Dating a cop reddit wtf

Someone I Know is Being Abused. Should I Call the Police? | The National Domestic Violence Hotline

dating a cop reddit wtf

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Paramedic dating a nurse

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dating a cop reddit wtf

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Student; chat in high school teacher or nurse and even after https: One year has always wanted to date irl. They may not be ready or able to discuss the abuse with you; if this is the case, just let them know that you are there to support them in any way you can.

Every time you hear abuse happening, keep a journal about the events.

dating a cop reddit wtf

Mark the day it happens, the time it happens and what you heard or witnessed. This record can provide evidence if the victim does choose to approach law enforcement. You can always contact one of our advocates to help you brainstorm.

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Reach out to a local or state domestic violence agency. Learn more about what abuse can look like, understand what the victim is going through and get more information on how you can offer support. If you live in a community with communal areas, like a mail room or laundry room, posting a flyer from The Hotline with contact information could be a way to help a person experiencing abuse reach out for support.

While we know that calling the police may not always be the safest option for a victim, there could be circumstances in which it might be necessary, for example, if the the victim is in imminent physical danger.