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Crowd pleaser: Chelsea used to put several men on Torres to keep him quiet, but now John Terry and Co hope he'll give them a hand up. Frank Lampard would improve a gormless United side if he swapped A true blue from his badge-kissing allegiances at Chelsea to his support of A short- term fix with a short expiry date, Lampard is not the cure to the Old. Affair: Wayne Bridge's model girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel pictured . Chelsea's English defender John Terry touches his Chelsea badge in.

Doubts had started to creep in long ago when Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano were allowed to leave the club for Real Madrid and Barcelona. Especially with the old owners. I think when the new owner, John Henry, came and brought his team with him, the club were moving in the right direction. Terry right will hope Torres left scores at the other end 'They have ambition and they know how to do things and go back to the way they were.

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Maybe they will need the time while I'm at my best age to play football. They were pushing hard for me, which meant they really wanted me. I really wanted to leave Liverpool, so I told them straight.

It's been a very tough season. The progress has not been the best. They've had problems and are in a difficult moment but I helped the team and did my job all the time. I told everyone, face to face, my feelings and that I wanted to leave for Chelsea. News of the affair broke as Bridge and Miss Perroncel, who were together for three years, were struggling to sort out a settlement following their split six months ago.

Speaking about the negotiations, Miss Perroncel said: The house I am living in is the one that Wayne and I had. It is very sad. Intwo years before his marriage to Toni, Terry said: The girl concerned, year-old Shalimar Wimble, said at the time: But Judge Tugendhat said that it could have been a nominal sum and she might have been given more. The deal was done at a hotel after Terry became concerned about rumours circulating in the football world a week ago.

The first was a short letter which said: I am left in serious doubt as to whether the information sourced through the business partners is full and frank. Murphy with an ugly two-footed challenge on Kalou in the box. Wild challenge, fair penalty. Diarra was sent flying, but that's because he and Cahill were challenging for the same ball and Cahill was in first and coming at it from a lower trajectory.

If anyone deserved a booking there it was gravity. He took a fast-moving ball right in the digits a little earlier. I can't see any possible pratfalls in this suggestion from Richard Beards: What about being able to text the players during a game and have the comments appear on the advertising hoardings around the pitch? That way I would have been able to send the following message to my Spurs players today "Come on chaps, do you mind awfully lifting a leg this afternoon?

Fulham v Chelsea: live

We could qualify for the CL if you put some effort in" 36 min Torres tries a chuckle-inducing scooped ball into the box from a "going nowhere" position in the corner of the area. It's even more mirthsome when it's apparent that there's not going to be a Chelsea player running on to it. Schwarzer claims it easily. No, not really, he's gone down a predictably bland avenue: I am very excited to share my life with you.

Martin Tyler is just about telling the truth, but that's not to say that it's a very interesting game. Fulham keep threatening to do something exciting but either have their shots blocked or their corners claimed by Cech. Here are his ideas: All referees and linesman can only run backwards, it's not interesting but it's always funny to see them fall over.

Let the fourth official pick the substitution numbers from a hat, one selection per side every 25 minutes. Take away the goal netting and ask the linesman to make the call as to goal or not, could even replace goal posts with two piles of coats and see what happens. Move the penalty spot six yards off centre and 5 yards further back to encourage curling kicks.

I feel so much better since I stopped taking my pills.

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In the end he finds space for a shot which Cech turns round the post. No dice from the corner, but this is encouraging stuff for Fulham. Or rather Riise pretends to have been tackled to get Meireles booked.

More refreshingly excellent ideas pouring in for how to improve the end of the season.

"Go and sit down fat boy!" - Frank Lampard reveals how West Ham fans tormented him

Telescopic goal posts that expand after, say, 75 minutes, making the goal gradually 3 feet taller wider probably would involve too complicated engineering. Even poor old Wolves might get one back then. Excellent ball, which Riise brings down with some skill. He picks out Duff ambling around in space in the box. The ball falls conveniently for a left footed shot but Duff can only offer a polite stab towards goal which Cech cathces with ease.

They've had a couple of corners, both have come to nothing, and are generally seeing a bit more of the ball and spending increasingly long periods in Chelsea's half. They don't look a whole lot like scoring, though. Put relegation and promotion to a vote - or a song contest. How about we sort out the FA Cup via that method?

Here is semi final one: It belongs to Raul Meireles. He's given a stern talking to by a referee whose surname rhymes with a delicious marzipan-centric cake. This is despite the pre-pubescent chap within earshot of Sky's mics who is bravely trying to start and "Off! When will this awful run of form end, and is he ever going to score again? I think we can safely say he's back to his absolute best now. Who'd have thunk it? I'm not sure which form of the verb "to think" "thunk" qualifies as, but let's not worry, here's the corner It's aimed towards Hangeland, as all Fulham corners have been since Chelsea stroking it around without much urgency, Fulham gamely pressing and closing up potential passing space, but not trying too hard.

I wonder if Martin Jol has allowed his subs to bring in board games? We can discuss summer transfers and managerial changes. Isn't that what the press usually do when the action on the pitch goes quiet? Will Kenny survive the chop?