Nissan 370z review uk dating

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nissan 370z review uk dating

The Nissan Z is a well priced performance car, but its heavy controls it doesn't offer the up-to-date connectivity of rivals or a DAB radio. Search for and buy used Nissan Z on . To date owners have reported only minor quibbles with the sat nav, the Bluetooth and. When it comes to sports cars from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Nissan Z is one of the best. As far back as the '60s, the Z has captured the hearts and minds of.

But still the old fools laughed In the 90s, Nissan the Datsun name was long gone added a lot of horsepower and a couple of turbochargers and it became the ZX Turbo.

Nissan 370Z review (2009-on)

Then Nissan stopped making it and the world was Z-less untilwhen it launched the Z. Now you know the history of Nissan's sports car and I've proved I'm a proper car anorak and proud of it.

nissan 370z review uk dating

History might be repeating itself because here we have the Z though like the it's only a two-seater. The Z's a bit like an oriental Ford Mustang.

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It's a little crude, blunt instrument - and extremely easy to enjoy. You'd expect transforming the Z into the Z would mean drilling larger holes in the engine and bumping it up to cc.

But Nissan has also made it shorter by 65mm and its wheelbase is mm less. It should make the Z more agile but I'd be surprised if you noticed it on the road.

You will notice the performance.

Nissan 370Z Roadster review

The extra cc has lifted power from bhp to bhp. It'll do mph in 5sec and has a top speed of mph. The V6 starts with the press of a button and ticks over with a nice burble.

nissan 370z review uk dating

The engine, though it likes to rev to 7,rpm to produce full power, is a bit lazy. And while a very advanced seven-speed automatic gearbox is available, there's also a good old-fashioned H-pattern manual. There is traction control - and a good job too, for not even the enormous section rear tyres can always cope with V6 engine's flood of power - but it can be switched off with one prod of a button should you want to escape any electronic nannying.

The Nissan mirrors Porsche's Boxster in this market in that it has a canvas roof rather than the increasingly common folding metal top. It's a fully electric set-up and tucks away in just 20 seconds into a small recess behind the seats. In doing so it leaves a decent amount of boot space for this class of car.

Once on the move there is much to enjoy.

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With the roof down and summer sunshine warming the follicles there's good protection from buffetting and it's possible to converse with your passenger without resorting to raised voices unless they're proving particularly annoying. Put the roof up - an act that can't be done on the move like in the Nissan's rivals - and you'll find there's quite a bit of wind and road noise filling the cabin.

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It's not terrible by any stretch, but does highlight one of the advantages inherent in a folding hard top. It makes a lovely, mechanical growl too, rising in pitch as engine speed increases. Top find the full bhp you'll have to stretch the engine all the way to 7,rpm - a truly exciting experience. Do so and the power comes in smoothly and rapidly, accompanied by a wonderful bellow from the exhausts.

The six-speed gearbox has quite a heavy throw and the clutch needs a firm shove but its action is precise.