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instructions to delete Skype, Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo, Twitter, MSN and other accounts. Find friends, yahoo or even find new people online. Accountkiller provides world- class instruments for waplog applications to meet applications of a place to. If you're looking for a site that's not on our list, check out and . When you delete your Yahoo account, you're signing out . You can also email [email protected] with your log-in info, date.

To provide you with an example for each group of accounts. Facebook is classified as a white site, and the instructions point directly to the delete account link on the site.


It also explains the difference between deactivation and deletion, and explains that signing in to Facebook in the first two week after the deletion will restore the account again.

Spotify is listed as a gray site. A Spotify account can only be deleted by sending an email to Spotify's support email address. The email needs to include the username, date of birth and postal account. Users of the service can post comments underneath each account to discuss the account deletion practice on the site or provide other users with additional information or tips. Verdict AccountKiller can be a useful service, especially so if you have looked around on the website of the service that you want to delete your account on and did not find instructions to delete the account.

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But before you give Zuckerberg and pals the old heave-ho, bear in mind that Facebook has become an almost-de-facto login option for many, many online services, retailers, and media outlets. Some even require you to use Facebook.

So killing a Facebook account could lock you out of more than just one social network. If you're ready to cut ties, the link to deactivate is in your account settings, under Privacy, but here's a direct link to use while logged in. Facebook will try to convince you to stay by showing you photos of the friends who will presumably miss your online presence.

But if you forge ahead, Facebook will ask you to specify why you're leaving, whether you'll opt-out of future emails, agree to delete any apps or pages you've developed, and then you can hit confirm. The move effectively puts your account to sleep. Facebook will leave you alone, but there's the option to reactivate. To fully delete an account, go to the Delete My Account page.

Just be aware that, per the Facebook data use policy: If you wrote a comment on a friend's status update or photo, it will remain even after you delete your own profile.

Twitter Your tweets, on the other hand, are a breeze to obliterate. Visit Twitter's Is this goodbye? After 30 days — the grace period for you to return —t he account and data is deleted. Note that Vinethe six-second video sharing service owned by Twitter, is also matched to your Twitter account, so deleting Twitter deletes your Vine. If you want to delete Vine individually and keep Twitter, you need to contact the company via the Vine support form.

LinkedIn It could be argued that LinkedIn is the most useful social network around, especially for job networking. That doesn't mean you won't want to cancel. In fact, LinkedIn specifically suggests that if you have multiple accounts, you should close one to consolidate. Click the Accounts tab, and look for a link called "Close Your Account. You have time to reinstate your account, if you regret the deletion.

Contact Customer Service and confirm your email address to do so. LinkedIn provides a link to contact them on the bottom of every page. Google Google is big. Deleting all of them in one fell swoop is actually quite easy when you visit the Delete Google Account link.

That's all it takes to walk away entirely and lose all those files, emails, videos, etc. You get a small grace period to reinstate the account from the Google password assistance pagebut the window is not long.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to get rid of some accounts within Google. There's no way to completely delete a Blogger account only individual blogs under it without doing this, for example.

NET Passport, and so forth. Sticking with branding is not a strong suit at Redmond. The Microsoft account is now a single sign in to everything Microsofty, from Outlook. How you access your account depends on what site you enter, but there's a centralised sign-in page for account access.

Here's where you would set up account aliases, change security info, and, best of all, click the "Close account" link at the bottom. Microsoft promise that it "deletes all the data associated" if you do so. It won't be that simple for most people, however. You can't delete until you've cancelled any premium paid services or subscriptions you have with Microsoft Commerce while logged in.

Yahoo When you delete your Yahoo account, you're signing out permanently from a number of services: Before you do so, be sure to shut off your premium services, if any, via Yahoo Wallet.

There is a magic page for deleting a user accountwhich will spell out what your Yahoo ID deletion does, and that it may take up to 90 days for full deletion to go through. Flickr Note again, killing your Yahoo account kills your Flickr account.

But you can delete Flickr separately and leave Yahoo intact by visiting Flickr's Profile Deletion page.

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Tumblr Yahoo bought Tumblr, but the blog site is still separate enough to have its own login. You can delete your blog or blogs without killing the account, of course, using the Account Manager. Killing your entire Tumblr account is done at the account deletion page. Reddit Reddit users have it easy when it comes to account deletion, which makes sense for such a tech-savvy location.

Evernote Evernote is an easy-to-use repository for anything and everything you might want to store while you're online. Getting rid of your data and account isn't as easy. First, log in and delete every single thing you stored there — and delete the trash, too, as those items are not automatically erased. Then go to the Deactivate Action page of the site. Note that it's not a true deletion, but it does prevent you from accessing Evernote with that same email address ever again.

You can change your email address easily enough under settings, don't use the nuclear option for that. Pinterest This is another site where you can deactivate the account to stop using it, but can't actually delete it. Once you do it, the boards and everything you pinned are no longer available and the account is unlinked from services like Facebook and Twitter.

But the username and email on the account remain in place so at least change the email address if you want to set up a new Pinterest account later. To deactivate, click your name while logged in, go to Settingsand you'll find the deactivation button at the bottom. Skype It used to be impossible to kill a Skype account, but you can reportedly now do it via an online chat with Skype representatives.

It's only possible if you're logged into the Skype. They'll still ask for proof by asking you to identify at least five contacts in your Skype account, plus the email you used to sign up. After that, they'll shut it down for you. Online retailers Want to drop those online shops? Here's how to rid yourself of Amazon, eBay and company Amazon Closing your account at Amazon means no longer having access to Wish Lists or Associate Accounts or any other associated content.

The cancellation is not necessary if all you want to do is change your email or credit card on the account.