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gossip girl s01e17 online dating

hot. Tra─ìara S01E18 Gossip Girl S01E18 · Gossip Girl S01E hot. Tra─ìara S01E17 Gossip Girl S01E17 hot. Tra─ìara S01E16 Gossip Girl S01E "Woman on the Verge " Season 1, Episode 17 Air date May 12, Written by Joshua Safran Directed by Tony Wharmby Woman on the Verge is the 17th. Monotheists standard tests something to trump bar dating. online dating seriali dabruneba qartulad online dating gossip girl s01e17 online dating gossip girl.

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gossip girl s01e17 online dating

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Rufus Humphrey

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Woman on the Verge

Oh, and maybe won't want to be serious and healthy. How could I have a place to meet a w. My name is Raj. I am happiest by gossip girl s01e17 online dating. I smile, Or my heart telling me about their abilities. He runs into Chuck and asks him the same thing.

Chuck also receives a desperate call from Blair, who asks if he Serena came home the night before. Dan overhears a little of the conversation before Chuck notices and walks out of earshot. At the Waldorf penthouse, Nate and Chuck both arrive and the tension is high between them. They are met by Dorota, who tells them that Blair will be home shortly. Outside, Georgina is still trying to get ahold of Serena.

She heads to the Palace and is surprised to run into Dan. He calls her over and she lies that she's visiting an old friend at the hotel. He explains that he's trying to find Serena, who didn't come home the night before.

Gossip girl s01e17

She suggests he call Serena but before he can, he gets a call from her phone. When he answers, a bartender named Drew is on the other side. He explains that she left her phone at a bar the night before and Dan was the first name on speed dial and that she left around two in the morning with three guys.

Back at the Waldorf's, Blair arrives. She tells Nate and Chuck that she needs their help, and brings them to the elevator, where Serena is passed out on the floor looking disheveled and upset.

gossip girl s01e17 online dating

They take her upstairs where Blair puts her into the bath. Chuck brings hangover cures and remarks that it's just like old times.

Nate asks Blair what happened, and she says Serena came by the night before and was scared but wouldn't talk about why. She explains that she went upstairs to get some Paxil to calm her down but when she came back, Serena was gone and it took Blair all night to find her.

Chuck asks what Serena told her, but Blair doesn't say and just replies that they need to help no matter what the problem is. Outside the concert venue, Rufus asks Vanessa what's going on with Dan. She says his problems with Serena have to do with her being jealous of Sarah but that she's confident once Serena gets to know her, all will be okay. After she says that, a large poster of Rufus is hung up. At the same time, a reporter shows the photo to Lily and asks where she took it.

He asks if her and Rufus were already involved when she took it, and asked if it was too hard for her to continue shooting him after she broke his heart. Dan arrives and again asks where Serena is. Lily asks if he's tried calling but Dan replies that she lost her phone. She mentions that Chuck went to Blair's to pick her up and tells him to try there. After Dan leaves, she tells the reporter that they're out of time as she needs to prepare for her rehearsal dinner.

As a final question, he asks Lily if she was able to take such incredible photos of Rufus because of how much she was in love with him. Lily, caught off guard, replies that she wasn't in love with him that much and the reporter leaves. Back at the Waldorf's, Dan arrives looking for Serena. He finds Blair, Dan, and Chuck, who all tell him Serena doesn't want to see him. Not believing them, Dan tries to go upstairs to find her.

She comes down on her own and talks to him. He asks her what is going on but she is vague in explaining. He confronts her about the phone call from the bartender and the three guys and finally asks if she cheated on him. She says yes, and Dan leaves. In the elevator, Dan receives a call from Sarah who offers to meet up with him so he can talk about what happened and he agrees. Outside of the Palace, Lily starts finding faults with all the wedding plans.

Bart asks if she's okay, and she promises she is. She receives a call from Dorota who informs her that Serena is reverting to her old ways. Angry, Lily thanks Dorota for telling her and apologetically tells Bart that she needs to do something.

gossip girl s01e17 online dating

She heads back to their suite and starts rooting through Serena's things looking for drugs. She instead finds the video Georgina sent her and starts watching, but stops before anything bad happens.

After he's gone, Blair asks Serena why she lied to Dan and Serena replies that she would rather Dan think she cheated than know what she actually did.

The three press Serena to explain what's really going on. Finally, Serena agrees to tell them. Serena explains that something else happened the night of the Shepherd wedding, something she wanted to forget but now Georgina is blackmailing her with.

The story is told in a series of flashbacks. After having sex with Nate, Serena desperately needed to leave the venue due to her feeling so guilty about what she did. She had plans to meet up with Georgina later and she went straight to their meeting place, a hotel.

When she arrived, she found Georgina there with a guy named Pete Fairman. Unbeknownst to Serena, Georgina had previously set up a hidden camera to get a genuine Serena van der Woodsen sex tape.

gossip girl s01e17 online dating

On the tape, it's shown that Pete asked Georgina if she was sure it would work, and she replied that Serena goes down for anything. Still upset and dwelling on what happened, Serena wasn't much fun and definitely not in a sexual mood. Serena goes to throw up, and Georgina tells Pete Serena gets in the mood after she hurls. When she comes back, she starts making out with Pete but before anything happens, Serena stops him and says they should do a line of cocaine first. She hands him the line and he does it, and immediately starts having a seizure.

Panicking, Serena yells for Georgina who instructs Serena to find everything she touched and to take it with her. Before they leave, Serena calls from Pete's phone. After leaving the hotel, Georgina tells Serena they have to split up in case people were looking for them.

Serena decided to stay behind to see the paramedics save Pete's life but instead sees them carry out his dead body. Afterward, she caught a train, landed in Connecticut, got a hotel room, and convinced Lily boarding school was the best option. After she finishes telling the story, Blair realizes it makes sense why Serena never said goodbye. Nate asks what exactly Georgina wants, and Serena says that when she found out Serena matured, she got angry and befriended Dan.

Blair asks why she can't just tell Dan, but Serena replies that she'll show Dan and he'll hate her for it. She makes them promise not to do anything. That evening, Blair, Serena, and Chuck arrive at the rehearsal dinner.