The amazing world of gumball bumpkin online dating

The Amazing World of Gumball S02E08 The Watch - The Bumpkin - video dailymotion

the amazing world of gumball bumpkin online dating

Rocky decides to stop living life online, and find love on a dating app, and Gumball . slide/. The Amazing World of Gumball Language: English Runtime: 23 minutes Release date: September 10, The Bumpkin: Envious of his rustic lifestyle, Gumball invites Idaho over to teach Format, Prime Video (streaming online video). Premiere dates "The Bumpkin" is the seventeenth episode of Season 2 of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the Gumball then announces that Idaho will show the family "the way to ultimate happiness" (i.e. no . The Internet, Episode

On the one hand, Nicole and Anais constantly starve Gumball and Darwin all because they said Richard was an idiot. On the other hand, Gumball is portrayed as an Ungrateful Bastard throughout the episode to his poor father, even though he helped raise him and give him fun times.

Once Richard is trying to rescue him, instead of appreciating his dad being thoughtful towards him, he constantly harasses him for his "weak" attempts. It's no wonder that this episode falls under the Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy trope.

the amazing world of gumball bumpkin online dating

Die for Our Ship: Once the episode aired, the reaction thankfully died down. Poor boy can't catch a break. Draco in Leather Pants: Since Season 3, she is a Jerkass of low intelligence, who just beats people up for no reason, and only does it to the defenseless ones. However, she still has a fan base, and isn't completely disliked. The theme song is pretty catchy if you can find a full version of it, which isn't that hard for people not living in the UK now, considering that Hulu now has seasons uploaded and they air it with the opening and closing creditsincluding the wonky music being played in the credits.

The cute little song that Darwin performs in "The Internet" to convince the Internet to take down an embarrassing video of Gumball getting scared by a thankfully unseen screamer prank video. What about that Welcome to Elmore song? The song the planets sing about how life doesn't matter in "The Question". The song from Richard's dream in "The Night": Maybe the saddest song in the entire show. Even before her first major role in "The Ghost", Carrie has always had a large fanbase thanks to her cute emo design and the early Ship Tease between her and Gumball before it was eventually settled that she has feelings for Darwin.

Rachel Wilson, Tobias' sister. Despite only having one major role, being written out of the show due to the staff members disliking her, and being a jerkass to the other characters, Rachel remains very popular among the fandom; usually relating to her relationship with Darwin and her aforementioned disappearance. Following Rob's return in "The Nobody" and becoming Gumball's sworn enemy afterwards, he has attracted quite a fanbase.

Despite being a blatant Take That! Tina Rex is probably one of the more visually interesting characters on the show being a realistic CG T-Rex not to mention having quite some Hidden Depths touched on during the first season, before she was Demoted to Extra from Season 2 onwards.

At this point, she hasn't had a single character focus episode since the first season whereas almost every other character has gotten a few yet she is still popular with fans. The same applies to her father, and when he showed up in full in "The Routine", many fans loved that. Gworp from "The Test". He only appears for a few seconds, but his voice, design, and randomness overall caused him to be a popular inside joke in the fandom.

Howdy, Frank, and Grady, the titular antagonists of "The Puppets", due to their creepiness as antagonists, the ambiguity surrounding whether or not they're truly alive, and having had Don't Hug Me I'm Scared alumni on-board in creating them.

Given that the characters starred in shorts based upon them soon after their appearance, it's likely that writers knew this would be the case. Some minor students, such as Josh and Jodie. They are as visually interesting as most characters in the show.

the amazing world of gumball bumpkin online dating

Yuki Yoshida, Masami's mother. Especially because her debut episode features an amazing anime-styled fight with Nicole. The ending of "The Weirdo" sees Gumball and Darwin experience life through Sussie's eyes upon her suggestion.

the amazing world of gumball bumpkin online dating

Even though they drive Julius mad, blowing himself up and taking his fellow bullies and Ocho with him in the blast, as earlier lampshaded by both Gumball and Darwin, Sussie's habits would be unsanitary and socially off-putting. It's all well and good to be happy with who you arebut not everyone will be able to do the same, much less be comfortable with it.

Sometimes when you're an adult, you have to lie.

the amazing world of gumball bumpkin online dating

All of the time about absolutely everything and never show your true feelings because it's impolite, sit on them until you die and bury them with you like the ancient Egyptians did. Fans of Steven Universe don't tend to get along with fans of Gumball due to the show's reruns overshadowing the former. Though keep in mind, the rivalry is mostly one-sided. Many fans believed that Carrie's last name was "Booregard" before it was revealed to be "Kruger". Many humanized fan arts depict the Watterson as white with hair appropriate to their color, with the exception of Darwin who is usually depicted as black with orange jacket to match their voice actors' race [Kwesi Boakye, Terrell Ransom Jr.

Simon are all black] and the fact that Darwin is adopted and Penny as Ambiguously Brown as the color of her shell though there's no word of how a humanized Penny would look now that she doesn't have her shell anymore and is actually a yellow Involuntary Shapeshifter. Wilson Bilson, a character appeared in "The Others" as Clare's childhood friend, is widely speculated to be either gay or transgender, giving the fact that Clare states he has "always struggled with his identity" a common phrase for those who question their sexual preference or gender identity.

The fact that he has bulging muscles but also wearing a dress and is said to be part-majorette, as well as that the episode is a parody of the teen soap opera genre some of which do have episodes about sexual and gender identity also fuels this speculation. Following her sudden disappearance from the show after Season 1 and the existence of the void where all things forgotten get left in there, many fans believe that Rachel got trapped in the void at some point, but unlike Rob, she never made it out, which explains why everybody suddenly forgot about her the same way everyone forgot about Molly.

This has resulted in several fan theories about Rachel either possibly going mad from the isolation or falling under deep, almost suicidal depression over nobody except Darwin remembering her and being trapped there. Long before "The Fury" revealed her last name is "Yoshida", fans believed Masami's last name as being Clouder. Penny breaking out of her shell in "The Shell" and turning out to actually be a shapeshifting fairy was disliked by fans who believed that she was really a deer under her shell due to her antlers and brown color-scheme.

Some fans prefer to think "The Girlfriend" never existed, due to Jamie's behavior and the fact Gumball never told his actual girlfriend or his mom about it. Some fans prefer to think the events of "The Rival" never happened given Anais' unexplained homicidal behaviour and Karma Houdini ending. Gumball and Chi Chi. Arguably, Billy and Anais can be as this.

the amazing world of gumball bumpkin online dating

Gumball, especially in the later seasons. Most of it is because of his funny, exaggerated faces. The show is on very good grounds with fans of Adventure Time and Regular Showmainly due to the various similarities between all three shows and the fact that they each helped Cartoon Network become worth watching again in the early 's.

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In probably one of the most The Wattersons have Granny Jojo. The tendency of accidents caused by a reversing ambulance to be one that deals justice. In "The Countdown", in his rush to to get to school, Gumball proceeds to do an ultimate fourth wall break that stops time at the 7 second mark, not to mention his messing with the clock to set it back to zero has them witness the birth of a new universe.

It's functions give him pretty much the combined might of 4 Story-Breaker Power Stands: Gumball actually uses the Rewind function at the last moment, leading to the events of the meaningfully named "The Re-Run".

Even during the struggle for the remote, Gumball himself uses some of it's powers to stop Rob, much like Jotaro gaining his Time Stop in the final showdown with DIO. Granny Jojo and Louie's verse in "Nobody's a Nobody" singing about how they still love each other in their old age was sweet in "The Compilation". Rocky declines the offer, explaining that he has already met his dream girl during a former trip to the malland that he desires to find her again.

As Rocky continues to ramble, the video game conveniently presents an advertisement for the new dating service software, Trawlr. Despite Gumball's initial cynicism about the software, Rocky still pulls out his cell phone and downloads the app.

Rocky and the children go to the schoolyard to test out Trawlr.

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First thing on the agenda for the software is to set up a dating profile, complete with a self-portrait. Gumball and Darwin suggest using one of Rocky's selfies. While scrolling through a proper selfie to use, Rocky starts to drool on about a "romantic" way to meet a girl; Gumball ends these fantasies with an offhand comment about his selfies. Surprisingly, Rocky lacks a proper selfie to use, for all his selfies he has portrays him as some sort of demon creature.

Even when Darwin teaches Rocky how to take a proper selfie, Rocky somehow still manages to capture a selfie that makes him look just hideous. Out of options, the three just crop and apply filters to the photo to make him appear more attractive.

The Bumpkin

Once school is dismissed, the Watterson brothers and Rocky head to the front of the building still attempting to use Trawlr; the three are currently trying to finish Rocky's profile.

At last, the three finally finish the profile with embellished truths and begin to use the service; as they scroll through the potential suitors, they find that none of the women really appeal to Rocky. Darwin believes Rocky is being too picky and that he is potentially hurting these women's feelings.

Idaho suggests playing "rough and tumble" in which Darwin participates. The activity goes awry when Darwin, in a state of panic, kicks Idaho over the neighbor's house. Next, Idaho suggests a sing-along to cheer things up, which does not help their frustrations much.

They panic when a wasp flies by, and Gumball, who hides himself from it in Nicole's skirt, confronts it, which results in him getting stung. Rather than seek first aid, he sucks the poison out of his stung finger, ending up with swollen lips. Nonetheless, he refuses to go back indoors. After a brief journey to the forest and around the neighborhood, the family settles down back at the backyard for a meal, with lousy results.

The Amazing World of Gumball S02E08 The Watch - The Bumpkin

As the night rolls in, the Wattersons start warming up to the simpler lifestyle, because it gives them time to bond as a family. They thank Idaho, and they fall asleep underneath the stars. During the night, Idaho enters the house and catches Gumball gobbling junk food and playing video games on the couch.