Rules for dating a musician

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rules for dating a musician

Don't date a musician with a lifestyle you're not compatible with. If you trust This is a rule? Why? Make rules about not dating shitty people. Kyle Park tweeted this list of “The Rules for Dating a Musician” last night. These seem harsh, but pretty funny also. I have never dated a. So basically don't date a musician unless you don't* spending Should be " rules for dating a musician if you have low self-esteem/you're a.

Anyways, do whatever you can to work on your communication skills see a professional if you need to and then learn how to adjust that as needed once all the stresses of touring are added to the equation. Also, try and be in touch with each other as much as you can! Try and stick to that agreement as best you can, even if it means spending extra money for flights during long tours—it really helps.

And as time goes on and seasons change, your time apart agreement can be flexible too. Throwing yourself into something you love helps the time go so much faster and gives you a distraction from wallowing in sadness.

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Get up and get moving eventually. If possible, get a pet! They always need helpers to work with the animals and those furry guys will end up helping you more than you are helping them.

Having a few close friends that know how to cheer you up when you need it is also a big help. Whether they are fellow band wives or not, just people that care and can come help you when you need it are invaluable.

rules for dating a musician

Complain just the right amount. But, you have to be careful with how much you complain directly to your guy about all those feelings.

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Rules For Dating A Musician

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rules for dating a musician

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7 Critical Things You Should Know BEFORE Dating A Musician

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