Dating tibetan bronze statue

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dating tibetan bronze statue

Results 1 - 48 of Antique Tibetan Bronze Buddha Yab Yum Statue Buddhist Shatki Tantric. Great for any .. DATE: Late 19th Century. MATERIAL: Bronze. The Tibetan bronzes in this exhibition illustrate this continuity and the development of diverse styles, with statues dating from around the eleventh to the twentieth. I was told that this is a gilded bronze statue of Guang Yin with her two assistance This piece dates to a period outside Western Xia influence in the . and appeared frequently in Tibetan and other Himalayan sculptures.

dating tibetan bronze statue

According to Bruck, identifying a material can help anchor where a certain image was made, and in what time period. For example, Bruck says, early Ming dynasty works from the reign of the Yongle and Xuande Emperors, the gilt-bronzes of 15th-century Tibet, Licchavi and Malla period Nepalese sculpture, and early Qing dynasty works are all currently fetching high prices. To begin to be able to distinguish between cultures, styles and historical periods, Bruck suggests that a collector view as many examples of Buddhist sculpture as possible.

In New York, he recommends visiting the Rubin Museum of Artwhich is dedicated to the art and preservation of the cultures of the Himalayas, India, and neighbouring regions. Other exemplary collections include the Mr. Great reference books are also a necessity.

An exemplary piece from any time period, however, will hold its value. What makes for great quality in a Buddhist sculpture is based on a number of things, including the stylistic modelling of the figure, the rarity of the subject, and the skill of the artist.

When considering your price point, he adds, always buy the highest quality work you can afford.

Expert Advice: How to Determine the Value of your Buddhist Statues

More than getting a better sense of what the sculpture actually looks like, handling the physical work allows you to study all of its components, including its weight, texture and sometimes even smell.

As you start building up your visual memory, you will be able to spot little things that are evidence of something not being quite right with a work.

In such references, you only see the front of a sculpture — the back and the bottom are not generally published.

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For an artisan producing an original, every aspect of the work is equally important. Bruck recommends that collectors should pay careful attention to the hands, feet, jewellery and drapery. Qianlong period, dated by inscription to c.

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On certain occasions, however, sculptures are marked with inscriptions that indicate they were made during the reign of a certain emperor or in the lifetime of a Tibetan lama teacher. These works, Bruck says, are particularly valuable. Inscriptions usually provide additional insight into the lives of those who worshipped them. Condition Always buy good-quality Buddhist statues; the better the condition, the more likely it will keep its value.

And remember, restorations do not always decrease the value.

dating tibetan bronze statue

Contact our experts to find out which is the case with your Buddhist statue. Other features There are several other features that contribute to the value of your Buddhist statue. In some cases a statue has a period mark, a date or a name of the commissioner. This can make your statue more interesting and more valuable because it adds to the story of your statue.

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The hallmark from the period on the statue contributed to the high sale price. Gold-plated bronze Qianlong Amitayus statue Make sure your statue is authentic, well-made and of artistic value.

Of course the size and material can sometimes have an influence on the value but more importantly: Does it have that 'je ne sais quoi' that makes it stand out?

A fragment of a Buddha statue with a very nice facial expression can actually be more valuable than an intact, very early bronze statue from the 17th century that does not have a nice expression. After all, most people buy Buddhist statues for their beauty.

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Post statues Factor 1: These usually have peaceful expressions, mimicking Buddha's traditional attributes such as his serene compassion for humanity. Such highly-prized examples are carefully gilt and can be inlaid with turquoise or glass paste beads. Many of our buyers at Catawiki seek high-quality, decorative statues that are substantial in size.