The diaries of fleet street fox dating

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the diaries of fleet street fox dating

Fleet Street Fox on why we secretly love a bad divorce . Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox is published on Thursday by Constable & Robinson. HAVING built up a huge following for her acerbic blog and tweets, The Fleet Street Fox has now outed herself as former Sunday Mirror reporter. The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox has ratings and 29 reviews. Lucy said: Like many others I bought this book because I follow Fleet Street Fox on twi.

The Diaries Of A Fleet Street Fox

I'm sure to Foxy it was the most all-consuming event of her life, but for a casual reader it simply isn't an interesting yarn. It's an entirely predictable narrative.

Even with a boring subject, I was expecting this book to be well-written because the author writes for a living. But I found the prose plodding and amateurish.

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Each chapter felt formulaic; there was an anecdote, a bit of relationship drama, a meltdown and then an epiphany usually along the lines of her being better off without him, well duh - they came along regular as clockwork. This really surprised me as I quite like Foxy's style in articles, but none of that style came through in this novel.

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The best thing about the book was her characterisation of some of her Fleet Street colleagues, which really did jump out of the page. On the other hand, I thought Foxy came off pretty badly in her depiction of herself. She comes across as shallow, spiteful and that classic blend of arrogant and insecure, revealed in repeated offensive comments about women who are fatter than her coupled with constantly reminding the reader of how thin she is after the trauma of divorce, and obsessing about why her husband didn't fancy her any more.

I guess she is a product of the media bubble she lives in, but it makes both her and that industry seem totally unappealing - so much so that even her twitter persona is spoiled for me now. On the whole, a badly written and boring book.

the diaries of fleet street fox dating

Not only is it an insight into the highs and lows of print media: Other journalists who figured out the secret let it slip, and Susie herself told a goodly number of people. However, the very act of revealing your identity does have some disadvantages.

the diaries of fleet street fox dating

Especially for women, and especially online - an environment which can be notoriously unfriendly to women. Though it is, as she herself says, early days. The culture of social media is nevertheless especially cruel to women who put their heads above the parapet.

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Boniface laments this modern lack of etiquette: If Mary Beard was standing at a bus stop, and you would start speculating on the size of her genitalia [in public], then knock yourself out, go do it on the internet.

In a way, perhaps, like a tabloid made flesh: The sort of person you just might let into the house if she doorstepped you.

the diaries of fleet street fox dating

Tabloids and women - an interesting relationship Interestingly, for all the hand-wringing certain people like to indulge when it comes to tabloids and their audiences, the tabs can be surprisingly friendly to women. They have the wits to also know that you have to put women in the paper.

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Tabloids want to have people with a wide range of experiences. A pretty generous interpretation given that even I think she's much more a 'real' journalist than I ever will be.

Is the real journalist an endangered species?

the diaries of fleet street fox dating