Can of peas dating games

can of peas dating games

If you start something that is doomed from the beginning, then you can't be blamed when it This might be the most important part of “The Lupus Dating Game”. When does canned food really expire? Is it safe to eat canned food after the "best by" date? Here's what we know. Very rarely do games ever try and show us romantic relationships of any relationships brew in the game are about as authentic as they can get. Elena and Nate go together like peas and mustard; they're not a perfect .. Dinner Date is the most depressingly realistic portrayal of the average man's dating.

In theatre or in creative circles people described me as the girl with sparkle and stage presence. Among friends, I was the funny, loud girl with the big personality. Everyone has their forte, and I guess mine was and still is meeting new people and having them remember me. It becomes an addiction, even a high. The stranger can help me forget everything I want to run away from, I can escape.

can of peas dating games

I can be sexy, I can be funny, I can be whatever they want me to be, or whoever I feel like being but the last thing I am going to be is sick. In the few minutes, or days or even months I get to know someone, they can give me something that no one who already knows me can give me.

can of peas dating games

I can be anything I want to be and they can give me a fresh clean slate. Once people know you are sick, no matter how healthy you are at the time, they always look at you different. You now officially have baggage. If they care about you, they worry about you. They stare at you with their head tilted to one side; eyes squinted with a tint of care or concern and a look in their eyes that cuts deep into the soul of the receiver. Most people do not even know they do it, but they do it all the time.

I hate answering the questions. I hate being the one people worry about. Once I choose to let you in and tell you the truth, you know, and there is no turning back. The hardest thing about all of this is once you know, you know. It is worse when it is a man, because then not only am I normal in their eyes, but I am actually wanted or desired, and not the damaged goods I see myself as.

I can be pretty or dare I even say beautiful.

can of peas dating games

It is in that forgetting or escaping that is the greatest gift some of these people I have met have given me, and they never knew it. The problem is, there are times when I actually start to like the person, and I choose to tell them more about myself. Sooner or later my illness will come up, and as quickly as the heated rush of desire came over me, it vanishes, as if the magic spell is gone. Now they know, and they know too much.

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It loses its romance, and they lose me, since that was the attraction. I was always afraid that once anyone knew about my Lupus, it clouded everything else. I tried to hide my illness like a big secret, at all costs, even if it meant losing some great possible friends or loves. I wanted to be loved just for being me, not despite my illness. Finally, I learned that my illness has become a part of who I am, and leaving it out leaves out a big part of my life.

The amazing part of MY story is that it is mine. I am stronger and more mature because of my illness. I have more to give and share because of everything I have been through. I used to think you had to be perfect to be loved, but now I see that the imperfections are sometimes the most interesting, exciting, and even loveable things about a person.

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Anyone who meets me never truly gets to the core of who I am or can appreciate how far I have come, without knowing everything about me. I now have decided to be completely honest in everything I do and say. That would be easy and very stupid. I have learned that the reality is so much better then the fantasy, because fantasy can only take you so far.

It is like a DJ at a club, at some point the music has to stop, the party ends and you have to go home. When all the hype is gone you are left with yourself.

Now, if I meet anyone new they need to like me, all of me, whatever that means. Essay written by Christine Miserandino, butyoudontlooksick.

The mian character has lupus and you watch her ups, downs, lies and honesty on the road to love. I will be writing a review shortly for the movie but you can check it out here.

Christmas was hard for her causing her emotions to rise on the adsent of her husband durning the holliday was difficult and i wasnt able to see her which was difficult…The mood swings would start maybe flare ups would saclude her. It did seem she was beginning to lose interest on the 3 month but that could be the disease she was fighting…we got together 2 times a week for 4 months and I enjoyed her company as she said she feels so comfortable with me,the closeness I felt with her were remarkable.

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Ok I have no problem with that ,thats important so take care of yourself and you will be fine ok. At that time my heart was dropping with pain and some text messages got messed up and misunderstood But she rather text. So please dont call me or text me anymore!! I truly loved this women and wanted to show her that i cared ,but she said shs wished i didnt care for her…Omg!

Now I admired this women for her courage and strength and would comfort her the best I can but she dont want to be petted whitch I can understand…I know she has off days and not feeling well she is strong to hide her pain but yet continues on and does was she has to do . Or maybe it was not and it was her true feelings…hard to tell!!

I just wish I knew the real cause. I love this women and will never forget what she taught me in due respect.

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Thanks for sharing this…. This is very hard on both parties this is something I cant define. I just ask why.

I dont ever like anyone but I do like her she has a good heart and is a genuine person. I cant prepare to help her anything can happen and that eats me alive in thought I can never truly help. And the thought is paralyzing.

can of peas dating games

If someone was to be with her it would be me but I just dont know if I can handle it and idk if I can walk away either. She told me before it got anywhere close to serious everything and all her problems.

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can of peas dating games