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neda and jon dating quotes

The latest Tweets from Jon W. Pardy (@Jon_Pardy). Welcome to the Pardy - Twitch streamer/ aspiring poker bum. Toronto, Ontario. A page for describing Characters: Big Brother 2 Canada. Click here to return to the character page. Canada, Eh?: Are all Canadian, although Paul and Ika are . Helped determine the number jon and neda big brother dating and location of the albums with examples female online dating profiles the previous versions to.

Could also be Arch-Enemy. Heather Decksheimer A 23 year old model agency coordinator from Barrhead, Alberta. She describes herself as "fun and bubbly". Nominated for eviction by Ika in week 3, and escaped despite being the target. Still, Rachelle nominated her again in week 4. Heather managed to turn things around and align herself with Adele, Jon, and Neda, and became Head of Household in week 6.

‘Big Brother Canada’ Couple Jon And Neda Dish About Their Romance

During this time she nominated Kenny and Allison. Ever since Arlie left, Heather started insulting Sabrina despite her vendetta being against Rachelle and Rachelle alone. She's more of a pragmatic hero now that she's paying evil unto evil. Still a sweet girl to everyone besides the Gremlins though. Like Talla last year, Jon told her she'd be evicted after Jon wins the final Veto. Heather's reaction is nothing less than a total crying breakdown. Similar to Talla last year, she's just so dang adorable in all those outfits she wears.

You've got to love her spirit and loyalty to Neda and Jon. Doesn't care about the strategy or psychology of the game. Though she could be Obfuscating Stupidity. Averted now that she's playing her own game even if she is following Jon and Neda around like a cult.

neda and jon dating quotes

While not Game breaking, Heather was eliminated from a Veto competition because she fell down and sprained her knee. She's a model, and coordinates at an agency as well. Rachelle was mean to her, so she decided to treat her like absolute crap for the rest of the game. She did make up with her though. She explicitly states early on that she doesn't care about the psychology of the game, and will mainly be flirting her way to the end, despite having a boyfriend. Rachelle hated her and Ika spread mean spirited rumours about her.

Not to mention she's been injured legitimately like Jon and only recently is gaining friends in Neda, Jon, and Adel. Also she was teased as a child for having a squeaky voice and for having pimples. Describes herself as "sassy" and "clumsy". She was nominated in week two as a pawn, but was removed from the block and replaced with Kyle. During the double eviction, she won Head of Household and targeted Sabrina and Rachelle. When Arlie used the power of veto to save Rachelle, she nominated Kenny in her place.

Apparently even reads Big Brother blogs.

neda and jon dating quotes

Similar to Jon, she also has done some questionable things. Spends the last month of the game planning Jon's eviction because she thought she couldn't beat him in the F2. But she's unable to put her plan into action as Jon goes on a comp win streak. And when Jon thinks he can't beat her in the F2, well Desperately trying to get the girls to put up a strong guy such as Andrew or Kenny, but they won't listen to her. Since Anick left, the guys all but controlled the house, although once Arlie turned on the first five, Neda emerged from the shadows to take control of the house.

Don't You Dare Pity Me! Judging from her backstory though, she deserves it. She's a fashion stylist. When she was still aligned with Ika and Rachelle, and Ika was talking about putting up a pawn, Neda is trying to talk her down about it.

neda and jon dating quotes

Similarly, Andrew nominated Neda in week two - feeling somewhat threatened by her. If he had known that he had a good reason to be afraid, maybe he wouldn't have used his head of household to evict Kyle!

Votes for Jon to win after he evicts her. She's a lot nicer than she lets on, despite having done a few questionable things, like backdooring Arlie and making Jon do whatever she wants. Also she cries when having to betray Jon. They went through a Relationship Upgrade post show. Jeda is now canon. Spends the last month of the game planning to evict Jon before the F2. Jon would repay the favor by evicting HER before F2.

I'm Not Here to Make Friends: Bragged this in her intro video, stating that she would only "make friends" with them if it got her further in the game. She's formed a genuine friendship with Heather and Jon though. With Jon post show. Rapunzel Hair Easily has the longest hair out of anyone. Shocking Elimination Thinking Out Loud: Fortunately this time, her thoughts weren't being broadcasted to the house.

Took a Level in Jerkass: First she tells Jon to go after his ally, Arlie, which in turn shattered their friendship. Then she says to the diary room that she wants Allison out of the house after she used her secret POV. Yes, Neda of all people is this. She grew up poor, all her toys were from garage sales and she lives in a very urban part of Vancouver, meaning she might not have that much money.

As brilliant as she is, the poor girl's gone through hell. To Sarah, Arlie, Allison, and lastly, Jon. Describes herself as "big-hearted and big-mouthed". A few weeks into the season she became the mole for the First Five, and was able to manipulate the rest of the girls in the house into evicting Paul and Ika - essentially, Sabrina was the HOH for those weeks. However, she was nominated by Canada in week 5 for eviction.

neda and jon dating quotes

Potentially and unwittingly to Kenny. She has an obvious crush on him, and he's fine with forming a showmance with her since it could help him in the long run. Has a very obvious Francophone accent. At one point, she even insults a fellow houseguest in French.

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Obsesses over Kenny to the point that Sarah had to hide behind a washing machine in order to talk to him, since Sabrina would freak out. Some people, like Jon, see through it though.

She's also called "fake" by the other houseguests. The Friend Nobody Likes: Does all the dirty work for the First 5, but is seen as a liability since she does have her hands in so many other alliances.

Genki Girl Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Becomes this after her Heel Realization after Canada nominates her and a few of the other houseguests become darker heroes. Plus, she takes a level in kindness and becomes a much nicer person. After being nominated by Canada, losing all her closest allies one by one except Rachelleshe breaks down for real and it's hard not to feel sympathy for her. Especially since everyone else talks about how they want to get rid of her. Because she is not very good at winning physical competitions, her strategy is to try and get in the ears of as many houseguests as possible.

Last of her kind: The last remaining First Five member. Part of the First 5 alliance, but acts like a member of the girls' alliance. This allows her an information flow both ways and puts her in a very nice place in the house.

Does most of the cooking and supports mostly everybody, especially Andrew who she sees as a brother and Kenny who she sees as a possible love interest. Took a Level in Kindness: Emotions speak for early bronze age and is best for your life or forgotten about you started.

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