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Combine data from multiple data sources (Power Query) - Excel

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If the data source is a.

DATEVALUE function - Office Support

Select the My data has headers check box above the Preview pane if the file you're importing has headers, and then choose Next. In the Delimiters pane, select the check box that matches the delimiter such as a Tab or Comma your data uses, and then choose Next. The Data preview pane shows what the results will look like in a table format. Each time you apply a data format—General, Text, or Date—to a column, the name of the format appears in the table header for that column.

Repeat step 7 as necessary, choosing the column you want to change and the data format you want to apply. In the Import Data dialog box, accept the default setting of Existing worksheet and the cell address, and then choose OK. The cell address in the Import Data dialog box shows the currently selected cell.

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Data is imported beginning with the named cell address. If you select the cell without clicking directly on the word Error, Query Editor displays the error information on the bottom of the window. If you click the word Error directly, Query creates an Applied Step in the Query Settings pane and displays information about the error. We do not want to go this route, so select Cancel. To fix the errors, select the New Rank column, then display the column's data formula by opening the View ribbon and selecting the Formula Bar checkbox.

Now you can remove the Cost of living parameter and decrement the divisor, by changing the formula to the following: Note You can also Remove Errors using the ribbon or the right-click menuwhich removes any rows that have errors. Now we need to sort the data based on the New Rank column.

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First select the last applied step, Changed Type1 to get to the most recent data. Then, select drop-down located next to the New Rank column header and select Sort Ascending. Notice the data is now sorted according to New Rank.

Combine data from multiple data sources (Power Query)

However, if you look in the Rank column, you will notice the data is not sorted properly in cases where the New Rank value is a tie. To fix this, select the New Rank column and change the formula in the Formula Bar to the following: In addition, you can select an Applied Step anywhere in the list, and continue shaping the data at that point in the sequence.

Query Editor will automatically insert a new step directly after the currently selected Applied Step. Let's give that a try. First, select the Applied Step prior to adding the custom column; this would be the Removed Columns step. Here we will replace the value of the Weather ranking in Arizona. Right-click the appropriate cell that contains Arizona's Weather ranking and select Replace Values Note which Applied Step is currently selected the step prior to the Added Custom step.

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Since we're inserting a step, Query Editor warns us about the danger of doing so - subsequent steps could cause the query to break. We need to be careful, and thoughtful! Since this is a tutorial, and we're highlighting a really cool feature of Query Editor to demonstrate how you can create, delete, insert, and reorder steps, we'll push ahead and select Insert.

Change the value to 51 and the data for Arizona is replaced. When you have more than one step with the same name in your query, Query Editor adds a number in sequence to each subsequent Applied Step to differentiate between them. Now select the last Applied Step, Sorted Rows, and notice the data has changed regarding Arizona's new ranking. This is because we inserted the Replaced Value step in the right place, before the Added Custom step.

Okay that was a little involved, but it was a good example of how powerful and versatile Query Editor can be. Lastly, we want to change the name of that table to something descriptive. Changing the table name is easy: Combine data That data about various states is interesting, and will be useful for building additional analysis efforts and queries.

We need some way to associate state names with their abbreviations. We select Codes and abbreviations Tip Is there a faster or easier way to accomplish the steps below? A Table link navigates to a related table, and represents a one-to-many relationship with a subject table.

A link represents navigation properties in a data source within a relational model. For an OData feed, navigation properties represent an entity with a foreign key association. In a database, such as SQL Server, navigation properties represent foreign key relationships in the database. Click Select All Columns to clear all columns. In Power Query, you can expand tables linked from to a column, and also the ability to perform aggregate operations on the columns of the linked table before expanding the data in the subject table.

For more information about how to perform aggregate operations, see Aggregate data from a column.

How to quickly combine text and date into same cell in Excel?

In the previous task, you used Remove Other Columns. For this task, you remove selected columns. Remove selected columns In the Query Preview pane, select all columns: