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dating your vibroplex

how to determine birth dates of your vibroplex key. This resource is listed under Operating Modes/Morse code, at Dating Your Vibroplex resource page via. Circa. VIBROPLEX VERTICAL "LINE CHIEFS KEY:(10KB) Labeled: Download Lagu Call My Name Ost Marriage Not Dating These two keys. Ever wonder how old your key is? Or how old the key being sold in an ad is? The Vibroplex site has a page that is fairly accurate at dating their.

Johnson of Benton Harbor, Mich. Update, April 9, From time to time I receive email messages from folks who read this site and have suggestions or questions. Dave provided more information about telegraphers, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and certain stations. Amateur radio really is a friendly fraternity!

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First message from Dave: Hi, I happened to run across your web page regarding railroad telegrapher W. While my last name is Johnson, and my dad born in was a railroad telegrapher, I am pretty sure we are not related to the W. Johnson of whom you refer. My comments on Entry 1 — I have an Official Guide June which details the active lines and stations at that time.

dating your vibroplex

There is no other railroads listed as serving Corinne. However, there are a lot of years between and so the SP at one time could have run on joint track from Ogden up that way.

dating your vibroplex

Goggle Earth does look like there was a rail line that went westerly out of Corinne while the UP curved northward toward Malad. I have not traced the westerly, which looks abandoned and torn up, line very far but it might have been the SP. Again lot of years from to so who knows.

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Railroad telegraphers were all on seniority lists by district usually. I would read this that Bro.

dating your vibroplex

Johnson bid into Union, CA from another station on the same seniority roster, and reported to Bro. Stephen was likely the senior man in charge of the agency. If it were an around the clock agency there would be at least four operators, the swing shift man would cover the days off of the other three. Vacations were usually handled by bringing in a relief operator to cover. This key also has a decal on the base.


Shows wear from heavy use. Patents , , , 1,, 1,, 1,, 1,, 1,, 1, 1, It is by far the rarest of the Vibroplex models. I was able to buy it at the Dayton hamfest in It is one of the 6 Midgets known to exist. It is missing the articulated leg.

dating your vibroplex

David Vest, K8DV has given me permission to include several pictures of his key in my museum. Label same as Very rare Junior base with model 4 mechanism. Base 6" X 3".

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Only 1 other one known to exist. This is a very unusual Left Handed Presentation Model. Vibroplex typically made these keys only on special order and they made very few of them. I had not seen one of these Vibroplex Nametags before someone brought one to my table at the Dayton Hamfest.

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It is obviously designed to be attached to a Vibroplex carrying case as shown in the photo: