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Foreign doctors' training stepped up, says GMC - BBC News

uk dating shows 2012 gmc

Here you will find information about how to apply to the 2-year Foundation Programme and Stand-alone programmes. You will also find information on what to. GMC figures show a 74% rise in GPs giving up their license to practise in the the UK and 21 of the doctors are around retirement age, said the GMC. January to March , compared with over the same period in . the GMC register (itself a complicated business!) before revalidation date!. It is the professional duty of the doctor to ensure that they are up to date, competent and safe to Regulators including the General Medical Council ( GMC) and NHS England and in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, this The evidence gathered by the Academy's Return to Practice Working Group in

Leaving us with around 2, concerns that we needed to investigate… In previous years, all 2, would have gone through the formal investigation route.

uk dating shows 2012 gmc

This new step in the process allows us to make some early stage enquiries in certain types of cases — such as one-off clinical mistakes. We ask for information such as any local investigation reports and complaint responses, as well as an expert opinion. By doing this, last year we identified just under cases that we did not need to take forward, and we identified over that did need to be investigated more formally following our provisional enquiries.

Revealed: 3 in 4 of Britain's danger doctors are trained abroad - Telegraph

Syed from our provisional enquiries team explained: We started using provisional enquiries about 18 months ago, with a fairly limited number of cases, now far more cases are going through this route. We want to speed up our approach, though there will always be some cases that need a full investigation.

There are some cases where we take immediate action to prevent doctors from continuing to practise while we carry out our investigation, due to the very serious nature of the allegations and the potential risks posed to the public.

uk dating shows 2012 gmc

How do we work with doctors when the issue relates purely to their health? If a doctor has a health concern, which is being managed and does not pose a risk to patient safety, the GMC does not need to be involved.

There are however occasions when we do need to get involved. What do we do if we think there is a potential risk to the public or the reputation of the profession?

uk dating shows 2012 gmc

At the end of the investigation, two case examiners, one medical and one non-medical, will review all the evidence collected and decide whether to: The majority of MPTS hearings end with the decision to suspend the doctor from practising around 95 doctors per yearand in the most serious cases, the decision to strike the doctor off the medical register around 72 doctors per year.

Alex from our investigations team commented: We actively encourage doctors under investigation to talk to us and share information during the process.

Revalidation has forced 63 doctors to quit medicine since January, says GMC

This helps to speed up the investigation, which eases the burden on the doctor and patient, but also as way to explain whether they have taken steps to prevent this happening again. Sincethere has been average of 18 Cameroonian doctors working here at any one time.

uk dating shows 2012 gmc

Of those, one has been suspended, and one struck off. Mexico, Cuba, France and Uganda were the countries with the next highest proportion of doctors subject to the disciplinary measures. The country with the best record is Hong Kong.

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Despite having an average of doctors working in the UK sincenone have been struck off or disciplined by the GMC. Similarly, New Zealand has had an average of doctors working in Britain, but none have had those measures taken against them. Next best were Iran, Slovakia and the United States.

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There are arounddoctors on the medical register. Around 92, were trained abroad, an increase of around 2, over the past year. Of those, more than 25, were trained in Europe and around 67, were trained in other countries. Doctors from outside Europe have to take a test before they can work in the UK, but the GMC can refuse entry to those from medical schools which do not meet its official standards or those agreed internationally.

There have been long-standing concerns about the difficulties of monitoring the standards of training in distant overseas countries.

uk dating shows 2012 gmc

Ingraduates from seven medical schools from Nigeria were banned from seeking work in the UK, because of alarm over falling standards of training. Corruption in medicine remains common in India, most often in the form of bribes to gain access to treatment.

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Inthe president of the Medical Council of India was accused of accepting bribes to certify medical colleges which did not meet basic standards. The investigation was closed earlier this year, after insufficient evidence was found to support the claims. Last month, the same council barred 27 doctors from their register for their part in setting up fraudulent medical courses.

Foreign doctors' training stepped up, says GMC

Some doctors claimed they were running two medical colleges simultaneously, while other courses claimed to have far more consultants to train students than they actually did. Niall Dickson, chief executive of the GMC, said the health service would not have survived without the contribution from overseas doctors, and that it was important not to demonise tens of thousands of professionals who had brought their skills to this country.

From this month, all UK doctors will also have annual checks of their competence, under a new licensing system called revalidation. Dr Umesh Prahbu, national vice-chairman of the British International Doctors Association, said he believed the reasons why overseas doctors are far more likely to be struck off were complex and varied.