Dance bar in bangalore dating

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dance bar in bangalore dating

Koshy's is an iconic hangout spot in Bangalore where you're bound to meet new people. They serve up amazing craft beers at their massive bar space, . has become the perfect place to sing and dance the nights away. i-Bar spells mystery and luxury. It offers the widest range of liquors and guarantees a perfect evening with wines, champagnes, cognac, world spirits, American. A list of 11 best party places Ladies Night in Bangalore for single guys and hot Ladies Night is one of the best things that happened to Bangalore especially in pubs Ladies Night are also a hidden dating point were single guys meet pretty .

If you are surprised, just take a stroll outside any late night pub or liquor shop and you will easily understand what we mean! Of late, the city has become a hub for pubs and breweries, and so many have come up along locations like M.

Road, Indiranagar, and Koramangala. Hop onto the famous streets of Bangalore and one can easily find amazing nightlife which is looking out from the window panes. From the quirky little pubs to the super cool cocktail bars, there are so many exciting places to grab a drink, especially with a group of friends. In fact, some of the breweries are serving freshly brewed alcohol, with the range of concentration of alcohol to choose from.

Moreover, the awestruck presentation and experiments of cocktails pull people towards these pubs. The place offers creative American pub food and incredible variants in handcrafted beer. ABC at Bangalore sticks to its American ways and you step into a western tavern styled premise with all-wooden interiors.

This is definitely the best place to hang out if you have been missing the Oktoberfest! The warm and cozy ambiance of the place attracts hundreds of guests on weekends but if you want a cozy space for your group, make sure that you come early.

Weekdays are your best bet to fall in love with the ambiance sans the crowd. It is one of the best pubs in Bangalore with a dance floor. It is also accessible on wheelchair. Cuisines American, Italian and Continental food is available here.

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However, do try the Arbor-ger, Baked Mac and Cheese and their bacon salad. With a beer in hand, it will be a great experience. Cost for Two The average cost for a dinner for two will come to about INR 2, including the alcohol. The bar is designed for creativity and ingenuity, with lit up floors, high seating and a dance floor. Apart from dance, music, drinks and food, Skyye also hosts book readings, stand up performances, Karaoke nights and exhibitions. If you are in Bangalore for a night and are planning to take back the best experience, Skyye is the place.

This is one of the most popular pubs for a romantic experience for couples in Bangalore. Cuisines The place is not as much for food as for the music or the drinks. There are loads of varieties in draft beer and some unique favors including banana draft, rice draft and more.

To complement the bee is their amazing food menu, each of which has a distinct favor. The ambience is cozy and depending on the crowd, you can get a high chair. TOIT brews its own beer and this makes the place a favorite among aficionados. You will get a feel of a European pub and a very helpful staff. It is one of the most popular pubs in Bangalore without an entry fee. The Tin-Tin beer has been a long time favorite among visitors.

Cost for Two The average cost for a dinner for two will come to about INR 1, including the alcohol. Location Go camping at some of the best campsites in Bangalore. As you dine and drink, you can immerse yourself in the unbridled sight of Bangalore. The restaurant itself has been designed with warm wooden flooring and soft ambient lighting.

Good music and delicious food will indeed give you a different kind of high!

dance bar in bangalore dating

High has a well stocked bar that will offer you a wholesome experience of fine dining. If you have been searching for a low profile, quaint but ambient place to have a glass of beer with your dinner, this is it. It a place that is meant for conversations, be it with your partner or with a small group of friends. The restaurant also offers great music in a laid back ambience. If you are a music lover of any sort, be here.

Do try out their unique cocktails. Opening and Closing Hours District 6 is open from 12 noon to The best thing about the place is the music and live performances by artists from across the world.

The DJ too is high end and adds to the whole experience of food and beer amidst the warm, rusty and woody ambience. This place is for spirited people who love noise and like to be in the crowd! Opening and Closing Hours Loft 38 is open from LocationNear Sony World, Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore Fill your tummy at these best places for breakfast in Bangalorethese places are must to experience best food in Bangalore.

The colorful seating and window glasses offer good contrast to the setting and this will be a perfect place if you are looking to grab a glass of beer with some food at any time of the day. Hoppipolla is an especially popular pub in Bangalore for couples and friends looking for Instagram worthy photo ops along with lunch!

There is both an outdoor and indoor section that you can choose to seat. Hoppipolla also offers valet parking and home delivery. There are some Mediterranean and European dishes too included in their menu.

Opening and Closing Hours Hoppipolla is open from 12 noon till midnight except on Fridays and Saturdays, when you can dine till On Sundays, the kitchen closes at The bar is also accompanied by a DJ that dishes out some great music. Take a sip of their signature cocktail and head to the dance floor with your partner or friends. The best part about the place is that the menu is quite pocket-friendly and also features a section for sea-food.

The light hearted ambiance lifts up your mood in no time! A table booking is recommended if you are planning on a weekend. Social has always been marketed as a place than merges work with drinks. Church Street Social has conveniently been a place for executives to unwind after work. Social is open all day and you can hope to both work and play in it's fun ambiance. The urban hangout has been particularly designed to keep you connected.

It has always been a preferred gathering for artists and a popular day break in Bangalore. Cuisine Church Street Social serves an extensive range of Continental and American dishes along with a wide ray of drinks and cocktails. Location Enjoy the best nightlife these new year events in Bangalore. Its wheat beer has been a particular favorite for more than a decade now and has somewhat acquired a legendary status.

dance bar in bangalore dating

A high degree of sophistication goes into beer brewing and you can also expect a wide serving of food platters too. The Biere Club would also be a perfect stop if you are with your family. As understood, the place gets a very decent laid back crowd that loves its food and drinks. The rustic ambiance is complimented by soft music in the background and a very friendly staff.

Cuisine The Biere Club offers continental and finger foods. On Fridays and Saturdays, the place is open till midnight. The menu is economical and caters to guests of all age groups and tastes.

30 Best Pubs in Bangalore

The ambiance of the restaurant is laid back and the food is of high quality. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinners, Guzzlers Inn would be a good pick. There is a full bar and a separate smoking area. Opening and Closing Hours Guzzlers Inn is open from On Fridays and Saturdays, the place is open till 1 AM in the night.

The highlight of the place is the ambiance that is representative of the English pubs from the Victorian era. The seating is high and comfortable and you can also relax on the long sofas. The quantity of food that is served is also quite generous and they will even entertain your request for music. A great pick would be a draught beer. Alcohol is comparatively cheap but you should be ready to pay higher for the shooters.

Opening and Closing Hours Tavern at the Inn is open from 4. Don't miss these sites on your trip. If you are looking to cheer the night away, Pecos would be a great pick. This makes the place especially lively on Fridays and Saturdays. Cozy seating, huge posters and intriguing illustrations on the wall create an ambiance that you will love to be in.

And he was right. When the song got over, we decided to go check out one of the other rooms.

30 Best Pubs in Bangalore ( Traveler's Awards)

We had to settle the bill here and had to pay bucks each for a ml bottle of Coke. The room we went to was the one we remembered being the most crowded when we walked in. The women here were better looking, better dressed and from the looks of it more experienced. Most of them looked like girls who had lost hope getting rejected from one too many TV serial auditions. For the most part they just stood around and made eye contact.

To try and get their attention I smiled and they smiled back, but I had a feeling I was creeping these women with my gaze. Prabhu got it in his head that he wanted to get two of them to dance together. So he called a girl over, pointed to another one and handed her a bundle in 50 rupee notes.

We watched as she walked across the room to the other girl, whispered in her ear and pointed in our direction. Just then, a mustached man in a black kurta started raining 50 rupee notes on a woman just like we see in the movies, while she smiled awkwardly. No sooner was he done, that one of the waiters was mopping the notes off the floor. He would soon be flinging the notes around recycling the same money. She was standing apart from the group and looked like she was going or coming from an Indian wedding, wearing a pink skirt, a green blouse and a gold chain resting sexily on her belly.

She looked a little confused as I motioned her over and asked what the deal is. For the whole night? How about a student discount? It would have elicited some laughter on a night which was turning out to be a bit of a farce.

The student girl was now looking at me from across the room shaking her belly teasingly. I decided to bargain and called her over again.

Dance Bar In Bangalore

She walked away disappointed. This is no IPL Cheerleader. Another hundred bucks gone. I already lost all the money I made from bitcoins last week over nothing. No point spending anymore. Got ten guys to put in five hundred each and got one dance.