Thaao penghlis and leann hunley are dating

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thaao penghlis and leann hunley are dating

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thaao penghlis and leann hunley are dating

You're both still well loved; and "Tony and Anna" live on in the memories of the fans. How many years have you both been with the show collectively? All the years combined? Well, I was hired in to I think you left in 85? But all my years combined And then I came back in to And can you tell me a little bit about your first time together on stage? I've known people, and myself included, who have experienced being thrown into a love scene with someone they've never met and how uncomfortable it is.

Was it that way for the two of you? Well, I think it's that way for almost everyone. But with Leann and I We were great pals, but the chemistry just wasn't there. It's all a question of either it vibrates or it doesn't. Leann, blushing and laughing You are so bad. Did you know me for anything else, my darling? Were you hired to be John de Lancie's love interest?

But they thought they'd try it. Then they gave her to me! She had to reign me in. More laughing from both. I have to admit I often played protective wife. And that's what makes it unique and we had splendid chemistry because of it.

They allowed Leann and I to dance out our interpretations of the characters and what was written. That's why I think the characters were larger than life, although they never ran with the story ilke they did with "Bo and Hope" I'd like to also add that I think the storylines back then were character driven. To both of you, the soap genre has changed so drastically over the years with the cast and age-related storylines getting younger and younger.

What are your thoughts on this? I mean to me, the BEST soap years for most of the characters on the show were from Well, I think that had a lot to do with Pat Falken Smith who looked at the stories on a grand scale, coming from GH and the Cassadines. She had that influence. And as far as cast I guess if they're willing to hire John de Lancie, then I guess they'll take anyone.

Said all in fun John is a sweetheart. Really, a splendid fellow. In those days though, I think for me I was playing two different characters and the pressure was sometimes too much. But Leann was always there to sort of comfort me and talk me through things. We got to wear some beautiful clothes and had some wonderful dances and wondefully romantic scenes together. When you look at it Well, I can think of two who top my list.

thaao penghlis and leann hunley are dating

After talking with about friends, along with acquaintances and people on the street, asking them if they watched or ever watched soap operas and who they remembered the most, it was the 80s that were mentioned the most.

Why do you think then that the show would keep letting go of the beloved veterans and bringing in younger actors if no one can remember them? It seems like the fans are screaming for our vets to come back. I'd like to add that major character changes You can only go so far with storylines before they intervene. I mean, today, they don't take in account the fans.

Thaao penghlis dating leann hunley conclude

They get on a certain road and they keep going from there. What they're doing now is bringing back veterans and trying to recreate what they once had. And you can't keep doing that because they lost a lot of fans when they let the vets go; and the younger viewers don't want to watch the show. They have things like the internet and "tweeting" now. The older viewers don't want to see young storylines. They've lost the quality Somehow it becomes "cost effective".

Yes, I think a reason why the old storylines really connected was because back thenthey were more character driven storylines instead of action driven storylines. And because the way the new world is, you have to catch that audience's interest. They wrap a storyline in a month or 3 months. They have someone meet, go to bed together, break up. They always have to keep that storyline movin' as fast as they can. Which is unfortunate, because I would hang in there for the long run.

For the payoff at the end. When Leann and I came back, it was fairly an easy situation. Because of the foundation we already had, we didn't have to "recall" a lot of things. We had a lot of history. You can't ignore that. That leads me into the next question. How much input with your characters are you allowed to have with the writers or producers? I tried to be a voice. But Leann and I always talked about it.

Sheri Anderson, who was headwriter at the time, really was wonderful in that way. At the time, writers were separated from the actors and still are. She allowed me to come in And that's why most of the time they don't want the actors talking to the writers So Sheri was wonderful in that way Every time she came in, she always had something new to tell me Then "Anna" came into my world.

It became confusing at times, but a great complex story. I think it was a great contrast to "Bo and Hope"; and we were a more sophisticated couple.

thaao penghlis and leann hunley are dating

The writing in my opinion was much more sophisticated back then. Thaao gave her ideas. Things she could build on, take from And I think that's why Sheri was so receptive to ideas from us as actors. When Leann came back, I had been on the show for so much longer. I threaded my character through many stories.

thaao penghlis and leann hunley are dating

So when she came back, she had to deal with that. What came to me, and I reminded her of, was our history and because we remained such good friends all these years.

It helped our working relationship. I think they were pleased with the connection, but the producers never did anything with it. It's a shame because the fans were really happy about us being back. It's like "our wedding"? I always wondered why. Why didn't they give us an elaborate wedding?

Because those characters were popular; and I thought it was good for the show. But they never did. Yes, according to our fan mail and magazine covers, you'd think? And yet we were never asked by NBC to present an award together. I always thought "Hmmm?? It's too bad for your fans too, I assure you. I'm sure it is. I wanted to know if there was ever a time before having to shoot a love scene or an emotional scene where the two of you had a disagreement, or maybe you were just in a bad mood for whatever reason, that made it hard to get through?

If there was a certain behind-the-scene tidbit you could share with us? You certainly have tricks and all that. If I wanted to get Leann in a certain mood, I'd have sardine sandwiches. Leann and I break out in hysterical laughter!

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But it was a way of me taking control or having fun with her or teasing her. Whatever the situation was, sardines do not go away easily. Well, the first one that comes to my mind This little chain he kept in his pocket. And if he wasn't saying anything interesting during the scene, he would pull it out and flip it around on his finger. And one day, he was flippin' it around while I was talking She was trying to take control of my scene. I just couldn't allow that.

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You know Greeks and middle eastern men like to have "worry beads". I like to ad lib to draw attention I can do many different things with a chain. So you like to take control?

thaao penghlis and leann hunley are dating