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Looking for information on the anime Kuroko no Basket: Saikou no Present Desu ? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and the five players of the Generation of Miracles as well as Kuroko have settled back into Synopsis, Background, Alternative Titles, Picture, Airing Dates, Producers . A few weeks after the Winter Cup, the five players of the Generation of Gekijōban Kuroko no Basuke Last Game, the anime film adaptation of. Five middle school basketball stars went to separate high schools, and now Tetsuya Episode 1. 24m. First-years Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko join Seirin.

Some episodes reveals more about each of the prominent players through its in-game storytelling.

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Instead, do expect a bit more focus on some of its other supporting characters with their own stories. Kuroko no Basket is not a drama show. However, the drama it attempts to craft go in a lot of directions. I think the show at times is really trying to send a message of some sorts towards the audience.

How does it try to get the message across? For the third time in a row, Production I. Character designs and expression are well decorated on most terms to fit with their personalities. Each school that plays in this season also has its own distinctive uniforms that stands out in their own way. However, the most promising technical aspect is the shounen-style coordination of the gameplay.

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Kuroko no Basket is always known to pull out crazy moves that is beyond normal human comprehension. So what should you expect? The same intense elements of what you should be used to from the previous seasons. And that would be an excitement of powerful and compelling movements with clever camera angles, facial expressions, and emotional attachment.

It communicates its message to the audience at how weak or strong a team is both individually, or in other cases, the players individually. Soundtrack relies mostly on itself to adapt the gameplay when it needs to be. The most noticeable feature includes thrilling timings when significant moves are made where the soundtrack plays a key role.

Character voice mannerisms also retains its expectations although nothing really home to write home about compared to its OST. And on a more decorative aspect, there are various OP and ED theme songs that reflect the momentum of the third season.

With over 70 episodes, various OVAs, and a franchise that makes basketball looks like a battlefield, you could say that the destination has finally be reached with everything it had to offer. They managed to defeat team Shutoku but their winning streak ended after they lost badly to Touou Academy, whose basketball team contained the Ace of the "Generation of Miracles" - Daiki Aomine.

After this game, they lost their remaining two matches against Senshinkan and Meisei, and were eliminated from the Interhigh. However, a new player arrives to join Seirin - Kiyoshi Teppei, the man who formed the Seirin Basketball team. They spent the entire summer training for the Winter Cup, even coincidentally meeting Shutoku while training. In the preliminaries, they met team Shutoku again.

This match ended into a tie, so Seirin needed to defeat team Kirisaki Daichi. Kirisaki Daichi's captain was Hanamiya Makoto, well-known for his underhanded methods to win a match. However, they won and gained a ticket to the Winter Cup. In the first round, they met Touou - and Aomine - again. In the quarter-final, Seirin won a tough match against the team of the Center of "Generation of Miracles" - Atsushi Murasakibara.

They are set to play against their first rival - the team of Ryota Kise in semi-final. An extremely hard match against the power of Perfect Copy, Seirin won and came to the final.