Dating the era of lord rama pdf

Dating the Era of Lord Ram: Pushkar Bhatnagar: Books

dating the era of lord rama pdf

In the epic Ramayana,Sage Valmiki mentioned that when Lord Ram was born, the sun was located in Aries, saturn was in Libra,Jupiter & the moon were in. DATING THE ERA OF LORD RAM Buy ebook In the epic Ramayana, Sage Valmiki mentioned that when Lord Ram was born, the sun was located in Aries. Sh. Pushkar Bhatnagar has given very authentic and convincing details of these dates in his book titled 'Dating the Era of Lord Ram' published.

It is imporatant to know that planetary positions keep changing every day in the sky and they do not repeat for Lakhs of years!! Moreover, if we know the position of all the planets in the sky, then they refer to one and only one date in history. However, the efforts made so far were based on manual computations.

dating the era of lord rama pdf

Since one revolution of these planets is completed in a highly complex fractional number, it is difficult to arrive at the accurate day and time in history. By using a powerful planetarium software, I found that the planetary positions mentioned in Ramayana for the date of birth of Lord Ram had occurred in the sky at around It was the ninth day of the Shukla Paksh of Chaitra month too.

Moving forward, after 25 years of the birth of Lord Ram, the position of planets in the sky tallies with their description in Ramayana. Again, on the amavasya of the 10th month of the 13th year of exile the solar eclipse had indeed occurred and the particular arrangement of planets in the sky was visible.

Date comes to 7th October BC. Even the occurrence of subsequent two eclipses also tally with the respective description in Valmiki Ramayan. In this manner the entire sequence of the planetary positions gets verified and all the dates can be precisely determined. The entire dating has been conducted objectively because the software does not permit any manipulation and the verses of Ramayana are also free of any doubts.

Leading scientists and those in this field have appreciated this work. Since the entire sequence tallies, it proves that all the observations in theRamayana were actual recordings and not conjectures. The indologist suggested that I should have some archaeological evidence in support of these dates because for western historians these dates are too old to be accepted!

About a few months back NASA had photographed an ancient bridge like structure between India and Sri Lanka and stated that it appeared to be manmade. Most of our historians and theologists jumped on the story and said it was related to Lord Ram. Later on NASA denied having made any statement as to how the bridge got built etc.

The enthusiasm died soon and nothing could be conculded since we were trying to prove that it was built millions of years ago.

Dating the Era of Lord RAM

Just analyse the situation. Suppose you build your house with stones, which are millions of years old — Does your house also becomes millions of years old? This was the mistake we were making while trying to claim the ancient bridge and the antiquity of Lord Ram to millions of years ago. Interestingly, these remains of the bridge are available at the depth of about 10 feet below the water and these are about 1.

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Sequential Details of Places visited by Shri Ram during 14 years of exile: Geographic Evidences Many researchers, particularly a colleague Dr. Ram Autar, have researched on places visited by Shri Ram during 14 years of exile.

dating the era of lord rama pdf

They sequentially moved to the places stated as visited by Shri Ram in the Valmiki Ramayan. Starting from Ayodhya, they went right up to Rameshwaram. The locals believe that Shri Ram had actually visited these places. These details can be broadly divided into five phases. After crossing the boundary of Kosal Desh, they entered Shringaverapura Srigraur which was kingdom of Nishadraj Guh and is famous for Kewat taking them across Ganga in his boat 20 km from Allahabad. Thereafter, they visited several Rishi ashrams in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh area, along Narmada and Mahanadi rivers for 10 years, and then came back to Sutikshan ashram.

After crossing many rivers, lakes, hills and forests they went to Agastya ashram in Nasik. This place is famous for Surpanakha episode and war with Khar and Dushan. There are memorials at the place where Mareech was stated as killed; these include Mrigvyadheshwar and Baneshwar.


In fact, Nasik area is full of memorials, e. After meeting Jatayu and Kabandh they moved towards south to reach Rishyamook Parbat. On the way they visited Shabari ashram in Pampasarovar area which is now known as Sureban in Belgaon and is still famous for Ber trees. After crossing forests of Sandalwood, many gardens and water bodies, they went towards Rishyamook. Shri Ram killed Bali in this area. Fifth Phase Ram with his sena marched towards the sea.

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After crossing Trishirapalli, Thanjavur and Ramanathapuram, they reached Rameshwaram. Almost all the details of travel narrated in all these five phases in Valmiki Ramayan tally with the existing geographic locations and memorials preserved. Places in Sri Lanka The location and physical features of areas, covered under Ravana falls, Ravana caves and Ashok Vatika in and around Nuwara Elya Hills in Sri Lanka, will persuade anyone to believe that Valmiki, the author of Ramayan, was fully familiar with all these places.

Vibhishan palace is also located almost at the same place as is described in Ramayan.

dating the era of lord rama pdf

Most of these places have similar geographic features, flora, fauna and memorials as have been described in Ramayan. Originally it was passed on through shruti smriti tradition for hundreds of years but was available in text form by around BC.

Terracotta figures of Ram ascribable to 2nd century BC excavated from Kaushambi. In Nepal oldest manuscript of Valmiki Ramayan written in AD in Newari script is still preserved, probably the oldest preserved manuscript of the world. Ramsethu During visit to Rameshwaram, author got an extra-ordinary opportunity to observe the depth at which Ramsethu was found submerged under the sea which measured 9.

Dating the era of Lord Ram By. I read this book with interest, as the subject as well as methodology of dating is quite novel. Bhatnagar, in the 'Valmiki Ramayana'the positions of various planets at the time of birth of Lord Ram are mentioned with reference to background stars or Nakshtras by the author. Bhatnagar uses a commercially available computer software to generate the sky view at various dates in B. Era and has come to the conclusion that the date of birth of Lord Ram, works out to be 10 January B.

He has further tried to date other chronological events in Lord Rama's life using same software. I must appreciate Mr. Bhatanagar, for his pain staking efforts. But after reading this book, my first reaction was that there is something wrong with this book.

It took me quite some time to figure it out. These are my observations. All star chartsincluding computer software are drawn for a particular Epoch of time. We currently use Epoch as our reference. If proper Epoch is not used, the star positions may be all wrong. However I presume here that Mr. Bhatnagar must have taken proper care to use an Epoch pertaining to the dates under consideration.

I have another software called 'Cartes du ciel' on my computer. This software is also capable of generating the sky view on any given date. I tried to generate the sky view on BC Unfortunately the view I obtained, did not match with the slides generated by Mr. I however do not consider this of great significance, as I am not sure about accuracy of this software around this back date. But an important point must be noted. In such kind of astronomical dating, accuracy of computer software is of paramount importance.