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child free life dating

I am so excited to announce that the childfree dating site I've been working people who have accepted and learnt to love a life without kids. Stand-up poet and writer Kate Fox feels the same; her comedy show Good Breeding, about a child-free life, played at last year's Edinburgh. I'm interested in dating women in their 30's through early 40's. It's a huge decision, a life-altering decision, and you shouldn't do it if it makes you feel for not wanting kids were so sensible that I was willing to imagine a kid-free future. I was.

What else would I do with my life? Nothing is wrong with wanting kids. Just like nothing is wrong with not wanting kids.

child free life dating

Being Childfree Presents New Obstacles Some people are true fence-sittersunsure of where life will take them and how they will grow as a person. You can have a perfectly healthy relationship with a fence-sitter but you may worry that your opinion will influence them or drown out their own thoughts.

You may worry that down the road they could resent you if they truly did want children. Others, like the guy in the scenario above, pose as fence-sitters but instead only stick around because they thought you would change your mind. They only said they could live without kids because they never thought it would actually become a reality.

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Unfortunately, you will have to muddle through a lot of failed relationships before finally finding the right fit. But I suppose that is true for nearly everyone, childfree or not. Dating and relationships are difficult in general, being childfree just sets new obstacles.

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Whether your dating pool is filled with millions of fish or just a measly six, you only need one to really be happy with in the end. Her poems and articles about her dating adventures can be found on her blog, Debatably Dateable.

Not having the highlight of your day being stuck in traffic on the way home.

child free life dating

Traffic is the worst part of my day. Not putting your child through the pain of losing a parent. Never having to deal with a colicky baby.

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Never having to change a diaper. Never having to travel with kids. Never having to navigate a bulky stroller through crowds. Vacationing at child free resorts.

child free life dating

Never having to pay for college tuition. Never having to pay for daycare or a nanny.

child free life dating

Watching whatever movie or TV show you want when you want. Never having to go to the multiple child birthday parties every weekend. Take advantage of it. Have you ever been to a nursing home? You will never have to yell or punish anyone. You will always have privacy. You can eat your meals in peace. No having children constantly trying to eat food off your plate or having to nag them to eat their veggies. No having to get up because they need more milk or water or ketchup etc.

No constant cleaning up after kids. No cleaning their toys, their mess, their crumbs after every meal three times a day, their sticky hand prints, their never ending laundry……. You will never have to worry about your own child killing you.

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All the stories of this happening are alarming. You will never have to deal with the teenage years. You will have plenty of money for retirement due to not raising children. Most people have two or more.