Ghost hunters international kris williams dating barry

Are Barry Fitzgerald and Kris Williams dating

ghost hunters international kris williams dating barry

Dating agency cyrano dramacrazy Kris Williams - Biography - IMDb Halal dating means relationship Ghost Hunters International's Barry FitzGerald And Kris. I will only add that the same fate fell upon the original GHI Lead Then remember the Barry Fitzgerald deal? Ghost Hunters Kris Williams. Ghost Hunters International (abbreviated as GHI) was a spin-off series of Ghost Hunters that Barry Fitzgerald – Lead Investigator; Kris Williams – Co-Lead Investigator; Paul Bradford – Tech Manager; Susan Slaughter – Investigator/ Case.

It is reasonable to assume the episodes that will begin filming in June would be part of the series' tenth season. That filming schedule, if it is forGhost Hunters, and the upcoming tenth season opens up a lot of questions, and room for speculation. But this apparent feuding on social media could present a problem for the network.

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Although it has moved away from paranormal programming, Ghost Hunters was once Syfy's favorite child. The show will celebrate its th episode, and tenth anniversary, in October. And although the show is likely winding down, or at least closer to its end than its beginning, it's a safe bet that Syfy would want to do something big to support that.

For instance, previously there have been live Ghost Hunters investigations for Halloween, and a special in front of a live studio audience at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City celebrated its th episode. So a th episode on the show's tenth anniversary during Halloween season, and the network's "31 Days of Halloween" programming block? Not even a skeptic should question that that combination has the makings of a big event. Bruni and Berry have stated they are involved with the th episode, but would they and Hawes gather together for something like a live special?

Moreover, are there any likely replacements that might pop up in the show's tenth season? Since its inception, Hawes has emphasized that his team is about family, and that no one has told him who to hire.

He has brought daughters Haley and Samantha on the show, as well as a childhood friend McCormick, who departed in Again, this is pure speculation, but I doubt Hawes would want an unknown person on Ghost Hunters. Williams would be the obvious choice. She is known to the audience, and is a strong female, but she has said she previously turned down offers to return to the show. If producers want to branch out a bit, Joe Chin is a stalwart investigator who had appeared on both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International as well.

The same goes for Dustin Pari, an investigator who exited the shows and focused on his Christian ministry. It is worth noting that Pari also teased "awesome" news just yesterday on Twitter, with the promise of more information soon. It could be totally unrelated, but the timing is curious. And while this might be a stretch, Hawes' catchphrase is "hawesome," so Pari's word choice is additionally intriguing.

There is so much awesome going on right now.

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I look forward to illuminating more information in the weeks to come. Just stay tuned here. That retweet of the Pilgrim casting call certainly shows that McCormick is paying attention to what's shaking. The show lasted three seasons, and there is a lot of shared fans on the same network.

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Zaffis in particular has a high profile of his own as a paranormal researcher, and after being a series lead, he probably would want top billing. Whatever the result, the show will go on, and the ghost hunts will continue for now. Has GHI been cancelled?

ghost hunters international kris williams dating barry

I honestly have no idea what is going on with GHI. I personally am still turned off by it due to the bloodletting that took place on it. I have not worked with the team for over a year and all though I am grateful for the experiences I had overseas, after living out of a suitcase for over 5 years, I am enjoying my time at home.

ghost hunters international kris williams dating barry

I am also very grateful to both Syfy and Pilgrim for being so good to me over the years. I have always loved traveling and history and the idea of working internationally really appealed to me. I took it as a huge compliment to be the first female co-lead and had looked forward to seeing the world. Are you coming back to GH? I am not going back to GH. I will not be filling in for Grant, I will not be filling in for Amy. Why wouldn't you go back to GH? Not going back to GH was my choice.

ghost hunters international kris williams dating barry

There is no bad will, no drama. I love everyone over on GH and I love Syfy. I am very grateful for the time I spent on GH and everything I have experienced. I am personally just ready for something new-life is about moving forward, it's about taking on new challenges. Are you having a baby? I'm not having a baby. Amy had a baby.

ghost hunters international kris williams dating barry

Are you dating Barry? No, no, no, no, no, no and no. I don't get why men and women can't work together without people thinking something must be going on.

ghost hunters international kris williams dating barry