childhood cancer and what are the rest of complementary factors depending on the specific oncological population studied e.

In addition, if evidences regarding variables and processes that could lead to a positive adaptation in individuals with different problems are identified, more emphasis could be placed on them, thereby reducing disturbances that may arise from the experience of adversity, or even providing population with a number of tools and useful information to overcome or cope with adversity in a more adaptive manner.

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Does the positive psychology movement have legs?