Rajshri rani pandey and sahil mehta dating website

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rajshri rani pandey and sahil mehta dating website

I am not dating Khalid Siddiqui: The news of Nikita Dutta (Miss India Rajshri denies link-up with her onscreen brother-in-law: Rajshri Rani, the protagonist in Suhani Rajshri, who recently separated from her husband Vineet Pandey, . promotional website and carries advertorials and native advertising. Sahil Mehta Receives Gifts From Fans | Exclusive | Gift Segment. Rajshri Rani Pandey receives Gifts from Fans | Rajshri's Fracture. Rajshri Rani Pandey has no issues playing the mother but looks like Sahil Mehta, Neha Yadav and few others might call it quits! - Suhani Si Ek.

But no one believes. Later Gauri falls in love with Aditya and after passing hurdles, they marry. After that, a new character comes named Barbie.

She is Suhani's baby's surrogate mother.

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She and Dadi plans to separate Yuvraaj and Suhani. In order to do so, she kidnaps Suhani and Dadi forces her to marry Yuvraj. Everyone believes that Suhani has died but she is saved and returns.

She comes to know that barbie secretly loves Yuvraj and she has faked her pregnancy i. Barbie is not pregnant and is only acting. Soon Barbie kidnaps Pratima and tries to kill her but Yuvraaj and the entire Birla family save her on Holi.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki's actors MIFFED with the young makeover!

Then it is revealed that Suhani, as well as Soumya, is pregnant. Later, Barbie's brother, Sajan and Barbie does a conspiracy. They plant a bomb in Birla's farmhouse. The bomb blasts kills Krishna and Gauri. Here the show takes a leap.

rajshri rani pandey and sahil mehta dating website

Yuvraaj is now living with Soumya and her daughter, Krishna - and his daughter Yuvani - a slightly spoilt girl who wants to look the best due to talks from Daadi.

The reason for Soumya being with Yuvraaj is not known at this stage, but it is assumed that Gauri Yuvraj's sister and Krishna Soumya's husband have died in the house fire that occurred 6 years ago due to a plot by Barbie and her brother Saajan, and that Soumya is helping the Birla's keep their family together and make sure the girls grow up with parents.

Yuvraaj has split up with Suhani due to the Saajan incident that he claimed he would hold her responsible for. It is unclear where Soumya's 2nd child is as it was shown that Soumya was expecting twins at the same time as Suhani.

She appears to have taken traits that a character like Daadi would have. Menaka has a one year old child known as 'Babu' - recently revealed as an adopted child, while the new house maid Rama is constantly winding Ragini up to make sure her place in the house doesn't disappear due to the new baby - which Daadi considers only a good daughter-in-aw would give her.

On 19 Aprilit was revealed that Krishna had died in the fire when he went back inside to save Gauri, who also died. Yuvraj held Suhani responsible for the loss of his sister and the loss of her friend's husband and for keeping Saajan in the house against his will and told her to go so far away that their memories would be forgotten along with her.

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Soon Suhani comes to know that Yuvani is her daughter and she founds out that Daadi had lied to her. She goes to Birla house along with Yuvan and Sharad. Yuvraj had left for US trip before Suhani came. After that, Suhani and yuvraaj decided to marry each other again for their kids. Then at the ceremony, Daadi kidnapped Yuvraj so from that Sambhav could marry Suhani. Then Suhani lives with Sambhav in her house with Yuvaan.

Then Daadi tried to kill Suhani and Suhani goes to trauma for a few days. Yuvraaj and other house members tried to find out the culprit by taking all family members' fingerprints but Sambhav saved daadi by making the reports false and all the blame goes to Yuvraaj.

Suhani is still in trauma and Yuvraaj is trying to find out the culprit. Then it is revealed that Daadi has a twin sister who did all of this with the help of Sambhav. Daadi's twin sister had kidnapped the real Daadi, but Suhani managed to rescue her and the fake Daadi went to jail. Sambhav hasn't been caught yet, so he starts to mistreat Suhani.

He plants a bomb in a watch on Yuvan's wrist to threaten her, so Suhani can't tell anyone. Yuvraj manages to find out and he eventually helps Suhani defeat Sambhav. It comes with costs though. Sambhav shoots Yuvraj in the leg and then Suhani gets raped by him, before Yuvraj and Suhani come together to defeat Sambhav once and for all. They burn him alive.

rajshri rani pandey and sahil mehta dating website

They had a shack over there. Suhani isn't speaking with Dadi properly and there is no sign of Yuvraj's whereabouts. Later in the story, it is seen that Suhani and Sambhav have a child Sayyam who comes back to avenge his father's death and meets the Birla family, causing problems for them.

Dating rumours have started following Divyanka Tripathi yet again. The beautiful actress refuted the rumours saying that she is not a casual dating person and will only marry with the consent of her parents. She also said, "I must be the most eligible single girl in town, and that's why I am being subjected to such rumours.

Rajshri Rani

Hina has been linked to her show's supervising producer Rocky Jaywant Jaiswal and as per sources, the two were even spotted in South Africa, the report further mentioned. Hina clarified her side of the story and said she refused to speak about her personal life and Rocky too said that they were just good friends and Hina was friendly to other people too on the sets, the report added.

While actors are bound to get offended by such rumours, read on to know who Ram Kapoor was linked to Tinsel town has many such rumoured link ups that made the actors angry and upset. Here we put together few such rumoured link ups of TV actors that irked them. The first rumour was of Eva Grover dating Ram Kapoor.

rajshri rani pandey and sahil mehta dating website

However both the actors who were irked with the rumour later cleared it all to the media that nothing was brewing between them and they are friends and nothing else. Karan was disturbed about rumours linking him to actress Kamya Punjabi. He then went ahead and cleared the air that Kamya cannot be his wife because she is his friend.

The rumoured link up must have surely irked Kamya Punjabi too. Karan also stated that people should be sensitive before spreading such rumours as it concerns the reputations of the people being talked about as Kamya has a child and her family is also affected by this. The channel wants the show to have a youth appeal and that's why have chosen good looking actors to play main roles. The show will take a 15 year leap where the lead protagonist will be Krishna, daughter of Saumya and Suhani, and Yuvraaj's kids, Yuvaani and Yuvaan.

So the show will now be Krishna and Yuvaani's journey and their love story. Karan Jotwani will be the main new male lead of the show. While the original lead of the show Rajshri Rani aka Suhani has agreed to play mother of grown up kids, many other actors have issues playing an older role. Apparently the current main lead actor Sahil Mehta is not too happy to play father to grown up daughters and son. Sahil is not sure whether he will continue in the show post leap.

While the second lead of the show Saumya played by Neha Yadav has decided to quit the show. So Saumya will now be shown dead in the show and Suhani will raise her daughter Krishna along with her kids Yuvaani and Yuvaan.