Dating big red soda bottle

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dating big red soda bottle

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Big Red Cream Soda, 12 Ounce This may be a Southern product dating all the way back to , but few folks In my opinion, the carton and bottle designs (as well as the price) actually . Coke Hutch bottles originated the term "Soda Pop Bottle" due to the pop sound it to amber - this bottle was the best attempt to date for package uniformity. Description: Crown sealed, Contour - big in middle, narrow base with vertical . Description: Hobbleskirt, 8 oz., red & white painted label, crown sealed, throw away. We sell entire trailer loads of soda (by the case) each week. Given this high Coca-Cola Bottles: Sell-By Date dating. Pepsi Soda Bottle Expiration Code A big thank you to all of our volunteers, including the "brew crew".

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If it is an abbreviation for a glass factory, it could stand for one of several companies. However, the great bulk of their glass production seems to have been pressed pattern glass and high-quality tableware and novelties, especially throughout the later years of their operation.

Inthey joined the merger known as the United States Glass Company.

dating big red soda bottle

I am not positive this mark has actually been used on containers. It has been displayed on their website. If you have up-to-date information on this mark, please contact me! If so, they were produced in the early years of that company before they began to concentrate primarily on pattern glass tableware. Mark was used from on bottles and insulators. A in a diamond……. AB letters connected ………………….

Please see this page where this mark is discussed in more detail. AB letters connected Co……………. Atlantic Bottle Company, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania c.

Timeline: The Evolution of the Coca-Cola Bottle: The Coca-Cola Company

First only a distributor preAtlantic was later an actual manufacturer of bottles. The Brackenridge plant was purchased by Owens-Illinois in American Bottle Company Chicago, Illinois office — ; Toledo, Ohio office — The American Bottle Company was purchased by Owens Bottle Machine Company in with some of the plants being closed soon afterwards but the Streator and Newark plants continued to operate under the American Bottle Co.

Adolphus Busch Glass Mnfg. Company Presumably produced at their St. Louis glass factory location post Company, plants at Belleville, Illinois c. The Belleville factory became part of American Bottle Company c. See AB connected and A. ABGMCO produced huge quantities of beer bottles for Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association, but also beer bottles for other brewers and bottlers, as well as other types of containers including soda bottles and wax sealer style fruit jars.

See above entry, and AB Connected mark. Thanks to David Bethman for emailing me with info on the source of this mysterious acorn mark! Patents were issued to Samuel Adlam, Jr. These jars evidently date from the s or s. Chambers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania c.

dating big red soda bottle

This was one of the most prolific glass companies in Pittsburgh during the mid-to-late s. Huge quantities of bottles, flasks, and fruit jars were made, as well as window glass. Most commonly, bottles with this mark seem to date from the s and s, but the mark was probably in use at least from around the start of the Civil War, perhaps a bit earlier. Aryca Glass Corporation, Philipines. Exact timeline for this mark is uncertain. AG stylized letters forming an anchor ……. Anchor Glass Container Corporation.

This jar made circa Evidently used by at least three different glass companies including: Atlanta Glass Company, Atlanta, Georgia c. The mark appears on the base of certain liquor flasks, soda bottles and other types of containers. American Glass Works reportedly manufactured mostly window glass prior to See next two entries. Machine-made bottles date after Toulouse The Richmond plant burned in and was not rebuilt. In any case, that mark was primarily used by the Armstrong Cork Company from to Advertisements exist which show this company produced a large line of Hutchinson type soda bottles, as well as many other bottles including beers and mineral waters.

Business offices in Los Angeles after This trademark was used from c. Also see Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation.

dating big red soda bottle

Two types of historical flasks with the bust of Washington on them, lettered with this company name, are believed to have been manufactured sometime in the s. HOWEVER, the great majority of flasks which are found with this inscription are modern reproductions dating after the s, with most having been produced up into the s or s or even later. This particular mark was used from to This was photographed on the base of a colorless non-returnable ounce soda bottle with a date code.

This company is connected with D. They primarily date from the to period. The pictorial representation of an anchor appears on many liquor flasks spanning approximately the period, and many of these seem to be found in the general Baltimore, Maryland area.

It is certain they were made by more than one glassmaker.

dating big red soda bottle

Joseph Biedenharn - 1st ever bottler of Coca-Cola. Coke Hutch bottles originated the term "Soda Pop Bottle" due to the pop sound it made when it was opened.

Big Red Soda

Evolution Bottle 2 - Years: All bottles of this era were hand blown. Chattanooga was the 1st Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

dating big red soda bottle

Evolution Bottle 3A - Years: Although varying in colors from clear to green to ice blue to honey to amber - this bottle was the best attempt to date for package uniformity. City names appear on side of bottles.

Evolution Bottle 3B - Years: Used in only a few Southern markets - this bottle was supposed to protect flavor better and better identify bottlers product and territories. Evolution Bottle 4 - Year: Vertical grooves, Contour shape. Due to a desire to eliminate competition and look alike brands, The Root Glass Co. Evolution Bottle 5 - Years: From this bottle on, all Coke bottles will be shaped exactly the same.

City names now appear on the baseplate bottom side. Evolution Bottle 6 - Years: Coca-Cola's famous "Christmas Bottle". The Patent Office just happened to be open on Christmas, when it reviewed and approved Coca-Cola's second bottle application. Evolution Bottle 7 - Years: This bottle version was granted a patent on August 3,also called "D Bottle".

Evolution Bottle 8 - Years: Bottle cap crown no longer employs old fashioned cork as a seal, but incorporates a new rubber gasket. PAT D - still on bottle. Evolution Bottle 9 - Years: Mid 50's Important Words On Bottle: Evolution Bottle 10 - Years: Mid 50's to Important Words On Bottle: No longer does PAT D - appear on bottle.

Evolution Bottle 11 - Years: Officially called "Applied Colored Labeling" or A. This was the first use of ACL on Coke bottles. Coca-Cola script appears on both sides. Evolution Bottle 12 - Years: First use of the term "Coke" on bottle.