Tomorrow cantabile joo won dating

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tomorrow cantabile joo won dating

Naeil's Cantabile-Joo, Naeil's Cantabile-Shim, Naeil's Cantabile-Park, Naeil's Cantabile-Bae, Naeil's. [TV report] \'Tomorrow Cantabile\' Joo Won - Shim Eun Kyung, Would To make things worse, Cha Yoo Jin got dumped by his girlfriend Do. At the press conference for Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee's SBS drama Joo Won says his last drama 'Cantabile Tomorrow' was not a fail Fans start a government petition against Dispatch after Kai and Jennie's dating news.

Wrist grabs are employed, and then warned against, and finally, an outright declaration is made that women are not things. A love triangle is introduced, and then only used for character growth for all involvednot to push our lovers together or apart in some forced way. The flipside to making changes to an existing work, of course, is that some elements of the story may not work as well as others. In this case, I only have two quibbles on the writing front. The first is that the school board members and other people in authority positions got more screen time than they perhaps needed.

I started feeling like there were a few too many orchestra conflicts in a row, and too frequently, the conflict was because of some arbitrary school decision or rule that no one knew about or something of that nature.

There were plenty of conflicts to be mined just from the interpersonal relation side of things, so why spend so much time with tyrannical school board lady?

tomorrow cantabile joo won dating

Their romance could have been handled with more subtlety, or at least with less screen time devoted to it. The second writing matter that bothered me a little was the writing of the character Yoon Hoo. Yoon Hoo was a character that, as I understand it, was a composite of several manga characters with a splash of original content.

As a result, he came off as a bit inconsistently written. The problem was that I had difficulty reconciling what felt like totally different characters at times: However, when the writing kept the focus on his motivations and passions, his scenes were among my favorites.

So in a nutshell: I wanted more of the character moments that the show did so well, and less of the orchestra and school politics back and forth that I tuned out pretty much the whole time. However, likeable characters and lots of sweet, cute, funny, and touching moments make up for the more weaker elements.

The sets and filming sites in combination with the scenery with the added bonus of autumn colors throughout most of the drama made for some lovely scenes. Director Han Sang Woo seems to have a tendency towards letting background elements play a rather large role in some shots.

The fall colors, which I already mentioned above, are just one example. I noticed right from the beginning that reflections were showing up in scene after scene. I want to ascribe some sort of symbolic meaning to the reflections Music is a reflection of the person playing it? Which they did, clearly. It was also a way to visually draw parallels between characters.

In episode 11, when Yoon Hoo, Yoo Jin, and Nae Il all face very personal crises, they each spend a moment in their respective dressing rooms looking at themselves. There is a lovely contemplative, even moody, tone to this drama that I think is a combination of the direction and the music choices.

Not just using appropriate music, but knowing when NOT to use music, served certain scenes very well. Well-placed silences can allow the acting to truly shine, and when the music does kick in, it can build on the emotion already generated, rather than trying to use music to generate emotion on its own. Which, I admit, does work—but only sometimes. My favorite example of this is the scene between Yoo Jin and Yoon Hoo in episode The only sound at the start of the scene is the wind rustling through the leaves and birds chirping, which only heightens the feeling of tension and desperation.

Acting, directing, cinematography, and music all come together to create the mood of the scene. In addition, there are more obvious examples of music adding a layer of meaning to the scene in the form of voiceovers during the performance of many pieces, or characters explicitly stating what a particular piece means to him or her.

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I made you play a requiem… That was my last passion that I was going to burn off…I thought of it as the last music for my cello. Sunbae, this is not a requiem.

Whatever that may be. In other cases, a specific piece of music is used as a theme for a particular storyline. This time, though, Yoo Jin is a different performer than the one we saw in episode 1. Before RS orchestra exists, or even has its name, Yoo Jin envisions his dream orchestra to the sounds of Jupiter. Most of the time, the BGM was also used effectively, and it did work quite well in some scenes.

In my opinion, there were too few original compositions to choose from to work with all the scenes they were used in. Another bright spot, musically speaking, were the performances.

The performance scenes were the highlight of many episodes, which is expected, but is never a given in fictional works based on music. Or maybe I should say: I was more absorbed in the music and the characters than the technical details. Which is a good sign. I did wish that some of the performance scenes were allowed to go on for longer, since a few of them were quite short, and sometimes a little choppy.

tomorrow cantabile joo won dating

But mostly, I just wanted them to go on for longer because I enjoyed them also a good sign. The first couple of episodes were definitely different from the later episodes.

tomorrow cantabile joo won dating

But it does work in the context of the drama: In short, she grew up. The only thing that threw me a little was the child-like voice she used sometimes.

Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung ooze with chemistry during first filming of 'Cantabile Tomorrow'

By the same token, though, it still felt true to the character when she stopped being so obviously zany in later episodes. Quite the opposite, really: Joo Won as Yoo Jin: Okay, I also know that describes a whole slew of male drama characters and their stoic man-pain.

tomorrow cantabile joo won dating

There are some similarities in the characters on paper, but never on screen. As for the rest of the cast, there were remarkably few weak spots for such a large ensemble cast. Especially with so many lesser known, or even rookie actors, it would be understandable if there were some acting flaws. Go Kyung Pyo nailed the fiercely loyal, slightly dim Il Rak. The veteran actors brought some memorable characters to life as well. I do think the actors in this drama who play string instruments will have a pretty tough time of it.

I was surprised too. Conducting is the most fun. I like listening to the instruments being performed, and I think I can understand what it means to conduct music. There are dozens of instruments surrounding me, and it makes me feel as though I could get drunk on music — I think I know why it seems conductors are drunk on music. I also came to understand the appeal of the maestro. I count that as lucky. And then I did Cantabile Tomorrow, and you may not believe me but I never once thought of it as doing work.

For the Chinese movie, Hangeng hyung treated me well so it was a lot of fun. Thanks to that, I gained a lot of weight at the time.

tomorrow cantabile joo won dating

So as soon as the musical ended, I increased my workouts. Kim Myung-min sunbae really has the best powers of expressiveness. The reason I took such care to use the left hand is because I was aware of Kim Myung-min sunbae. I wanted to do more than him. For this drama, there was a lot more pre-shooting work to be done than in previous dramas.