Tekla training institute in bangalore dating

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tekla training institute in bangalore dating

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So what happens in that case. Also, Islam and Judaism, from my limited knowledge, are very much similar to each other, more than they are to Christianity.

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The main difference being the way we pray and the Prophet we follow, yet Muslims do also believe in and follow the teachings of Moses pbuh Tekla training institute in bangalore dating. As a matter of fact, our religions are so different that I hardly see any similarities.

tekla training institute in bangalore dating

Religions are not keen about losing even one follower. As a university prof, I have had students of many world faiths. When it comes to marriage, I have not encountered any student from a mixed marriage who did not encounter religious problems from family members and religious metalhead dating canada. In spite of what the Quran may say, I had Moslem students who were threatened with expulsion from the family to the extreme of honor killing.

It was chilling for me to realize how far religion can go in its unacceptance of the outsider. May we all soon learn to live in peace.

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Well, there were Canaanites back then, and, well let s be honest, if there was a choice, would you rather a religion where there was a high standard of discipline, or a religion where you do whatever you want.

They had that back then, and it really was and is a problem. Us Jews were promised that we would never die off, but we weren t promised that we would not take tolls. This is why we cannot have intermarriage.

tekla training institute in bangalore dating

You asked Muhammad the question, would you rather a religion with a high standard of discipline or a religion where you do whatever you want. In view of what is going on in certain European countries as well as Canada, and of tekla training institute in bangalore dating the Middle East, what do you think he would answer.

tekla training institute in bangalore dating

Thank you for explaining this very sensitive subject so perfectly. The article perfectly puts into words what a lot of Jewish parents have a hard time explaining tekla training institute in bangalore dating their people. That was my Bar-Mitzva Parsha, and I am very glad that you are helping people take it to heart. Isaac Cherem Judaism is not a belief system. It is based on facts. The facts are that G-d created the world, spoke to our noble ancestors Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah, made Moses His prophet, took us out of the land of Egypt with great wonders and brought us to the foot of Mt.

Sinai and in front of three million witnesses, He gave us the Ten Commandments and the rest of the Torah. The whole world knows this fact, all the religions, none of them deny it and none claim to have also had national Divine Revelation.

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Tekla training institute in bangalore dating

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tekla training institute in bangalore dating

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