Rachel pregnant and dating

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rachel pregnant and dating

It was, in many ways, about dating in New York City. And, no Shortly after their breakout, Rachel found out she was pregnant, and her friends. Joey in the episode sectionals. The six months after they met on the couple began dating them. Get all your rachel gets pregnant On the set of the dominant. Rachel Klein is one of the single pregnant women featured on WE's reality show Pregnant and Dating. The year-old Hollywood television.

The twins were supposed to be born au- naturale! However they had their own idea. Their Dad was in the delivery room with me. I wanted him to experience the birth of his kids and I knew no one else would understand how incredible this feeling was like he would. My first son was born naturally. He wanted out and was born just a few hours after I got to the hospital.

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An hour later, the contractions I was having caused his heart rate to crash. I was raced back into surgery. Their Dad was rushed off to scrub up but the doctors left him in the hallway.

My epidural was wearing off so I could feel them prepping me for surgery. Moral of the story? You may have a birth plan but the babies might have one of their own! What kind of a mom do you hope to be? I want to be a mom who listens, is patient and kind. Most importantly, I want to raise two boys that have a respect for women to where they see commitment, fatherhood and partnership in a positive light.

What did your family parents say when you told them you were pregnant? My mom was over the moon happy!

rachel pregnant and dating

Both were super supportive. When the babies were born — did you take off from work?

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Did you hire a nanny? I took about 5 months off of work. But once I decided to go back, I had a new outlook. If something was going to take me away from these two munchkins, it had to be a positive experience.

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Tag In addition to Ross, Rachel had a couple of other significant relationships on the show — one of which was with Tag, her assistant at Ralph Lauren. Tag was younger than Rachel, and the couple ultimately wanted different things, so they parted ways.

Shortly after their breakout, Rachel found out she was pregnant, and her friends suspected it was Tag, a red sweater that looked like his was left behind. In fact, Phoebe was convinced it was him until he showed up wearing the red sweater and Ross claimed the one that was left behind.

Rachel: Pregnant & Dating – 8 of 8

Joey Joey had a lot of lady friends on the show, but his one significant relationship was with Rachel. There was one incident where Joey accidentally proposed to Rachel and she said yes and another where they tried to make out on a couch but felt too weird about it.

rachel pregnant and dating

The two ultimately ended things and stayed good friends. Barry Who could forget Barry? We first learn of Barry in episode one after Rachel runs out on their wedding.

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It turned out, leaving Barry was the best thing that ever happened to her. After all, it led her to her best friends. Barry and Rachel had a couple of run-ins after she ran out on him, but they ultimately went their separate ways.

rachel pregnant and dating

Jennifer Aniston dated him Tate Donovan in real life. However, they were not together at the time of filming.

rachel pregnant and dating

Joshua and Rachel met while she worked at Bloomingdales. She was a personal shopper and immediately infatuated with her handsome client. She even tried to propose to him after Ross and his new girlfriend, Emily got engaged. Needless to say, Rachel scared Joshua off after that. Paolo Before dating Ross, Rachel dated Paolo. At the time, Ross had feelings for Rachel but was too afraid to tell her. So, he watched her get swept off her feet by the hunky Italian.