Wendy and lisa dating in the dark

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wendy and lisa dating in the dark

Light Lyrics: Your mind / Into a free flight / Your heart / A place that's so dark / Come on people / Stand Album Wendy & Lisa Release Date August 24, I had no idea they were gay until a couple years ago. Isn't Wendy now dating another woman named Lisa? Is that her type, chicks named Lisa?. All the singles and albums of WENDY & LISA, peak chart positions, career stats, week-by-week chart runs and latest news.

Especially in the "Mountains" video. And I love your icon Her childhood friend, guitarist Wendy Melvoin, was also 19 when she joined Prince in for Purple Rain. Shimmering with bright surfaces that compliment its complex depths, their latest album, White Flags of Winter Chimneys, showcases sophisticated strains of rock and jazz that definitively assert their serious chops.

To celebrate that achievement, Melvoin and Coleman cast aside their usual privacy and gave Out their most candid interview ever. We had to pick her up when she woke up in the morning, and the morning to her was like 6 PM. She gets in the back seat of the car and of course we have to stop to buy bottles of champagne. She wanted to play the bass. I was like -- Wendy and Lisa in near unison: My girlfriend is a film director and writer and asks me a lot of these kinds of questions.

wendy and lisa dating in the dark

Instead, there are the actors and the narrative. In a pop song, especially when you write it yourself, you become the actor.

Then you add the landscape, the environment in which the situation is taking place. I imagine that your history with Prince has been both a blessing and a hindrance to getting TV and film work.

How has that played out? What is he doing now? Why did the two of you decide to keep working together after you left the Revolution? We were married and I was her biggest fan. Everything that she played broke my heart and still does and I wanna own it and covet it and make it mine. No, I love Wendy. I had fallen in love with Wendy, my childhood friend, and suddenly we were looking at each other differently, but I had to leave on the road all the time.

It was always just torture. Finally Prince met Wendy and there was some trouble with the other guitar player [Dez Dickerson], and providence moved in such a way that Wendy ended up on the road with us.

Was the image you projected in Purple Rain a function of who the two of you were together? Or did it come from Prince, or the director?

wendy and lisa dating in the dark

I think Prince saw us as the couple that we were and used that relationship to add more mystery to him. And I think Lisa and I were willing to go there because at that time we felt mysterious. We were young and it was the thing, so we went with it, not knowing what the result of that would mean or imply later in life.

We just thought, Wow, this is cool! Before we continue, I have to ask: Have you come out before? I felt really uncomfortable with that role. With Prince and the Revolution, I think that it was just taken for granted that we were supposed to be the gay reps in the band. It was just horseshit.

wendy and lisa dating in the dark

Which I never did. But you wore it in a very different way. To be honest with you, it kind of manifested itself in every aspect of our career at the time. From the songs we were writing to the pictures we were taking to the videos that we wanted to do to the places we wanted to perform to the print that we wanted to give interviews to, it was all in constant contrast to what the business wanted from us. It was extremely frustrating because we were in such a minority as musicians and as young women.

That on top of it just seemed insurmountable. Were the record companies aware that you were lesbians and in a relationship together? We could work the Lilith Fair angle. We could work the Olivia Records angle. We were so hung up on the fact that these people wanted us to be Prince.

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After we would leave the record company offices, I remember one of our managers mentioning that the art department people would comment on the way Wendy and I would talk to each other. It was very normal for us and very precious. I wanted my life with Lisa to be so much more private and so much more conventional than that. Lisa, at the time we were talking to bullshit magazines. I know, but I felt that you had to teach by example instead of making some statement.

I disagreed at the time. You can hear it still. I want more control of this.

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I just simply do. I lead the way for Lisa and I to be closeted. Inguitarist Dez Dickerson left the band over religious conflicts. Prince accepted Wendy Melvoin Lisa's girlfriend at the time into the band as they began to record Purple Rain.

Prince's personal life also became intertwined with Melvoin's when he began dating her twin sister Susannah. In interviews, the two reported they felt they were not getting the recognition and credit they deserved despite their growing contributions to his work. Unhappy and vocal about their feelings, they were eventually convinced to remain with the band through the end of the Hit N Run - Parade Tour.

However, Prince felt spurned and as a result he had already decided he would dissolve The Revolution once the tour was complete. They released a follow up album, Fruit at the Bottomin The albums and singles from them garnered minor chart success including a Top 30 single in the UK. However, this too met only minor chart success.

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They also worked on an album with him as producer, but had a falling out and the project was shelved, leaving the master tapes in Horn's hands and acrimony between the parties involved.