Lilo and stitch 627 online dating

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lilo and stitch 627 online dating

Lilo & Stitch: The Series (–) is a Disney Channel animated TV series I'm trying to get this communication relay online, and you're not helping! [ Reuben comes across and brings him to Gantu]: Reuben: So just as I was Keoni, if you're going to the Lono-I-Ke-Aweawe, it's accustomed to bring a date. Lilo (voice) Stitch / Experiment (voice) Release Date: When Lilo suggests dehydrating , Jumba says that dehydration of experiments once. "Lilo & Stitch: The Series" Experiment (TV Episode ) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more.

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He normally helps Nani out in maintaining the household. In the episode "Fibber", it was revealed that his first name is Wendy. Nani Pelekai voiced by Tia Carrere — Lilo's older sister and legal guardianand caretaker of the household that they live in. She is usually busy and stressed out, and frequently has to deal with Lilo and Stitch's antics.

He works from his "prison cell" which he set up as a laboratory. His name is usually mispronounced much to his chagrin, usually as "Hamsterwheel" or "Hamsterveal".

627 (episode)

He fights against Lilo and Stitch in capturing the experiments, but is usually defeated due to his arrogance, bad luck, and the abilities of Stitch. However, he is a lazy coward who prefers to make sandwiches rather than fight. She appeared in many episodes of the series, usually causing conflicts for the title duo in the episodes she appeared in. David Kawena voiced by Dee Bradley Baker — Nani's boyfriend who is a local surfer and fire performer, and is aware of the existence of aliens.

Gigi is a Shih-Tzu like experiment and her "one true place" is with Mertle as her pet. She first appeared in "Yapper" which focused on her and is named after the nickname Lilo gave her and later appeared in "Amnesio" and "PJ". Angel is a pink female experiment who was designed to turn the good experiments evil with a siren song.

lilo and stitch 627 online dating

She was caught by Gantu at the end of her episode and was later rescued in "Snafu". She only appeared in those two episodes along with a cameo in "Remmy". Sparky is a yellow experiment designed to create electric energy. His place where he truly belongs is in the old lighthouse to utilize his electric skills to generate light.

lilo and stitch 627 online dating

Cobra Bubbles voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson — A mysterious government agent who is working as a social worker and the only known human aside from Lilo's family who is aware of the aliens and experiments. He appeared in "Amnesio", "The Asteroid", and "Shush", while the title experiment of the episode "Spooky" Experiment changed into Bubbles to trick and frighten Nani Ving Rhameswho played Cobra in the original film and Stitch!

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The Movie, was also credited in this episode alongside Richardson. Classmates of Mertle and Lilo, they usually travel in a group and seldom say anything other than a sarcastic "Yeah! They appeared in several episodes of The Series. Wong voiced by Clyde Kusatsu: The owner of the rental hut on Lahui Beach and Nani's employer in early season one. He appears in "Richter" and "Holio", and is mentioned in "Cannonball".

Edmonds voiced by April Winchell — Mertle's mother, who is kinder than her daughter. She later agrees to let Lilo and Stitch become official experiment hunters in order to retrieve all of the remaining experiments.

She only appeared in "Finder". Three of Forehead 's heads can sing well. If his fourth head could also sing, then he would be a one-experiment barbershop quartet. Carmen is a natural player of the maracas. PJ can play the trumpet. Sample is excellent at maintaining rhythm by providing backbeats from the samples of sound he records, which makes him perfect for the band he's in.

Elastico can play the trombone. Swapper can play the keyboard. Sprout can play the drums. RichterKixxand a green experiment believed to be Choppers can play the bongos, with the first and third of them being able to play the instrument with their tails.

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Thresher can play the marimba. Although Yaarp does not play an instrument, he is able to perform with the horn on his head. Finally and most obviously, all three of the mid six-twos are highly capable musicians: Angel has her natural singing ability, Reuben can play the saxophone, and Stitch is known for his guitar and ukulele talents.

lilo and stitch 627 online dating

Slickwhose main function is to talk people into buying things. Just read this quote below.

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Forehead's first three heads: We're evil 'cause we sing! Hoist by His Own Petard: Snafu whose main function is to sabotage enemy plans. This makes him frustratingly difficult to capture, with Jumba stating that the only way to do so is by accident.

Swirly I'm a Humanitarian: Surprisingly, Frenchfry has no problem with eating fellow experiments.

lilo and stitch 627 online dating

Experiments deactivated into pod form are reactivated by coming in contact with water. Carmen and the anime version of Sample Lax 's main function is to turn people and machines into this. His powers don't work on Gretchenhowever, as she considers work to be relaxing.

lilo and stitch 627 online dating