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IMDb, formerly known as Internet Movie Database, is an online database of information lowland in the Rhine valley, the history of the city dates back to Roman times. .. Global strategic consequences of change in Machtfaktor Erde, a 2-part. // Machtfaktor .. Millionen- -verletzt-Privatsenderverband-bringt-ORF-Programme-vor-die- Medienbehoerde .. -und-dating jpg. The reference to the NSA in Pierce's online biography has since disappeared. in the war on terrorism,” stated a top secret NSA document dated February . ETHIOPIA: ZDF GERMAN TV MACHTFAKTOR ERDE.

On the other end of the spectrum would be the mesh network, where all nodes have the same number of connections, but a communication between two nodes must, in doubt, hop through hundreds of nodes in between. So the scale free network is a kind of compromise between decentralization and efficiency.

However, the first reason Paul Baran cites for decentralisation — stability against failures due to military or other attacks — is only conditionally valid due to the internets freedom of scale. According to the study, a random collapse of up to 80 percent of the nodes would keep the network stable. A prediction that has become considerably more explosive due to the major DDoS attacks ofwhich paralyzed Twitter, PayPal, Netflix and Spotify over several hours.

The Hidden Costs of Decentralization So the internet has actually become much more central. But not at all levels equally. While a largely decentralized approach still prevails on the lower layers, the most concerning signs of concentration have taken place above them. To visualize this, one has to imagine the internet as a stack where the protocols layer on top of each other.

These are the protocols that TCP and IP have been able to connect with each other by putting themselves on top as a general standard. This is where our everyday internet usage actually happens.

E-mail, WWW, but also the apps on our smartphones are part of this layer. And while decentralized approaches such as e-mail and the World Wide Web initially flourished on the application layer, it is precisely this layer that is dominated today by Google, Facebook, Amazon and other monopolistic, centralized platforms.

This concentration in the application layer is inevitable because innovation can hardly take place on the underlying layers. Once a path has been followed, it can no longer be changed significantly and any further development must be based on the previous design decisions.

Once a distributed approach has been poured into a protocol, it develops a unruly structural conservatism. No, billions of people have to flip billions of switches.

And in case of doubt they say: Why change a running system? As a result, the actual innovation has been pushed upwards. Instead of equipping the network protocol with new features, the services were developed on top. That was certainly the idea, but it opened up a whole new space that, although based on decentralized structures, made new centralized services possible, and — in a sense — inevitable.

But why is the application layer dominated by large corporations today, when in the s decentralized approaches like the WWW, e-mail and other protocols were initially predominant? In the industrial society it meant that enormous cost reduction effects would occur if a product was manufacturedtimes instead of times.

The same applies to the digital world. Amazon needs considerably fewer employees and consumes less power to operate a data center withservers than hosting-providers need to keep their servers running. Add this to the fact that server-based services such as Facebook and Google can roll out innovations easily, while protocol-based platforms are always stuck in their current state due to their path dependency, and the dominance of centralized services is virtually self-evident.

Robert Metcalf, one of the engineers of the Ethernet standard, formulated that the value of a network increase proportionally to the square of its participants. The more participants a network has, the greater the benefit for each individual.

A growing network thus becomes more and more attractive and develops a pull effect on potential network participants through this positive feedback loop.

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In the end, everyone is on Facebook because everyone is on Facebook. Network effects work for decentralized platforms as for centralized ones. However, this effect has a negative effect on many decentralized platforms via detours. In the early s, Google had shown how a central search index could render a decentralized network like the millions of websites on the WWW actually useful.

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This was shortly before Facebook showed that it was possible to do without decentralized elements by simply letting users create the content directly on the platform. Both Google and Facebook show that central data storage has a special advantage: The lack of searchability is indeed one of the problems that blockchain technology has addressed with some success.

Because all participants of the network can view and search all interactions in the network, network effects can unfold unhindered despite a lack of central data storage.

But this generates costs elsewhere. Not only is there a need for millions of parallel data stores instead of one data store for each process, but there is also the problem that these millions of data records have to align each other to a common state again and again. This problem alone devours the annual energy budget of Austria only for the Bitcoin network.

Meanwhile, the scale effects of clumping undermine the blockchain promise. Back, when Bitcoin started, this was a purely theoretical possibility, today — where mining has professionalized and computing power has concentrated on a few players, it has become a real possibility that some miners could join forces or rent additional computing capacity to carry out such an attack.

The structural conservatism of path dependency also makes the blockchains difficult to develop further. A recent attempt to change Bitcoin in order to increase the block size from currently 1 megabyte to 1. Just like in the analogous capitalism, the established forces profit from the status quo and for that reason oppose change. For Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other crypto-currencies, additional external services to enrich the protocols with extra services are already in development.

Wallet service for example have adopted the attitude of storing the huge blockchain data on central servers. The coin-exchanges, where you can buy and trade Bitcoin, Ether and co.

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Ethereum applications dApps are distributed by design but are often managed through centralized Web sites. Their only unique selling point — decentralization — has a torrent of hidden costs attached to it, which already proofed prohibitive for similar approaches in the past.

However, important insights can be drawn from the history of the successful and less successful decentralized architectures of the internet. Decentralized approaches seem to work when infrastructure is geographically distributed anyway, as it is the case with regional and national internet service providers. They also flourish when you can manage to make them searchable, as Google did for the WWW and Thepiratebay for Bittorrent.

When you can reduce the extra costs of decentralization enormously, or justify them with a huge extra benefit, as in the early days of thei. It also helps immensely if what you build in a decentralized manner does not already exist as a centralized service. This is the only explanation a standard as inadequate as e-mail could still prevail — and last so long. Are we finally free then? A historical dialectic can be observed in the history of decentralized architectures.

Due to the inherently structure-conservative path dependency of decentralized architectures, innovation shifts to higher layers, in which new players can play out their strengths given by centrality. The Ethereum network produces its first truly meaningful and widespread killer app, the VisiCalc 11 of the blockchain age. In der Nacht vom Von Natur aus waren sie unliebsam und egoistisch.

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