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ICTJA - Geochronology Laboratory (U Th )

u234 dating service

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u234 dating service

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The submersible spent the next eight days carrying out trials on her snorkel, during which she accidentally collided with a Type VIIC U-boat performing similar trials. Damage to both submarines was minor, and despite a diving and fuel oil tank being holed, U was able to complete her trials. She then proceeded to Kristiansand, arriving on about 5 April, where she underwent repairs and topped up her provisions and fuel.

From then on, she spent two hours running on the surface by night, and the remainder of the time submerged.

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The voyage proceeded without incident; the first sign that world affairs were overtaking the voyage was when the Kriegsmarine's Goliath transmitter stopped transmitting, followed shortly after by the Nauen station.

Fehler did not know it, but Germany's naval HQ had fallen into Allied hands. Fehler suspected a trick and managed to contact another U-boat Uwhose captain convinced him that the message was authentic. At this point, the U-boat was almost equidistant from British, Canadian and American ports.

u234 dating service

Fehler decided not to continue his journey, and instead headed for the east coast of the United States. Fehler thought it likely that if they surrendered to Canadian or British forces, they would be imprisoned and it could be years before they were returned to Germany; he believed that the US would probably just send them home. Fehler consequently decided that he would surrender to US forces, but radioed on 12 May that he intended to sail to Halifax, Nova Scotia to surrender to ensure Canadian units would not reach him first.

U then set course for Newport News, Virginia ; during the passage Fehler took care to dispose of his Tunis radar detector, the new Kurier radio communication system, and all Enigma related documents and other classified papers.

U234 dating apps

On learning that the U-boat was to surrender, the two Japanese passengers committed suicide by taking an overdose of Luminala barbiturate sedative and antiepileptic drug. They were buried at sea. The difference between Fehler's reported course to Halifax and his true course was soon realized by US authorities who dispatched two destroyers to intercept U Members of Sutton's crew took command of the U-boat and sailed her to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyardwhere UUand U had already surrendered.

Velma Hunt, a retired Penn State University environmental health professor, has suggested U may have put into two ports between her surrender and her arrival at the Portsmouth Navy Yard: