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Effective Date of Current Privacy Policy: June 1, date and time of your access to the site,; pages you visit,; Internet address of the referring website, and . Browse the various products and services that our NJ physician insurance company offers. For more information, contact MDAdvantage today. “Tail” coverage applies to claims that occurred on or after the retroactive date for the coverage, but are reported after the termination of the underlying coverage.

Is tail coverage available for the complimentary coverage?

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Yes, two-year tail coverage will be available for purchase by physicians meeting existing death, disability and retirement DDR criteria. The associated premium must be paid in full before the tail is issued. How do I report a claim? All claims will be reported to MDAdvantage directly, just as you would for a medical professional liability claim. How are claims handled? MDAdvantage Claim Specialists will work with a team of professionals who have expertise in the areas of employment practices liability, privacy and data security and medical practice administration.

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A carefully selected, specialized panel of defense counsel in New Jersey will defend your claim. You can be confident that MDAdvantage Claim Specialists will guide you through the entire process seamlessly.

What type of risk management or educational services will be available to me? MDAdvantage remains committed to educating our physicians and minimizing risks wherever possible.

A special section of our website will be devoted to information and guidance relating to your coverage. Further details will be provided to you as they become available.


If a physician receives a claim, what should he or she do? As soon as a physician receives notice of a claim, he or she should immediately notify the MDAdvantage Claim Department atand will be asked to provide general details regarding the medical care provided to the patient. He or she will also be asked to send the original summons and complaint and a copy of the entire chart and any other relevant medical records to MDAdvantage.

A Medical Liability Claim Specialist will contact the insured physician to discuss details of the case.

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If the claim results in a suit, the Medical Liability Claim Specialist will assign the case to one of our approved defense counsel who specializes in medical professional liability litigation. Defense counsel, the Medical Liability Claim Specialist and the insured will work closely to evaluate liability and, when required, coordinate the defense. What is a subpoena? You have the opportunity to decide whether or not to receive communications from us at any point where we request information about you.

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