Shes dating the gangster cheesy lines from movies

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shes dating the gangster cheesy lines from movies

But if she does call you out on copping a cheesy pick up line from a RELATED: Screen to Streets: 25 Movie Couples Who Dated in Real Life. She's Dating the Gangster has ratings and reviews. I read this book only because of the news that it'll be adapted into a movie featuring Kathniel.. ok . She's Dating the Gangster has ratings and reviews. Sea said: I honestly think that Filipino novels are corny. Really. .. That "Edited" something line in the movie tie-in edition made my expectations go higher than the usual. Sadly.

I said I'm okay with bad boys but being an asshole is another thing. Kenji went from irritating to amusing, then charming and loving, and ended up as stupid, insensitive jerk.

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He was turning out as a lovable character with seventy percent of the novel, I don't get why he has to make a degrees turn in the last couple of chapters. Athena was fierce at the beginning. I love her spunk but she turned out differently as the story goes. That's what I don't get in this novel. Why do the characters have to go from good, to bad, then worse? The only thing I find good in this novel is that it made me realize I need to review my Korean notes from a class I took last year.

I'm now having a hard time reading Korean characters when it was so easy before. There are also some words I know differently from what was used in the novel. I honestly wouldn't recommend this book to teens or those with a weak heart and in the verge of suicide. You might get ideas. No matter how great that love is, I would still go with what Ramon Bautista said, "There is more to life than love.

It was a moment of realization, especially for Kenneth. For Kenji, it felt like absolution. Absolution from the alleged crimes his son accused him of all his life. With a cast of relatively new love-team, one would expect shallow portrayals from the two main characters. In this movie though, Daniel proved that he can keep up or at least try to match up with seasoned veteran Richard Gomez.

So going back to the question: Kailangan ba kapag nagmamahal, masasaktan rin? Well, it is the question that even true love cannot solve.

The film may have given us the answer at the start of the file: It is true that in love, one can encounter suffering, pain and heartaches. But time can heal all of these. How do you show "violently" at that part?

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And to think it was just a high fever Usually it would take about half a day for a person to have a fever after getting soaked in wet clothes and cold rain.

You don't happened to have a fever in a snap of a finger. The characters were not interesting. You have this bad boy falls in love with the new girl in school and blah, blah, blah. You get the picture. It's mostly a copy-pasted characters from Kdramas such as "Boys over Flowers" and some American chick flicks.

shes dating the gangster cheesy lines from movies

Athena Dizon- A flat character. Aside from not really letting us know her perspective in life, it lacked realism specifically when it comes to her emotions. Most are just rants. Sure, there were phrases such as "I cried I blinked back my tears", but emotions aren't only based on actions. They are also revealed internally- on her thoughts, opinions, realizations and feelings.

That's why there was no connection between Athena and I, because her thoughts were limited. It was hard reading her which shouldn't be if she's Bella Swan, that is lol because First person are the most intimate with readers since both parties know what the character is feeling throughout the story.

Also, Athena which should be, again is not very observant to the things around her and how her life goes. Also, she has illness, but how could I feel sympathy at her when the author doesn't clearly know how to feel what it's like to be dying. I mean, I'm not saying I have a cancer and I'm dying or that you should really experience something to write about it, no I was like all, "Okay, she's sick. Can't the book SHOW more of how it's like to be dying?

I'd probably switch reading to "A walk to remember. Perfect in a way he's popular, handsome, good athlete Goo Jun Pyo, is that you?

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He has flaws okay, but not something important, not important in bringing up the story. He doesn't have weakness as well at page 30, where in he got in a brawl with a guy and afterwards, he had no any scratch or bruise at all It still bothers me why he didn't explain throughout the story the reason why he and Abigail broke up in the first place.

shes dating the gangster cheesy lines from movies

And the reason why he took a job as a waiter. I don't know but it seems that his type of character are overused by other writers as well on Wattpad.