Are humans herbivores yahoo dating

Are Dogs Carnivores or Omnivores? Here's What New Research Says

are humans herbivores yahoo dating

Nov 5, Dr. Patty Khuly learned in veterinary school that dogs are omnivores, not carnivores — but some vet experts are putting forth new theories. Back in the past most of us evolved from meat eaters, and some of us carried on eating meat. Horses and deer have tusks which are canine. Main · Videos; Bucket of fish dating site corretor de gramatica portuguesa online dating · are humans herbivores yahoo dating · harry styles are you and louis.

Relative to body mass, the black piranha Serrasalmus rhombeus produces one of the most forceful bites measured in vertebrates. This extremely powerful and dangerous bite is generated by large jaw muscles adductor mandibulae that are attached closely to the tip of the jaw, conferring the piranha with a mechanical advantage that favors force production over bite speed.

Strong jaws combined with finely serrated teeth make them adept at tearing flesh.

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Recent research, however, which "started off with the premise that they school as a means of cooperative hunting", discovered they are timid fish that schooled for protection from their own predators, such as cormorantscaimansand dolphins. Piranhas are "basically like regular fish with large teeth".

are humans herbivores yahoo dating

Newly hatched young feed on zooplankton, and eventually move on to small fish once large enough. This has been documented among several South American tribes, including the Camayura and Shavante in Brazil and the Pacahuara in Bolivia.

are humans herbivores yahoo dating

They are often considered a nuisance by fishers since they steal bait, eat catches, damage fishing gear and may bite when accidentally caught. Piranhas can be bought fully grown or as young, often no larger than a thumbnail.

are humans herbivores yahoo dating

It is important to keep Pygocentrus piranhas alone or in groups of four or more, not in pairs, since aggression among them is common, not allowing the weaker fish to survive, and is distributed more widely when kept in larger groups. It is not uncommon to find individual piranhas with one eye missing due to a previous attack. Since the soft tissue tumors may be confused with hydatid cysts, preoperative evaluation ofthese patients is critical for proper handling during surgery to avoid life-threatening complications.

We reporta case of a year-old male patient with a cystic gluteal swelling turning out to be hydatid cyst on sonographyand computerized scanning. Surgical excision with postoperative antihelmenthics formed the main modality oftreatment. Hydatid cyst, muscle, ultrasonography The flatworm Echinococcus granulosus causes the commonest form of hydatid disease. This is usually localized in the liver and the lungs.

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Although any organ in the body may be involved, primarily muscles are seen to be affected rarely. Musculoskeletal cysts account for 0.

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This atypical localization of primary intramuscular hydatidosis has also been reported by Chiattoni et al [4] and Arazi et al [5] in their series of 15 patients with echinococcosis of the bone and muscles, noted only one case with the involvement of the gluteus maximus muscle. We report a case of primary hydatid cyst of the gluteus maximus muscle which is a very rare occurrence, thus emphasizing the need for high index of suspicion in cystic swelling of muscles especially in endemic regions of the world.

Case History A year-old male laborer presented to the surgical outpatient department with a slowly growing painless swelling in the left gluteal region for the past nine months. Physical examination revealed a diffuse, non-tender, cystic swelling of approximately 8x6 cm, fixed to muscle with no evidence of local inflammation.

are humans herbivores yahoo dating

There was no history of trauma, fever or weight loss. There was occasional history of contact with the farm animals. X-ray chest and sonography of abdomen were normal. Fine needle aspiration cytology FNAC showed clear fluid and microscopic examination revealed acellular smears. X-ray pelvis was also non-contributory. Serological tests were not done.

Are Dogs Carnivores? Here's What New Research Says

On ultrasonography a well-defined oval cystic lesion was seen in the left gluteus maximus with double wall and internal echoes [ Figure - 1 ]. Computerized tomography CT scan showed a well-defined oval cystic lesion in left gluteus maximus, with enhancement of its wall on intravenous contrast injection [ Figure - 2 ]. Diagnosis of hydatid cyst of the gluteus maximus muscle was made.

are humans herbivores yahoo dating

This was followed by surgical excision of the mass. At operation the cyst was found to be surrounded by a thick fibrous capsule and was adherent to the muscles of the gluteal region but a total pericystectomy was possible without any spillage.