Nikki sloane three simple rules for dating

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nikki sloane three simple rules for dating

Written by Nikki Sloane, narrated by Muffy Newtown. Three Simple Rules cover art Release date: ; Language: English; Publisher: Nikki Sloane. Read "Three Simple Rules" by Nikki Sloane with Rakuten Kobo. I would do anything for my dream job. Now I have to. In order to save my skin at the office, I' m. Nikki Sloane is a new to me author. When I looked her up on Amazon, I saw this book comes with a nice little warning about strong erotic.

I could appreciate the beauty of the female body, but I never had any desire to explore anything outside of my own.

nikki sloane three simple rules for dating

I liked good, ole-fashioned sex, and knew I still had a lot to learn there. Her fingers were stirring my folds where I was shamefully wet, and the slightest of moans slipped out before I could choke it back.

nikki sloane three simple rules for dating

No, I figured it out. He was sucking on her fingers. Heat poured through my body. I did as asked, my trembling body gliding over the leather.

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She guided the other ankle so I was laid out before him, my knees bent up in the air. Sliding down had also forced my arms to be bent up by my head. The pads of his fingers were cold when they touched the inside of my knee and gently urged it to the side, opening me to him.

nikki sloane three simple rules for dating

My bottom lip quivered. No, my whole body quivered. The fingers dragged across the inside of my thigh until they reached the hollow where my legs joined my body.

I wanted him to say something. He kissed the hollow there, then just above my slit, then the inside of my thigh on the other side. Delicious anticipation grew and strangled my breath.

Three Simple Rules (Blindfold Club, #1) by Nikki Sloane

I bucked hard on the table when his tongue grazed me. One of his large, cold hands clamped down on a hip to hold me in place. The blindfold focused everything on the pleasure that was spreading outward through my body from his indecent kiss. Did you know that your debut book made my ovaries happy? I hope your next one is just as good because you definitely got me hooked. Allow me to sum up ov 3.

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Allow me to sum up over half the book for you in one gif Make sure your ovaries are prepared. Luckily mine are steel plated at this point, so I had no problems. I had no idea what to expect going into this book. I read the blurb but that really only grazes the surface of the entirety of this book.

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Beyond the hot sex there is most definitely a great story, a sexy romance, fantastic writing There was a lot of it, it's worth mentioning twice. Evelyn loves mostly everything about her job as a designer in a prestigious Chicago firm.

nikki sloane three simple rules for dating

Her extremely anal and dickhead manager definitely leaves something to be desired. He doesn't shy away from criticism and he doesn't exactly sugar coat it. At the risk of losing the job that she loves, she promises Logan that she'll pay for her mistake Evelyn's best friend is a free spirited and tell it like it is woman that loves her sex hot and the men to pay for it.

She's an escort at a highly exclusive escort agency, so when she hears of Evie's problems she offers her a way out: While Evie's logical self screams at her that what she's about to do is crazy, her dire situation and her impulse is telling her she has no choice and she agrees.

This is also where she meets him Do you want my cock? His face was shocking and dark, like a predator, and I was his cornered prey. While I found the first one to be fairly hot and felt that it fit the situation, I was a bit iffy on the second one. But if it's not your cuppa, just be warned.