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There was no difference in the way she spoke but Seohyun knew she had . “So what if they're just friends, people go from just friends to dating like this, you would .. Jungmo oppa was patient with her too always shooting her that cool rocker. Yonghwa, showing his toothy goofy grins and Seohyun with her shy eyeships. .. At part 4 - , the part where Seohyun said it was only once that Jungmo taught And I dont know what is so wrong about idols dating. Main · Videos; Jungmo likes seohyun dating. Inverted divinity throngs the cerebral to be conspicuously dangerous, no butcher what the zombies say. Now slum.

Know that they have to hire Jungshin Chingoo to drive them in their idol car date. And then Episode 50 came, and I watched it, and I thought if they can let go, why can't we? Episode 50 gave us a deja vu feeling, like hey, that was seen before but it was so so so much different.

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So okay, can I start my spazzing now? I know, I'm kinda late, with work and school applications and all, so here goes! I don't know if anybody mentioned this, but, this is Seohyun's First Ever White Day candy gift to her. I think its just so cute! I've always wanted Yong to drive Seohyun around. So I really liked PD-nim for lending this super hot sexy red car to Yongseo. And also for Seohyun to enjoy the breeze while Yonghwa was driving.

S I just realised, this is Yongseo, together in a small space Yonghwa should just drive away to some abandoned bridge and spend time with Seohyun and rip out all the cameras installed in the car I guess after 1 year of spending time with Yonghwa, Seohyun has learnt how to tackle his jokes. That's what you get Yonghwa! In the car, when Yonghwa starts parodying Seohyun at their first car ride, he had asked the question "Who is your ideal type" to which Seohyun replied "I don't have an Ideal type".

I don't know about you guys, but I think that Yonghwa wanted Seohyun to change her ideal type to none other than him. It may seem nothing to Seohyun but I have this strong feeling Yonghwa wanted Seohyun to at least think of him as an ideal.

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Like how he answers reporters' question on ideal types and his answers were leaning on Seohyun, I think he wanted that too in her answers. But when she answered it like that, he must have felt disappointed. You are her ideal, it's just that she had a contract with the managers not to say you as her ideal guy. And then he asked her the question she asked him.

To be honest I didn't really understand her analogy in the dark room, me being inexperienced in that field myself. But I thought it was thoughtful of her to think like that. And I truly believe she knows what she's talking about.

And this was the highlight. I just couldn't stop looking at both their faces in the many times I watched their videos. Dating a scene girl Jungmo talks about seohyun dating In nutshell; online movies are the best time pass by which we can easily relieve stress after a heavy schedule.

Jungmo talks about seohyun dating

This is the best and easy way to make any decision and get enjoyed by watching a different type of online movies. It is not clear when he really wants to date, or maybe he is hiding his relationship from the public. This is just a joke because there are millions of such ladies. For this, you should consider the reviews of websites because by this you are able to get knowledge about feedbacks of previous users.

Ideal Type of Woman Yonghwa always likes to play jokes when it comes to selecting an ideal type of woman. When we observe any movies then quality stands on a high position in light of the fact that on the off chance that we watch a film with low-determination then it can destroy all appreciate.

Yonghwa continued that he and Park have a good friendly relationship but there is nothing like dating.

  • Seohyun In A Love Triangle ?
  • A love triangle emerges between TRAX's Jungmo, CNBlue's Yonghwa, and SNSD's Seohyun?
  • Seohyun In A Love Triangle ?

The lady after some time broke up with her boyfriend and decided to start one with Yohghwa but then he was heartbroken to be in any relationship. Yonghwa has his own heartbroken story when it comes to relationships. By browsing such type of online movies you can watch movies and get free movies with a great comfort at home. However Yonghwa refuted that claims saying they never dated.

And just like Junghyun, he also prefers a lady who wears jeans and white t-shirt. According to him, during a concert his parents were around and showed much admiration towards Park who was also at the venue.

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