Ibm dating apps

IBM Security Analysis: Dating Apps Vulnerabilities and Risks to Enterprises

ibm dating apps

Feb 11, More than 60% of dating apps are vulnerable to cyberattacks, according to IBM Security. Feb 12, Valentine's Day is just around the corner – and, purely coincidentally, IBM is warning techies about the risks of dating apps and websites. Feb 12, IBM has release a study suggesting that perhaps mobile dating apps aren't as secure as they should be. In fact, a whopping 60 percent of.

ibm dating apps

While some people have met their soul mates on dating applications, most people struggle with constant mismatching, bad choices and incompatibilities. The platform enables users to make better choices and build stronger relationships with potential mates that are formed by data-driven emotional intelligence instead of just intuition.

Oh Dear, Using Dating Apps on Company Smartphone a Security Risk

This technology allows the users to receive a tone check on their outbound messages to make sure they area relaying their intended emotional and social cues. What was the motivation behind the development of your product? How did you envision impacting your audience?

ibm dating apps

We envisioned impacting our audience by presenting a whole new way to create a relationship through presenting a true self, one that is determined through means that cannot be gamed and providing the ability for all users to be automatically verified.

Today, with IBM Watson, and our own technology, we are able to artfully blend Artificial Intelligence with big data to provide solutions to fundamental relationship problems that have plagued people for centuries.

IBM: Some Dating Apps Are Perfect Match for Hackers | News & Opinion |

An emotional connection is the goal, one based on Emotional Quotient, where self-knowledge is the first step. We are helping people understand who they are, how the choices affect outcomes, while also providing behavioral feedback so mistakes are not repeated.

Before you used Watson APIs, how did you solve the market challenge?

ibm dating apps

Unfortunately, these tests can be gamed and are sometimes seen as draconian rather than developmental. Our research demonstrates that some users may be engaged in a dangerous tradeoff — with increased sharing resulting in decreased personal security and privacy. The analysis was done based on apps available in the Google Play app store in October The vulnerabilities discovered by IBM Security make it possible for a hacker to gather valuable personal information about a user.

While some apps have privacy measures in place, IBM found many are vulnerable to various attack scenarios: Users may let their guard down when they anticipate receiving interest from a potential date.

Digital Dating - It's Not You, It's Me

Some of the vulnerable apps could be reprogrammed by hackers to send an alert that asks users to click for an update or to retrieve a message that, in reality, is just a ploy to download malware onto their device. IBM found 73 percent of the 41 popular dating apps analyzed have access to current and past GPS location information.

ibm dating apps

This means an attacker can spy and eavesdrop on users or tap into confidential business meetings. This poses a risk to other users, as well, since a hijacked account can be used by an attacker to trick other users into sharing personal and potentially compromising information.

ibm dating apps

Protect Against Hacks Consumers and businesses can take steps to protect themselves against potential threats, check the permissions any app asks for, use unique passwords for all accounts and use only trusted wi-fi connections.