Does money matter in dating site

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does money matter in dating site

With the popularity of sites like eHarmony,, OKcupid and literally thousands of Many are just 'fad' applications that squeeze money from punters with no Online dating does represent the convenience of being able to meet others that As a matter of fact, you should probably be wary of any person, group or. That is, looks really matter to men relative to income. . Dating sites should require that guys say how much money they make so girls a can. Dating is difficult. If there's two thing that people usually have trouble with, it's men and money. So how are we supposed to mix the two together.

Looks are subjective, income is not. Youssef October 11, at My question is that if income is required to post, who is to say men will be honest about it, anyhow?

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If asked to compare people in person you weigh many more factors than thir specs online. Here, personality and compatability the main relationship factors come into play. But I agree about the comparison shopping. Dating sites seem to me to be like grocery stores, full of comparisons merely because the information on alternatives is.

Does money matter?

But at a grocery store you review not only the packaging but the nutrition facts and prices of all comparable foods. You nailed my point. Alice I would be curious to learn more about the women they included in this study. Like if some of the women make their own good money, do they still make the decisions based on income like the study says.

I would bet no. At the end of the day, women are looking for a clown ninja, someone who entertains them and makes them feel safe. October 11, at 2: See how well he responds to that…: Via dating sites, I met a couple of guys who were pretty darn comfortable financially.

I care more about a picture than stated income. You can find out that detail as you find out if you even like the guy. For me, it was just a case of wanting a guy who could get and keep a job. Oh and for the record, I met my husband on Craigslist. Reply 27 pd October 11, at 3: I try to atleast give the average looking guys that leave it blank a chance. Men just need to know that if they fill in that field, they WILL get him up by more gold diggers.

You would have more success telling all the girls you know to remove their pictures from the sites, and only to release it after guys release their income figures. Probably not your point, but what I got out of the story. Hey look women do compare things lol. My real point is that is seems as though, even in this day and age, many people use their first impression to make judgement on other people.

I for one did not understand that, because of all of the schooling and sensitivity classes I have taken. That is until today, when my instructor is making us write a 4 page research paper due tomorrow on first impressions and how someone is judged BAD because of simple first impressions. Reply 31 Bryan October 11, at 8: The study goes specifically states guys in the bottom ten percent of looks can be chosen if they make enough money.

Money October 12, at Always a fan of fresh and juicy!

4 Reasons Why Money Does Matter In A Relationship

This is why men dont post thier income, because they want woman to be into them for the person they are and not the materials they posses. If a woman skips my profile because she doesnt know my income, then good for me. That is not the person I want to date.

Guys, beware for these kinds of woman. Reply 34 Julie October 14, at 2: Reply 35 michelle October 15, at 8: A person with frugal living suggests a minimalist lifestyle, meticulous coin counting, forgoing unnecessary luxuries and making do with what you have.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the spender has a penchant for the latest goods, hoarding possessions, several holidays a year, and more indulgent living.

Because it will lead to resentment. Unless one of you is willing to change for the other. Old behaviours die hard.

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We all have a dream lifestyle. One that we aspire to that fills us with contentment, joy and peace.

does money matter in dating site

If we are to attain such a lifestyle with another person, then it is imperative that the other person shares the same money behaviours required to maintain that lifestyle. If you are already in a relationship with someone whose spending is on the opposite spectrum to your own, then firm boundaries need to be established in terms of how much money each person has to spend freely — no questions asked.

This as well as the ideal amount desired for saving. It gives us an indication of their life goals Similarly to attaining a certain lifestyle, certain life goals require particular handling of your money. Shorter term goals may look like your partner enrolling in a course for a diploma to further their education. Would you be willing to support their personal growth in this way?

does money matter in dating site

And if so, would your support change if they wanted to buy a second home in the Canary islands? Do you see the difference in the level commitment required to these different goals? Short and long-term goals directly impact how you spend and save your money for the duration of the time period between goals.

If your spouse has the same future goals — great! Then it will be easier to allocate savings as well as their amount and frequency together. Problems arise when there is a dispute over this very thing. It also may be a hidden indication of how much that person values your goal — because if you want something you will make it happen right? This is when it starts to get ugly. It shows us how generous they are I am not just talking charity.

I am talking about generosity towards each other, your friends and your family. Throw down for a coffee. Start splitting the bill. I dated a guy once with whom there was a big financial gap between us read: I, however, was not. So we created something called "Sugar Mama Sundays" where I would pay for everything on Sundays when we went out. It became kind of funny, and ended up working out to both our benefit.

He wasn't resentful, and I didn't feel guilty. And we had fun with it. Not everyone makes the same income, and this is where it can get weird. Basically, split it however you can. Maybe one of you pays the entire rent, and the other gets utilities and food. Maybe you split it percentage wise, based on your salaries. When it comes to rent its mostly about having open and honest communication about what you both think is fair and within your budget so that neither of you have resentment or guilt when it comes to finances.

It might be a good idea to keep a spreadsheet of who is buying what, or just get down to assigning costs.