Neyla and wesley dating

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neyla and wesley dating

Here are five things to know about the trio – Wesley Schultz (lead vocals, guitar), 30; Jeremiah Fraites (drums), 27; and Neyla Pekarek (cello. Childhood friends Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites had moved from New York to Denver and were looking for a cellist; Neyla had just. The band was formed when Wesley and his pal Jeremiah Fraites moved from Lumineers Wesley (right) with bandmates Neyla Pekarek and.

I missed out on a lot of life on tour because i confused the two.

neyla and wesley dating

What would you tell your year-old self? Don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself, it's the best way to learn. What 3 things are at the top of your to-do list? See Machu Pichu Ride my motorcycle across the country Have a beer with the boss bruce springsteen What do you think happens when we die? I believe in some sort of reincarnation - though not based on some strict religious idea of death, but more because my brain can't wrap itself around the idea of nothingness.

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When I saw a beautiful canyon in Arizona called Canyon de Chelly. I had seen the Grand Canyon, but it was almost too big for my senses to comprehend. The Canyon de Chelly made me feel like I was inside a surreal painting. What do you try to bring to your relationships?

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I try to bring honesty and vision. Honesty because I have a hard time lying, and I think I was taught at an early age that the worst thing you can do is tell a lie. And regarding vision - I try to have a big-picture, clear idea of what I want. It may change, but our thoughts are powerful things.

neyla and wesley dating

What keeps you grounded? She will always tell me the truth, even if I have to pester her for it because she's trying to be kind. She keeps me grounded by reminding me of the things that are most important to her - being kind and being generous.

What was the last good deed or act of kindness you received?

neyla and wesley dating

A fan waited for hours outside a venue just to hand me a note, expressing how our music and words had gotten him through a hard time.

None of us expected it to get to the caliber of where it is.

neyla and wesley dating

Our first goal—to play music for a living—happened about two years ago, and that was a huge success for us. Then things like the Grammys and Saturday Night Live and touring Europe—one of those things would have been a really huge surprise for us, but all of them kind of happening at once has been really overwhelming and really exciting. No, I think we were all sort of relieved.

Even just attending the Grammys themselves, we were a little bit out of our element.

neyla and wesley dating

I think we were really overwhelmed by the whole thing. We just felt like we were really proud of this record and we were really excited to have the nomination, and that was plenty for us. I went to school to be a musician and I got trained to be a singer and a cellist, but nobody ever trained us to address the lifestyle and to deal with the pressure of whatever this fame is.

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How is it on tour being the only girl in the band? It is a struggle. I see myself working really hard to make everything equal between all of us. Anything else you want to let people know? I was super excited to do this interview, because I love Rookie. She likes puppies and poetry but hates phonies.