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At MINExpo , it released an update for its TALPAC haulage and loading software virtually any truck and loader combination to be simulated and evaluated. The up-date includes Caterpillar's Unit Rig MTD AC and G trucks. Report. related articles. TALPAC 11 unleashed. Improvements to haulage and loading simulator. Innovation. 15 JUL TALPAC 11 unleashed. hot topics. Talpac simulations identified within the GHD Quarry Cost Options Report. date. SK. Level 1, 42 Sturt Street Townsville QLD Australia.

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Still, there are some companies that can and do deliver projects on schedule and budget, even faced with the pressures of skilled-labor shortages and rising equipment costs. According to Accenture, a number of common attributes identify them: In addition, these companies make wider use of analytics, including key performance indicators, and have better access to performance data across multiple dimensions, such as timeliness, accuracy, range and source.

In its report, Accenture defined five key recommendations for effective project delivery: Sector Movements Among consolidations that have recently taken place within the mine-design software companies, the current wave of acquisitions seems to have started in April when CAE bought out The Datamine Group.

It followed this in January by adding Century Systems Technologies to its portfolio, thereby boosting its capabilities in geological data-management and governance systems. Shortly afterward, Switzerland-based ABB acquired the Australian mining-software developer, Mincom, bundling it into its existing software systems unit as Ventyx.

Orebody modelling led the way in bringing computerization into mine design. According to RPM, it now has a database of more than trucks and loaders, allowing virtually any truck and loader combination to be simulated and evaluated. It also has increased memory handling for faster working with very large datasets, and a new stereoscopic 3-D visualization capability. The upgrade to its InSite mine-production management software, version 4.

Micromine Available Soon From its headquarters in Western Australia, Micromine provided visitors to its MINExpo exhibit with a preview of the latest edition of its namesake exploration and mine design software. Micromine is scheduled for release early in the year, having still been at the development stage at the Las Vegas show. The company reports that new features within Micromine will include capabilities for rotated block models, with one, two or three-dimensional rotations being supported.

Orientating the blocks to match the orebody means they are a better fit with reality, producing a smaller model and saving processing time and disc space, Micromine says.

The new version will also contain tools to simplify the creation of seam block models, including splits, plies, overburden and interburden, even in stratigraphically complex areas. At MINExpo, Micromine presented its Coal Measure software which, it said, is coal-industry specific in terms of terminology, features and functionality.

The software is also suitable for other stratified resources, such as tin, mineral sands, uranium and potash, as well as those with complex tectonics or multiple splitting and merging of seams. Post-mining Design from Carlson Software With its center in Maysville, Kentucky, USA, Carlson Software draws its mine design credentials from its background in surveying, and now offers a complete software suite that covers data collection, surveying, engineering design and drafting, mine planning and modelling, construction estimation and machine control.

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The company claims to be the largest provider of design software for mines in the U. From its initial focus on U. The company also offers a basic version of its mining package, allowing access to computerized design for operators who only need a low-cost tool for simple mining practices. Aside from mine operating design, Carlson said its Natural Regrade software is unique as a tool for reclaiming mine sites, regrading surface mines back to natural land-forms.

Natural Regrade provides an affordable and natural way to achieve sustainability, with its GeoFluv fluvial geomorphic design method bringing back natural landforms while establishing stability against erosion and enhancing water quality. The software enables users to build with on-site materials, save costs on material moving, reclaim steep slopes in a stable way, handle water and sediment naturally, and produce a self-maintaining, natural-looking result.

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New features include the ability to visualize vegetation growth in 3-D at various stages throughout reclamation. This allows engineers to reduce a shape, such as a waste dump, to a desired final slope while balancing cut and fill requirements. MS3D also includes plug-ins for auto cut generation, used to create cuts starting from polygons, polylines or solids, and Digline Generator, used to assign a mining sequence for cuts on every individual bench of each phase.

Mintec reports it also has four new products scheduled for release early this year. MineSight Implicit Modeler is a mathematical tool for geologists to take drillhole, polygon, point and fault-plane data, and then interpret new geological scenarios.

MineSight Performance Manager is used to assess and report on mining performance in near real time, as well as providing analytical tools that can answer why something has happened.

Tools to Assist in Planning and Design

MineSight Atlas is a complete package for manual scheduling and stockpile blending, while the company describes MineSight Stope as being not only a design tool, but also a very quick first-pass scheduling tool for underground engineers to look at alternatives for stope locations. The company noted that a customer request for generating strategic pit and dump designs led to the development of a new rapid pit design tool, which has been released in Vulcan 8.

Mine planning engineers can quickly create mid-bench based designs, it said, as well as generating phases and reserve reports, and can evaluate multiple designs in the same amount of time previously needed for a single design.

Earthmoving tire selection and management Rock breaking techniques. Drilling and blasting, hydraulic hammers applications, rock ripping, Use of seismography for selecting rock breaking methods. Bulldozers application, types of blades and their economical application range. Production calculations, manual and computerized.

Top loading methods and equipment. Mining hydraulic and mechanical shovels and their application range Earth hauling equipment and its application range. On highway earthmoving trucks, Mining trucks, Special application haulers, articulated Dump Trucks.

Elevator, auger Optimum Load Time. Performance and production rates. Leveling and grading equipment. Land levelers and motor graders.

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Automatic blade control - conventional, GPS and Laser guided. Matching fleets for earthmoving optimization. Implementation of the queuing theory. Computerized simulation programs for loading and hauling by class demonstration and students exercising by Talpac, FPC etc. Principals of fleet and site management. Planning an efficient spread of earthmoving equipment. Road materials and cross section, geometric designs for hauling efficiency and safety.

Advanced earthmoving techniques - remote monitoring of earthmoving equipment. Payload sensing devices for on-site monitoring of actual production.

Time and motion study.