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Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother aired during the television We learn that Ted had given the Locket to Stella back when they were dating, and .. Meanwhile, Marshall sees something online that changes the. The ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother, an American sitcom created by Carter . Marshall worries that Lily will see a picture his mother posted online which reveals that he has accepted a judgeship, and Lily . "CBS fall premiere dates: 'NCIS,' 'How I Met Your Mother' and more return in September". While many fans of How I Met Your Mother might lament that the show we put on the internet is permanent (unless your child is Baby Marvin).

How I Met Your Mother

I don't care how upset you are about not seeing your child, or about how stupid Ted is. Prior to tonight, we'd only heard Milioti utter one sentence: She's funny, and she has the ability to go toe-to-toe with Angry Lily and come out relatively unscathed. It couldn't have been easy joining a show in its ninth and final season, but she's assimilated herself into the cast and made it look as if she'd been there all along.

Her chemistry with Josh Radnor in the final scene of tonight's premiere was both sweet and sexy, and while her character is much funnier than Ted, she likes the same things that Ted likes, like driving gloves and taking seven hour detours to see roadside attractions like goats blowing smoke rings.

It's easy to see why Ted would fall for her. And why Milioti was cast in the first place. But if I have one complaint about Season 9 so far, it's about the season-long wedding setup.

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Right now it's still new, but I fear it will soon wear out its welcome. We've only seen the first two hours of the wedding weekend one hour our timebut we've already had Douchey Ted, an incest scare involving Cousin Mitch the Lumberjack with 6 Fingers, a scary Sherri Shepherd, a long cautionary joke about how everything we put on the internet is permanent unless your child is Baby Marvina patented Stinson history lesson that involved a pretty funny White Russian joke, a Bondage Five, a divorce announcement, an erotic cake, and several painful reminders that Ted is single.

Next week Barney and Robin's relatives arrive and I worry that we'll soon run out of worthy wedding-related stories to tell. But more importantly, I worry that we'll all soon be banging our heads against the metaphorical car window on this long, tedious road to the finish line.

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Oh, oh, here's another one. You know how I found out that I'm one-quarter Canadian but I've completely blocked that out because your nation's ridiculous and I'm awesome? Well, turns out, I have a crazy cousin Mitch on that side of the family. I have a crazy cousin Mitch, too. But I guarantee he is crazier than yours. He built his own house from timber he chopped down from other people's houses. My cousin Mitch is a lumberjack.

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Except mine has six fingers. On one hand or total? Are truckers always beating him up? Yes, because he has to hitchhike with his middle finger. Is it possible that we're Could c-could could we be? Shh Ranjit, could you be a dear and pull over for a second?

Let's show your critics you're not just a Dumpster on wheels full of drunk idiots. We're being held at this station until further notice. I got to sober up. Eriksen residence, Judy speaking. Why did you post that judge photo? Because I'm guilty of being one proud mama!

Lily doesn't know that I took the job, so if she sees it, I'm dead. Just take it down, okay? Let me just get on the online so I can Internet. I love the lingo! Look, Mom, just-just click on the photo on your wall, and then under "menu"" click on "options"" Some kind of advertisement popped on. That appears to be pornography. Just click on "options"" It's men with other men. Just click on "options"!

Are there any other seats left on this plane? Hell, I've been going to Pilates. I can just hang on to the landing gear like this. I only signed up for Pilates, I haven't actually started going yet. I didn't sign up. No, I'm not looking. I don't need to see my child used against me. My sweet, beautiful child who I haven't seen in a week whose head smells like love and unicorn teardrops, and why are trains so lonely?!

Damn it, I'm looking!