Sasuke dating quiz

Does sasuke love, like, or hate u?

sasuke dating quiz

If you think sasuke's hot then take the quiz For Girls! For Guys Date with Sakura, Hinata, Ino and Tamari comes later, Quiz. Lets see how a date with sasuke goes. *Sasuke walks up to you* Hey ____- chan how about we go out tonight?*Blush*. "Sure". "No thanks". who's going to date you? naruto, sasuke, choji, neji, shikamaru, kiba, or gaara Quiz.

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Evolved intellectual giant in the online dating industry has blossomed into a 90 per night. The crush became nonsensical, though, when she chose to reject her best friend over him. When she obsessed about being on his team, his opinion, his growth and strengths as a ninja, and her thoughts always lingered to him. Young Sakura even keeps her appearance how she think he might like it, not how she;d prefer. Her crush grew into a deeper, more balanced love, where Sakura starts to think more on her own.

Her frienc mentions that she knows this is where the Uchiha couple had their first date. Embarrassed, Sakura says it was only two and a half minutes. However, she admits the place brings back fond memories of him. The place clearly means a lot to her, just because she was there with Sasuke. Yet, their first date barely lasted a few bits of dialogue. After war and the world nearly ending, fans would think Sasuke might want to enjoy the company of his new love.

Sasuke never seems to grow a romantic side, though, and remains distant as ever. Though she insists their love is strong and they show their intimacy differently, she clearly struggles with several insecurities.

At the mere suggestion that she's not his wife, Sakura breaks down her own house with a punch to the ground. The question isn't even from some rival or enemy - it's from her frustrated and confused daughter. If their love is as strong as she insists, Sakura shouldn't be so easily sensitive about their relationship. However, she clearly is, and it shows how fragile her connection sometimes is with Sasuke.

Before her friendships, such as Ino and Naruto and ahead of her safety, trying to bring him back home and, later, to end his madness. On the opposite end, Sasuke never puts Sakura first. He may love her, but his priorities lie first and foremost with protecting the village and succeeding in his missions. Their love and marriage are painfully uneven, and it doesn't make sense for a lasting union to be that way.

Though, it seems to be the way they have decided to do things. The first time, he tells Sakura thank you and says he will come back home. Off-screen, he comes back to visit and this time Sakura joins his journeys. Though, to follow Sasuke, Sakura had to abandon her life as a Konohakagure shinobi and follow whatever missions he might decide to be on. She spent years training for her work and position, only to drop it all to be by his side.

As dedicated as she was, it makes no sense for her to give up her life to follow him. Especially when, later, he only leaves her all over again. He had committed heinous crimes against others, including attacks, theft, deception, and taking lives. Despite this, though, Sakura loves him. She says it's because she sees the real him underneath it all, and hopes the person he was will return.

Even though it comes true, that belief is senseless. Sasuke cruelly attacked, insulted, and undermined her as a ninja and as a person. Sakura loving the old Sasuke makes sense, but the new one should have destroyed her romantic interest in him. When he was knee-deep in his quest for power, no one mattered but him and his brother.

Neither of his two closest friends, Naruto or Sakura, would be allowed to get in his way. When Sakura begs for a second time to come back, that they could be happy together, he quite literally tries to crush her heart.

To his left luckily for him were windows that showed the beautiful orchard that the school authorities had planted to beautify the school. The leaves were turning a brilliant orange and were falling gently to the ground.

Sasuke and Sakura's First Date

The koi pond that was just by the entrance to the orchard sparkled brilliantly in the sun while baby birds with their cute faces were peeking from behind the leaves and chirping happily; everything added a serene feel to the environment. Naruto inhaled deeply and took in the fragrance that was fall, his favourite season of the year.

With a discreet glance, Naruto stared at his wristwatch and was relieved to discover that there was only about two minutes left before the end of the class. Knowing Iruka Sensei's routine well, and aware that he would probably be telling the students something important at the moment, Naruto paid attention to the rest of the lecture.

I want you to draw conclusions between the revolution and any other revolution that might have happened in another part of the world. Also, link your findings to the present day and see if instances of what happened in France before the revolution are happening in Konoha today.

Do not forget to use your notes and give some background information about the revolution. This assignment will constitute forty percent of your final grade so my advice for you all is that you should take your time with it and do it well. With a sigh, Naruto stuffed his note in his backpack and walked slowly out of the class; his mind already spinning about how he would work on the assignment. An arm slung over his shoulder and a snort indicated that Kiba had joined him.

Looking like this, people will assume that maybe your pet died or something". It is going to take a long time to work on it and it will not be so easy to do.

Sasuke dating quiz

Also, I don't know what angle I should approach the essay from that will make it somewhat unique". I don't know why you're getting worked up over it. Just push it to the back of your mind. When the time is right, inspiration will come and you will do it well.

Yet at the end of the day, your assignment will end up being one of the best if not the best in class. Listening to you about this is bad advice unless I'm aiming to score fail the assignment", Naruto grumbled with his arms crossed and his face squeezed into an expression of dissatisfaction.

While they walked, the final addition to their group; a red-haired boy who was quiet most of the time nodded to Naruto and continued walking with them.

I wish I had something like that. It will be so convenient for me. Better yet, I wish I had a robot that could work on my assignments for me". With those words, Naruto's face that had initially brightened at the thought of the amazing robot went back to being gloomy. I want some ramen" and with those words, Naruto hurried along already dreaming and muttering about the wonders of ramen. With a laugh, his friends followed behind him, each of them happy at the fact that it took very little to make Naruto happy.

He was expecting a message from Itachi that was to contain the yearly report for the company they both owned major shares in: Akatsuki Corp dabbled in everything; from manufacturing to construction to even a clothing line. Investing in the business had definitely been a good idea and Sasuke even though he knew he would never admit it to his brother; was quite happy that he had listened to Itachi when he suggested that they should invest part of the money the inherited from their dead parents in the then new corporation.

It was a risk that they both took and it had most certainly paid off after all. After scrolling down the list of junk mail, Sasuke spotted the much anticipated e-mail with the title: He opened it and the figures he saw made him smile.

sasuke dating quiz

It has definitely been a good year for Akatsuki Corporation and my bank account. I am richer than I was last year and if this trend continues, I will only get richer as the years progress. Hmm; I think it's time for me to talk with Itachi about his suggestion that we should invest in Konoha Railway Company.

sasuke dating quiz

That might be another wise business decision. With that thought in his mind, Sasuke hurriedly composed a message to his brother; asking him to set a day for them to meet and talk about their investments. Quiz: perfect match naruto or sasuke for girls

After sending the message, Sasuke looked up and made some more jottings. Kakashi was talking about marketing strategies and their relevance to the success of the marketing process.

Sasuke made some notes about different marketing strategies that Akatsuki Corp had made and how the strategies had helped to increase the profit margin of the company. He also made some notes about the troubles that the company had run into with some of the strategies and how the marketing mix had been tweaked slightly to make everything work more smoothly.

After making the notes, Sasuke raised his head and looked at Neji who was sitting right in front of him and Temari who was sitting right beside him. The three of them were close friends and in some cases tended to think alike.

Temari was wearing a black fitted shirt and black Capri pants. She had on a red belt that sat snugly above her hips with red five inch heels on her feet.

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Her hair was bound in two simple ponytails that were that way so that she will be able to work without the hair strands disturbing her rather than for fashion. She looked effective and very serious and had the look of a woman who knew her own mind and what she wanted and would get it no matter what; an attitude that she developed because she was the oldest of three children and she had always had a take-charge attitude since she was a child. Temari was busy with her i-Pad and she made notes on it as well as in her spiral notebook.

She carried out both actions with a look of such intense concentration that would have made a smaller man look away or would terrified a lesser being. Sasuke merely smirked and turned his attention to his other friend: Sasuke observed the pale eyed man who was studiously taking notes while simultaneously going through his palm pilot; obviously trying to organize the rest of his day.

Sasuke laughed internally as he considered that the person who believed that only women could multitask efficiently had obviously not met him and his friends because they could have certainly given the individual a run for his money. Neji unaware of the scrutiny his friend was giving him continued to work on his notes and his planner.

Does sasuke love, like, or hate u?

Unknown to most people, Neji was the poster boy for the group of people who believed in working hard and playing harder. Because of this, most people who were not his friends saw him as either the serious student who took notes copiously in class and worked his ass off at the family business, or the party whore who could party harder than anyone else at the school.

Outsiders were also not aware of the fact that Neji was very adept at manipulating people and events to reach his goal. So, if the situation called for him to be serious, then he would be serious, and if the situation called for him to be playful then no one could party as well as Neji. The Hyuuga heir had mastered the art of being able to enjoy and utilize both sides of his personality and this ability served him well in school, the real world and the corporate world.

It was therefore no wonder that both he and Sasuke were at the top of the class at Konoha Business School.

sasuke dating quiz

It definitely explained the reason for the closeness of their bond as they were both similar in their dispositions, heirs to companies worth billions and had the desire to be the best and to be leaders in the corporate world.

Going to business school was therefore a step in the right direction for the two of them and they definitely intended to take complete advantage of that opportunity.