Who is romeo from home and away dating

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who is romeo from home and away dating

A description of tropes appearing in Home and Away. One of two She was dating a boy named Romeo after his marriage to Indi fell apart. When Ruby thought. Matching couple: Former Home And Away stars Rebecca Breeds and Since leaving Home And Away in , Luke and Rebecca, who played Romeo Rebecca and Luke, who met on the set of Home And Away, dated for. Indi isn't pleased when Romeo accuses her of gold-digging. Romeo sees the present and insinuates she's gold-digging, Indi rubs her date with Logan in Romeo's face. Raffy Morrison suffers a seizure in Home and Away.

She turned his proposal down and left the balcony. But I don't think she truly understands the 'in it for the long haul' sentiment just yet — in any respect! Westaway said Kyle was very wary of what was happening to Phoebe and the avenue she was going down.

He also did not like the contract she offered Phoebe, as it gave her very little control over her career. However, Brax sided with Phoebe, claiming the recording contract was a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" and she would be foolish to turn it down.

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She was then introduced to the media-inclined industry, fought for what she believed in, but was ultimately pulled into the machine. It was kind of cool, because she had never met a stranger who loved her music.

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He had seemed a little persistent, but she wasn't really too concerned. In earlyPhoebe became the centre of a dark storyline involving a stalker. Giovinazzo commented that Ryan seemed "quite strange", while TV Week 's Stephen Downie noted that he was after more than Phoebe's autograph. Phoebe tried to act calm and gave Ryan some CDs in a bid to get him to leave. However, Ryan persisted and told Phoebe that he wanted to take her to his house so she could focus on her music.

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After Ryan refused to leave, Phoebe screamed for help, attracting the attention of her neighbour John Palmer Shane Withingtonwho chased Ryan away. When she entered the room, Ryan came up behind her and placed a cloth soaked in chloroform over her mouth, before kidnapping her. He forced her to change into a white dress and take off her make-up.

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When Ash saw Phoebe coming out of the shower block, he tried to take her towel, but ended up pulling her to the ground with him. A "disappointed" Ash then questioned Phoebe about her change of heart. When Phoebe and Ash teamed up to try to find a grieving Ricky, they grew closer and almost kissed. Denny tried to help Kyle by taking him out dancing, but the following day he decided to temporarily leave town. She initially assumed it belonged to house mate Hannah Wilson Cassie Howarthbut Phoebe eventually admitted that it was hers.

who is romeo from home and away dating

It was a new aspect of the character and of myself to discover so I was really excited. Giovinazzo thought Ash would make a good father, but Phoebe did not know if he wanted children, while Kyle wanted to be a father, but it would put everyone in an awkward position if he was. Both Kyle and Ash were already at the hospital, recovering from surgery, as Ash gave a kidney to Kyle.

When they all began to argue, a stressed out Phoebe suddenly collapsed in pain. It just has to play out. They have to deal with the fallout, whatever it might be. During an ultrasound, Phoebe learns that she had been pregnant with twins, but one had died.

who is romeo from home and away dating

Phoebe is advised to have an abortion, and Giovinazzo said that it was "a hard decision for her to make". She has grown a lot as a character and started to consider things that are very new to her. When he wakes with no recollection of the night before and a strange woman in his flat, he admits to Billie that he thinks he cheated on Phoebe.

She also described it as "maybe a more mature love.

who is romeo from home and away dating

She coped by posing nude for Playboy. We'll always remember Dannii and Julian for their amazing clip for 'This Is It' in see screen grab. The exes worked together again in the recent Hollywood remake of Red Dawn.

who is romeo from home and away dating

Chris has since moved on with Spanish actress wife Elsa Pataky, who gave birth to baby girl India in Isabel was rumoured to have dated Jake Gyllenhaal before her relationship with musician Angus Stone, which ended in April It was a short-lived affair: They split in October.

InAxle and his on-screen lover Lisa were spotted getting very cosy with one another at various events. While the two are obviously good friends, Johnny tweeted that the rumours are "not true until I say it's true, got nothing to hide from my fans". Twitter Samara Weaving and Johnny Ruffo, aka Indigo Walker and Chris 8 of 12 Lincoln and Indiana dated for more than a year from toand Indiana threw her support behind her ex when news broke about his sex tape with an unnamed teenage TV starlet.

He didn't do anything wrong, guys! He pulled brunette glamazon Rhiannon Fish in Septemberand the pair moved in together a year or so later.