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Based on these information, you can draw a chart of due dates for premium . use the internet by visiting cidadessustentaveis.info and by . Check PLI Status: Track your Postal Life Insurance (PLI) policy status online. Dating back to February, , PLI (Postal Life Insurance) is one of the oldest life . Request for Registration/ Change of Nomination in respect of PLI/ RPLI Policy. ( refer Section 39 of Insurance act Date of Acceptance v. Premium Ceasing Age.

A life insurance contract has several features which need explanation. While the Policy bond given to you covers the contractual issues, you need a guide, written in simple language, that highlights some important facts about your Policy. Policy Bond and its safety: The policy bond is the most important document during the life of a policy.

This is a document which will be called for in connection with various servicing events including the settlement of claims.

How to get Customer ID and Password for PLI/RPLI online access?

The first thing you should do after receiving the bond is to keep the same in a safe place and please do not forget to inform your near and dear ones about where this bond has been kept.

Please look at the Policy Bond again. There is a 13 digit number called Policy number.

rpli online dating

This is a unique number that identifies the policy. In any correspondence related to servicing of the policy you have to quote this number. So we would advise you to note down this number in your diary. While paying premium through cheque, Policy number must be quoted on the back of the cheque.

The premium payment is the most important and most frequent event in the life time of a Policy and you must not forget to pay premium in time. Failure to pay premium in time results in lapsation of policy which means the life cover will not be available to you. However, generally, the life risk is not covered during lapsation period.

Delay in payment of premium invites late fee. The premium must be paid in advance on the first day of the each month.

However, grace period is allowed upto the last working day of the month. Please note from the Policy Bond, date of commencement of the policy, due date and mode of payment of premium. Mode of payment means the frequency i.

RPLI Premium Table

Based on these information, you can draw a chart of due dates for premium payment in your diary. For example, if the date of commencement is 20 June, and mode is Quarterly, the due dates will be 1st June, 1st September, 1st December, 1st March. Please note these dates and the premium amount against the Policy number in your diary.

You are a responsible person and surely you will not forget to pay your premia in time.

rpli online dating

Please do not wait for notice for payment of premium. It is your responsibility to remember to pay premium in time.

rpli online dating

This will open in new window. After all the mandatory information is filled up, customer will click on submit button, then customer ID will be sent to the registered email id of the customer with link for resetting the password. For Payment of Premium through deduction from pay: Please check from time to time that your employer is regularly remitting the premium deducted from your salary to PLI.

RPLI Premium Table : Postal Life Insurance , Goverment of India

Any lapse or delay in remittance will be against your interest, as this may result in loss of Insurance cover. One should not miss the Insurance cover even for a brief period.

Please check your salary slip regularly to ensure that the PLI premium has been deducted. Under this scheme, you can assure a maximum sum of Rs.

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You can avail the benefits mentioned below by investing in PLI: The insured has the right to nominate his or her beneficiary along with this; he can make any changes to the nomination. A lapsed policy can be revived by a policy holder. The insured can revive the policy when it has lapsed under the following circumstances: Policy lapses if the policyholder does not make payments of 6 successive premiums with the policy being effective for not more than 3 years.

Policy lapses if the insured makes non-payment of 12 successive premiums with the policy being in effect for more than three years. Endowment Assurance Policy can be transformed to a new Endowment Assurance plan according to the guidelines and regulations laid down by the policyholder.

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The policy holder can take a loan against this policy. The policy holder is provided with assignment facility under this scheme. The policy holder is issued with a duplicate policy document in case of misplacement or loss of the original document. Type of Postal Life Insurance Schemes: Postal Life Insurance PLI is available in 6 different types for those looking to make the maximum bangs for their bucks by investing in it.