Quand ils se vautrent pas dans du rat doto immonde, je veux dire. Même sur la durée d’un hook, ils ont pas de quoi le tuer si il a un remnant placé au loin. Du coup c’est Archon qui gagne le 1er slot NA. Du coup ça confirme un truc que j’ai remarqué sur la quasi totalité des wordclouds des cpc y a « Techies » qui apparait: Ils ont battu VP en plus hier soir, peut être que si on continue à dire du mal jusqu’en août ils vont peut être gagné le TI: Distance hotel – Cros: J’en suis à cheer pour EG.

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map dota 6.75 ai

Ice Age TeamDota Palawan a ajouté 5 mmap. September 30, « Hello, dear friends. Long time no see: I’m planning to port the AI map to 6. Thus the next release date depends much on the speed i can find a suitable rent apartment there Last Friday, the latest Dota 2 patch introduced a new mode which is really exciting, Reverse Captain Mode.


If you ever watched a DotA tournament, you should be familiar with the Captain Mode dotq which each team chose a captain who can pick heroes sota their team and also ban heroes.

The Reverse Captain Aai is similar, but. Can you imagine how exciting the game will be? Bored with all those competitive heroes? With this mode, you will surely forced to play the most hero you hated. Imagine a line up like this for your team: Stealth Assassin, Bone Clinks, Phantom Assassin, Pugna and SlarkNo stun, very few nukes, squishy heroes, 4 heroes need the farm and one of them Pugna can prevent the other 4 from physically attacking the enemy heroes.

Rneg D R28a R | fronsonga

Can you survive with this kind of team? In short, this mode will force you to sabotage and the pick worst combination of your opponent heroes. Do you have more terrible combination in mind? Share it in the comment section! And if you think this mode should be ported to Warcraft DotA, leave your comment here so maybe IceFrog will be kind enough to make it so: The tournament will be held on November 12th and 13th.

This week patch is another patch without new heroes. However, a really interesting new mode is introduced, Reverse Captain Mode! This mode will allow you to pick the heroes for the opposite team. In other word, a reverse version of the Captain Mode. I think this mode [ There are a lot of dota maps version to be played both has been released and upcoming version.

Now talking about upcoming, dota 6. Surely you are coming to this blog to update for this dota 6. Hello everyone and welcome to this blog to update for another dota map that has been released already. Many of dota map version has been released and you can play on this version too.


map dota 6.75 ai

Ok, see you [ As we promised on previous post that you guys can update for download link 6.7 and many more. This map is the DotA 6.

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Thank you God-Tony for updating the 6v6 map. Can’t wait to join the 6v6 war? Check out the download link below!

Keep stay tune and enjoy! We know that you are looking for this changelog map version which is dota 6.

This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! But concerns are now gone, along with the launch of a brand new DotA 6. IceFrog nerfed some heroes, some bug fixes in this release, check it out guys!

This map is only a quick fix for the bug upstream I checked the changelog and download link below! Phoenix is the skill of the time as well as some other heroes centaur is a new skill or drow ranger with a new twist mechanism. We also have new game modes, TagTeam -tt! Check the full changelog and download link below!