Dating sim games for guys iphone cases

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dating sim games for guys iphone cases

The iPhone has arguably the best games of any mobile platform. How could we not mention the iPhone Game of the Year ? A terrific, touch-controlled platform game, Limbo is a stunning saga of a boy who wanders . that device from the s) brought almost up to date, and follows the Gemini. Get now the Best dating sims for guys on iPhone, including Dating Simulator, Otome Game: Ghost Love Story, Dating Kylie Lopez and 4 other top solutions. It became one of the most prominent games for both iOS and Android devices. Front Wing's Purino Party game is inspired by HuniePop. In case that you are a fan of games like Huniepop, then you won't be able to resist this fantastic The protagonist is a girl, and there are five guys that she can date.

The in-game date is shown in the top left, and the arrow button in the top right allows the player to skip dialogue. Hatoful Boyfriend is an interactive text-based visual novel that follows a branching plot linewith the player's decisions determining which of the game's multiple endings they receive. The game is set in a version of Earth populated by sapient birds, and its main story follows the player character and protagonist—the only human attending St. PigeoNation's Institute, an elite school for birds—as she finds love among her avian acquaintances.

Gameplay in Hatoful Boyfriend is similar to most other visual novels for the PC, with the controls limited to the mouse and the only interactions being clicking to forward the game's narrative or to choose between multiple plot choices. The keyboard can also be used instead of the mouse, with the 'enter' key serving the same purpose as clicking. The save button can be employed at any point during the game, which also features several pages of save slots, allowing gameplay to be easily picked up from prior to a choice the player made.

An arrow button in the upper right corner also allows the player to skip dialogue and interactions they have already experienced. As the game follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, at various points during gameplay the player is allowed to make choices that determine which character's romance route the player will encounter. On weekdays, the player can also choose which classes to attend, which changes one of the protagonist's three stats depending on the activity chosen.

Having certain stat values are required to obtain the good endings for each love interest and to otherwise advance along certain routes. These documents can be viewed at any time in the game's archive feature, which is accessed from the title screen. After obtaining the four specific endings required to trigger it, the player is given a new prompt to either "fulfill the promise" or live "a normal life" upon starting a new game.

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If the player chooses to fulfill the promise, aside from several dream sequencesgameplay at first appears to continue normally until the in-game date is 2 September. The player's perspective then switches from the protagonist to the protagonist's best friend, and the events of the scenario begin regardless of any other choices made by the player up to that point. If the player obtains all other possible endings prior to starting Bad Boys Love, an extended epilogue plays after the game's credits upon completion of the scenario.

In the remake however, the option to save is available at all times, the skip function is retained, and text is no longer highlighted. In both versions, the game's interface and controls change from that of a standard visual novel to similar to that of a '90s-era turn-based role-playing game during certain segments of the narrative.

In Bad Boys Love, it is revealed that Hatoful is set in a post-apocalypticdystopian future—in which a pandemic of a deadly, mutated strain of the H5N1 virus, or bird flu, nearly wipes out mankind in the year Her eight potential love interests in the original version of the game, who together form the rest of the main cast, are Ryouta Kawara, a rock dove and the protagonist's sickly but hardworking childhood friend; [15] Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane, a fantail pigeon and snobbish French aristocrat ; [16] Sakuya's older half-brother Yuuya Sakazaki, a popular and flirtatious but strangely secretive fantail pigeon; [17] Nageki Fujishiro, a quiet, bookish mourning dove who never seems to leave the library; [18] San Oko, an athletic, hyperactive fantail pigeon who is obsessed with pudding ; [19] Anghel Higure, an eccentric Luzon bleeding-heart who behaves as if he were in some kind of fantasy role-playing game ; [20] Kazuaki Nanaki, a kind but narcoleptic button quail and the protagonist's homeroom teacher; [21] and Shuu Iwamine, a creepy, antisocial chukar partridge who serves as the school's doctor.

PigeoNation's Institute, starts her second year of high school. PigeoNation's, the protagonist has grown accustomed to the confusion of being the only human in a school full of birds, and is looking forward to her sophomore year. PigeoNation's largely as normal, but with one exception—she begins to have recurring dreams of her younger self and Ryouta, and her parents lying dead in front of an unfamiliar house.

A mysterious man approaches them, promising to grant any wish that they make. Kazuaki asks Ryouta to retrieve their class' box of print handouts, and upon retrieving it, blood is discovered leaking from a corner of the box.


Ryouta opens the lid, and it is revealed that the box contains the protagonist's severed head. Doubting the headmaster's explanation of a natural disaster occurring, Sakuya and Ryouta resolve to figure out the identity of the protagonist's killer and leave the gymnasium, discovering a large metal dome surrounding the school.

Elements of horror are prevalent throughout the scenario. Assisted by the school janitor Mister One, and pursued by a grotesque scarecrow -like being named Labor 9 [33] who suddenly appears on the school grounds, Ryouta and Sakuya begin investigating the dome and the murder.

They visit the lab and compare alibis ; Shuu, who Ryouta distrusts, asks if Ryouta has forgotten anything important, to which he replies that he hasn't. Upon investigating the headmaster's office, they discover the headmaster had likewise been poisoned to death, what they saw earlier being merely pre-recorded footage; [34] they also find a computer and a pair of documents, one titled The Human Representative and a torn, unreadable one titled Operation Hatoful.

The Human Representative reveals that if the protagonist, a symbol of humanity, were to die, the campus would be sealed off and the birds inside handed over to humans as sacrifices—something confirmed when the computer is used to open a small hatch in the dome and students are shot dead as they attempt to flee—when the dome is lifted twelve hours after her death is reported.

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dating sim games for guys iphone cases

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dating sim games for guys iphone cases

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dating sim games for guys iphone cases

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