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futurama the honking online dating

Fry discovers the ability to download any celebrity onto a blank robot, and chooses to download Lucy Liu, with whom he falls madly in love. Futurama (–). / 1, The Honking. TV-PG The Honking Poster Photos. Futurama () Release Date: Theme from Futurama. And if you dig a little deeper into some of the jokes in Futurama, you won't Robot information is conveyed in binary ("The Honking" references the . is lifted, so the date of Bender's son Ben's Bot-Mitzvah in "The Bots and the.

Bender remarks facetiously that da Vinci is "unlikely to get as far as The Last Supper", but, as seen above, it is actually already completed. Disappointingly, these events occur offscreen in this episode. The first botched attempt occurs in a timeline which is later erased.

This is presumed to be an animation error, rather than an indication that Alfred Nobel's birth year is something different in the Futurama universe.

Fry's era is referred to as the Stupid Ages more than once in the series.

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No dates are given, but the 20th century seems stupid enough to me. This visit must occur during the presidency of Herbert Hoover. Fry sleeps with his maternal grandmother Mildred, and inadvertently conceives his own father, Yancy Fry.

This fact is surmised by the Professor onscreen, but not explicitly confirmed until "The Why Of Fry". For a discussion of Fry's genetic makeup, see here. Bender's head will remain buried near Roswell for the next years. This date is taken from Duchovny's IMDb page. In the Futurama universe, David Duchovny is in fact the individual who will later be known as Calculon; his birth date might be a lie.

Zoidberg inspires a painting by Warhol, "Unwelcome Guest". The painting is completed inbut may have been begun earlier. The visit must also postdate Warhol's painting of Campbell's Soup Cansand occur during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, to The original landing site will have been lost for centuries by the year The entire Earth is destroyed.

His father is Yancy Fry; his mother's maiden name was Gleisner but her forename has not been mentioned onscreen. In "Space Pilot ", Fry's age is given as 25 on a computer screen on 31st Decemberwhich gives us his birth year of Chronologically he is years old at this point, of course, but it is established in "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" that in the future there are handheld detectors which can tell you your biological age. However, only sporting references during Fry's birth scene in "Luck Of The Fryrish" narrow down the exact day.

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Fry's birth date is given as August 9th, on the script for "Space Pilot ", which can be found on the Volume 1 DVD; while widely quoted, this source is not canonical. He's from the s, but also has certainly seen Apple's "" advert.

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His name is revealed on the DVD commentary track for this episode. Commercials for the McDonald's Lettuce and Tomato with the slogan "Keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool" begin circulating. Additional information Promo pic of this episode Trivia Headstones in the graveyard read: The numbers on the wall,equal the number in binary. But in the mirror we seewhich iswhich could mean Bender has Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobiafear of the number It should be noted that is commonly referred to as the Number of the Beast and is associated with Satan.

Calculon is over a thousand years old. He has been Acting Unit 0. This is the first time that Bender says "butt" instead of "ass". He uses it in a pun targeted at Calculon.

He calls him Mac-butt Very likely an allusion to Macbeth. For some reason, the airing of this episode on 20 October, on Sky1 had the subtitles for " Bender's Big Score Part 1 ". These subtitles disappeared during the first part of the episode, and returned during one of the adverts before Part Two of the episode.

futurama the honking online dating

Then they disappeared again, returning and disappearing again during Part 2. The audio description was correct though, despite the Sky Guide listing for the episode noting that subtitles and audio description were not available for the showing of this episode.

Online listings state that "Bender's Big Score Part 1" should have aired in this slot, Part 2 of the film in the next "Futurama slot", which was filled in with " Attack of the Killer App ", and Part 3 and 4 of the film in the 7pm and 7: Bender's Werecar form is styled after the car from the Movie "The Car ". The car that runs Bender over and turns him into a werecar is a 58 Plymouth Fury. This car to some people is know by Christine which was the title of a novel by Stephen King about an evil car.

Continuity The concept of robots turning into ghosts is next seen in " Ghost in the Machines ". Bender's supposed to murder his closest friend, which I thought was me. But he went straight for you! He didn't even try to second-degree murder me! Could you give me some help? I think Bender crushed my foot.

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Stop rubbing it in! You have nothing to worry about. Except a nightmarish life of unremitting horror. And to my loving nephew Bender, assuming he's not responsible for my death, I leave my castle. Let's stay there tonight! On condition that he spend one night within its walls.

Aw, man, there's always a catch! Just as I suspected.

The Honking

These robots were buried in improperly-shielded coffins. Their programming leaked into the castles wiring through this old, abandoned modem allowing them to project themselves as holograms.

futurama the honking online dating

It was so obvious! Yes, that sequence of words I said made perfect sense.

Futurama S03E01 - The Honking

We're all scared, it's the human condition. Why do you think I put on this tough guy facade? The tracks lead here.