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lebanon women dating

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lebanon women dating

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Many other women will be joining the electoral race. Activists and feminist movements in Lebanon are only growing in the country - and they are fighting for change; resisting current laws.

One example of this is Article of the Lebanese penal code, which previously allowed a rapist to escape punishment if they married their victim.

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ABAAD, an organization founded by Ghida Anani, decided to challenge the code with a massive social media campaign that featured a young woman struggling to get off the ground; her body black and blue.

Although the changes in the law are still in the works and more steps will be required to be finalized, it gave the outdated law the media attention it deserved to be kicked to the ground.

lebanon women dating

Take care of their looks? More like develop an iron shield against cat-calling. Walking the streets of Lebanon is not something women get to do without getting harassed by random men --and looks have nothing to do with it.

10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Lebanese Woman

But rest assured, almost every catcall gets its rightful response. We sometimes ignore, we sometimes respond back, it really depends on us. It's a choice; our choice.

lebanon women dating

And the choice for many of us is all about fighting for change. One example of this is the NotYourAshta campaign launched in We can cook alright Yes, yes, some of us can, and do it with great joy But to miss out on the innovation of Lebanese entrepreneurs is seriously problematic. Lebanese female entrepreneurs are stealing the spotlight time and again for their ingenuity and creativity. Aya Bdeir is just one example. As the founder of Littlebits, an open source library of modular electronics that snap together with magnet, Bdeir has made it big in the entrepreneurship scene.

She's been featured on ForbesBusiness Insider and many other international publications. Other groundbreaking entrepreneurs include Hind Hobeika, the founder of wearable tech company Instabeat - a device that allows swimmers to monitor their heart rate and other metrics through a real-time display.

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